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The prophet is a man who feels fiercely. God has thrust a burden upon his soul, and he is bowed and stunned at man’s fierce greed.

The prophet’s theme is, first of all, the very life of a whole people, and his identification last more than a moment. He is one not only with what he says; he is involved with his people in what his words foreshadow.

The prophet is intent on intensifying responsibility, is impatient of excuse, contemptuous of pretense and self pity. His tone, rarely sweet or caressing, is frequently consoling and disburdening;

Who could bear living in a state of disgust day and night? The conscience builds its confines, is subject to fatigue, longs for comfort, lulling, soothing. Yet those who are hurt, and he who inhabits eternity, neither slumber and sleep. The prophet is sleepless and grave.

Perhaps the prophet knew more about the secret obscenity of sheer unfairness, about the unnoticed malignancy of established patterns of indifference, than men whose knowledge depend solely on intelligence and observation. The Lord it know to me and I knew; then thou didst show me their evil deeds. [Jer.11:18]

The words of the prophet are stern, sour, stinging. But behind his austerity is live and compassion for mankind. Indeed, every prediction of disaster is in itself and exhortation to repentance. The prophet is sent not only to upbraid, but also to “strengthen the weak hands and make firm the feeble knee.” (Isaiah.35:3)

It is embarrassing to be a prophet. None of the prophets seem enamored with being a prophet nor proud of his attainment. Over the life of a prophet words are invisibly inscribed: all flattery abandon, ye who enter here. To be a prophet is a both a distinction and an affliction. The mission he performs is distasteful to him and repugnant to others; no reward is promised him and no reward cold tempers its bitterness. 

The prophet is a lonely man. He alienates the wicked as well as the pious, the cynics as well as the believers, the priests and the princes, the judges and the false prophets. But to be a prophet means to challenge and to defy and to cast out fear.

The prophet’s eye is directed to the contemporary scene; the society and its conduct are the main theme of his speeches. Yet his ear is inclined to God. He is a person struck by the glory and presence of God, over powered by the hand of God. Yet the greatness is his ability to hold God and man in a single thought.

 The prophet claims to be far more than messenger. He is a person who stand in the presence of  God as a great messenger,[Jer.15:19] who stand in the council of  Lord,” [Jer.23:18] who is a participant, as it were, in the council of God, not a bearer of dispatches whose function is limited to being sent on errands. He is a counselor as well as a great messenger

The prophet is not a mouthpiece, but a person; not an instrument, but a partner, an associate of God he takes the part of the people. In the presence of the people he takes the part of God.

The prophets hear God’s voice and feel his hear. God’s prophet who are truly His servants, are not common, but they do exist today.


I am Apostle of Apocalypse Seer and a Theologian of our Lord Jesus Christ in this present Apocalypses Age. A seer of the present age.

    (Land Of Canaan)akanbi ademoye adekanbi chosen, ordained apostle and called theologian a seer of divine revelation of Jesus Christ {apostle/prophet} a teacher with mandate of similitude’s visions in this present generation to raise divine soldier of solution with wings of prophetic mantles; is a blog and online resource to help you develop your intuition and align to your highest purpose. Prophet Akanbi Jesu would gaudies Your intuition and your inner guidance system, and this blog empowers you to update, refine, reorganize and enhance the communication system of the 21st century so that you become the master of your own intuitive language in your own time on earth. he is the prophet in the house of MORNINGSTAR APOSTOLIC AND PROPHETIC CHURCH {THE APOSTOLIC AND PROPHETIC SOLDIERS OF JESUS CHRIST} Ordain and chosen to illuminating the soldiers of Quest, soldiers of power, soldiers of purity, soldiers of Glory, and the soldiers of purpose in Christ Jesus kingdom @

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    My eager for soul winning every day as Borden in my heart and pray for sick people all over the world, JESUS CHRIST COMING IN THE SECOND TIME WILL BE PROCLAIM BY THE MATURED PROPHETS OF THE LAST DAY.


    A Prophetic ministries and apocalypse revelation of the last day the voice of seer, the prophetic nations, prophetic ministries to the prophetic people{church}the church and the ministers of the last day will move and work in the higher understanding of the prophetic mysteries, the church will understand and know the true spirit and the true way of Holy Spirit, this ministry is to correct many error in the office of the prophets of the last day and to bring end into selfishness ambitions of the immature prophets. The prophetic family is born and the light of the true prophetic ministry is here on earth. Welcome!

    Ordain and chosen to put illumination into Dreams, visions, THEOLOGY and the gift of the chosen mature prophets. There is a need to know between the chosen mature prophets, called mature prophets and the gifted mature prophets in the Holy Ghost. And there is also need to know between the immature prophets, immature called prophets, immature in character prophets and the gifted immature prophets in the church and the world. Deut. 13:1-5, Jer.14:13-14, zec.13:2-


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    Apostle/Prophet Akanbi Jesu is ordained and called as a speaker for the unchangeable/ unstoppable Creator Almighty God of Bible the Lord of Host. He’s a worship leader, storyteller, poem writer, poem composer, singer/song writer and a prophetic voice of this present generation and nations. He’s apostolic and prophetic singing seer and apostolic teacher in the prophetic move of God, occasionally to local church, regional worship and ministries school of the upcoming seer {prophet} of the end time. He operates in the panorama wisdom of prophetic solution. Anointed in creativities to the people, he is passionate about training and releasing the end time eagles with their unique stars through apostolic and prophetic mandate strength, he’s visionary, creative for mankind to discover their inner talent destined and power of their purpose in this world and in the world to come. He’s a prophetic historian continually re-digging the old wells of the biblical, word and recent history of the purpose of releasing the fresh healing oil of Yeshua for His Kingdom. Apostle/Prophet Akanbi understood the role of the apostolic and prophetic perspective history of the Tabernacle in the central for all true worshippers, he also known the exploit of the Tabernacle of Mosaic, Samuel and the contrast to the Davidic glorious realms of Psalms. David and the rest of Psalmist understood the powerful realms and purpose presence of Almighty when true worshipper key into Angelic realms to descend healing and all needed gift of the Spirit. He and his companied friends through spiritual songs, prophesy into dry bones with apostolic anointed instruments. The vocabulary of the prophetic songs and apostolic prayers should be understood in this end time by true worshipping our Great Creator being called Yeshua! Maranatha Lord Yeshua!!! Shalom!




    advance in prophetic destiny SEER

    I am Apostle and Apocalypse Seer of our Lord Jesus Christ and of this present Apocalypses Age.


    What is prophetic worship?

    Biblical worship that allows room for the Holy Spirit to minister and speak back to us through the music, lyrics, dance or art for the purpose DESTINY of delivering a timely message or releasing a specific anointing into our cities, churches, homes and lives.

    What is worship evangelism?

    3 And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD. [Psalm 40.] True worship of the Lord has the power to bring people into a personal experience with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, thus it is an prophetic tools of destiny on earth. Shalom!



    IMG_20150719_073847THE BROKEN PROPHET

    When a prophet has grown for years without proper godly discipline, from God’s viewpoint, he is much like the broken arm in a slint. In order for God to fully use person, he must “rebreak” him from time to time and reform his growth in God’s image. That breaking process can be devastating. Often the process deal not only with the person’s will, it touches every area of his life that is not fully submitted to God. These area can include financial, emotional, relational, professional and soon.


    The breaking and molding not only includes “big breaks.” It is a daily process whereby the Holy Spirit continually tries to draw the prophet into a closer communion with the father and His Son, Jesus.


    God doesn’t just want a broken prophet. He wants to be able to transform in him into His image and His servant. He uses the Holy Spirit daily to try to get him listen more and submit more. You see God must be able to have such a relationship with His servants the prophet that He can direct them and they instantly obey. SHALOM!