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This is the revelation of the end time prophetic move in pursuit of the final truth about the prophets of God and the prophets of the devil. This book is a map given to mankind from the throne of Heaven on how to know true prophet of God with profits from the Bible, this book who is my servant the prophet? Is a must read by anyone who want to have a good understanding of the prophetic ministry. Also to have a good understanding about the called servants of God in our churches and non-denominational fellowships, one have to be filled with the power of God through the person of the Holy Spirit.

My heartfelt reason of writing this book is to give answer to question bordering the heart of the people of God concerning the prophetic ministry, in this book we will be revealing to them all they need to know about the person of the prophet. The revelation of this book was given to me as a result of the question I receive daily from people who confronted me with question concerning the prophet and his ministry. On one occasion I was challenged by someone who asked me if prophet was my name or title, not to mention many humiliating questions from many brothers and sisters and fellow ministers of the gospel.

There are prophets who distinguished themselves as the prophet of God, who did not possess the characteristic of God’s servant the prophet, to this set of people the church must be vigilant following the leading of the Holy Spirit so that the people of God will be well prepared for the great coming revival in the church.

This book reveals the true experience of the prophetic poles, i.e. the nature of a genuine, balaamic, false and psychic prophet we intend to unveil in the pages of this book the acts, gifts, movement and the phenomenon of all of these prophets; the circulate area precedent and their established. There is an increase of prophets in the churches today; they are in the streets of our world, there are many of them, who are not with the experience of the Holy Spirit and biblical foundation. Some of them they did not regard scriptures as guide, direction and comfort as source of their gift and calling even to show the listeners whenever they prophesy.

Today’s prophetic experience should be a guide, direction and leading according to Bible instruction. The scriptures declare prophetic revelation through visions, dreams, and prophecies as a way to show us His firmest in the last day and as He is assurance in His church. These also prove that we of the present age will surely face challenges of many force and fake prophets with signs and wonders which it’s sources is the devils.


The prophetic ministry is instituted by the Almighty God. By it Enoch gave us the first prophetic message about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (Jude 14) the scriptures tells us that this the same Enoch walk with God and God took him without seeing death. Now the question is who is not a prophet? Prophet is not difficult, different or inferior to others fivefold ministry but unique in his office and gift. A Prophet is not a fortune teller; a prophet is not a gainsayers, he is not a soothsayer or a star reader as some people thinking or perceived they are. A Prophet is not a machine or computer as other ask question without knowing the will of God for their personal life. Prophet is not a title as chief; they are not contractors in the spiritual plane. Prophet is never a symbol of  danger to the people of God as bible gives background.


The gift of knowledge is giving to the church of God to see, hear and discern the false and the true in the spiritual both in heavens and on earth movement. Thus, Jesus Christ warned the church directly saying:

“Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many…

“For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

“See, I have told you beforehand.  (Matthew 24: 11, 24-25)

The false prophets are prophets, but they are not of God or from God. The prophet is not only called to prophesy, preach, and teach or to declare the mind of God, but they are co-worker with God to promote truth on earth. Tares look like wheat when they are under growing stages in the farm; it takes a farmer to know them at this tender period. For every perfect gift and office of God, the devil made his counterfeit and the church can’t see and discerned thus. All the false, fake and psychic cannot exist in the spirit realm, but Prophet that continues obeying God will always keep honoring God not themselves in their ministry.

In this book you will learn how to distinguish between the false and the genuine servants of God, Just as the taste of the wheat is different from the taste of tares. So, the journey of the true working genuine prophet is openly to the church in the view perspective of the office of the last day prophets generally. You will see the area you or the prophet around you belongs to when you read and key in the right method of God’s plan about you and your prophetic personality.

Likewise, the structure built in this book will take you to view the portrait precept by precept as closely seeing the true genuine God servant in their painting. One must open up to see the new thing God is about to do in the move of the Apostolic church and in the Prophetic church of the last day, we need not to be deceive by the false visions, dreams and false prophecy whenever we are in the circle of challenges.

This book reveals how Jesus Christ had warned us again and again on how to resist the false prophets and how we should know them and their gift in their midst. The prophet of God will never ask you to bring money or tells you to sell you possession for miracle and healing. The Africa prophets are close to their culture than to focus on the work of God of the Bible. This and more you will see and understand the divine institution of the Lord in this book. This book also talks on how you can learn to understand the pools waters of prophecy and how you can flow in each levels of the deep of the realm, the unlimited understanding of the this deep will take you to unlimited pleasure.


Bible is the only book that guides us and is the book that told us the mind of God. Bible is the book that taught us about the source of the church and creation. Bible is the only book giving to all generation and to all races. The purpose of the prophet is to guide, direct and lead the church or individual to God. They are the only great agent that uses the prophetic channel than any other fivefold; they are servants of the Most High to declare the will of God. They are to witness and confirm the truth and error from the Lord. They are the eyes and full part of five spiritual senses of which the Almighty uses to communicate with His people and the earth. God want to speak to us, God wanted to communicate with any generation. God wanted to speaks to this generation than to listen to them, because in listening to God the mystery of the kingdom will be reveal to the church or individual. God always desire to release the mystery of His Kingdom than His servant should ask for the carnal provisions. He is much more interested in communicating to His church than to choose the lost of the world that makes the dim eyes. The future of the prophetic ministry will be clear to the church when the church get to the peak of His glory on earth, this will shape the image of the church to real true status of whom Jesus Christ expect in her.


The fundamental of the prophet is the truth and their duty in the church and in the individual life. I know everyone will like to ask me ‘how can we know the true prophet of God or are they excite in our time and days? Will they work as of olden days of the Apostles and as of the olden days Prophets?  This question is faithfully answered in this book with scriptural back ground. I explained the true nature of the prophet, and their definitions, and their gifts and calling. The prove of the prophetic ministry will also be sees in this book as you also learn the way of God move His servants either by prophecy, dreams, visions, and wisdom with the other nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. You will see clearly the genuine gifts of the prophets in the Spirit of revelation and vision. The generalization of the prophets characters and terms, this and many more you will be enlighten as Holy Spirit help me to reveals as I pass from the passage of brokenness  and molding in the realm of learning in the office of the prophet and ministry. I learn a lot in the presence of the Holy Spirit and my personal experience as He (Holy Spirit) takes me through this intensive training. Though, I write the experience as I pass through it, during and after the journey intent. Many may not have this intensive experience as see it, but my learning in Holy Spirit encounter and experience He uses iron hand most of the time when I disobey because of my immaturity in the ministry. The experience and explanation comes through studies of scripture and ask in prayer. He instructed me to write Him a book called “who is my servants the prophets?” in this book as I always say, you will see Jesus pure image as fullness of the Godhead. The Bible is a written message as it always helps us to see the true color of the both prophets now and then.

Many days I have thought on the writing back up introduction, and when I saw the controversy and spiritual heresy in the prophetic ministry as a prophet myself, I always ask questions and waiting for answer to see how can I know the true genuine called servants the prophet of the Lord. In the midst of this, I saw heresy and misleading of many working in the dark of ignorant as a prophet. I also saw many of the founding fathers fail to answer these bordering questions which lead me to seek His face, and lo it is seen in this book, what I got from Him through the power and wisdom inspired by Him.

I have pray before I write this book and after, I am still in the mold of prayer to see what He (Holy Spirit) really mean to use this book for, watching to see the breaking of fallow ground of the cursed in Africa and the entire world. As the church is getting close to the next level of maturity, the understanding will increase to accept the true genuine servant of God called the prophet. These are the faithful men and women that have willingly paid the price of breaking and molding in the kingdom. They wanted to see the true shining church and His personal illumination in the lives of their people.

I am privilege to write this oceanic book for my generation in this century, always give thanks to the creator of all being for His touching privilege. So far, I encourage you to set aside in your mind as you faithfully search this book as spiritual materials for your growth and personal experience, the new dawn is here as we all learn from the Master feet in the prophetic college. The revelation in this book as help my learning skills in the office of the prophet, it also had move me into wisdom room and I will continue to obey the elders and spiritual fathers that have been ahead of me in the ministry. I pray this book will illuminate your spiritual journey in prophetic experience and to catapult you to the top of the Lord’s mountain and to take you into the deep mystery knowledge of the Holy Spirit, strengthen your wings directly to channel your obedient life of which you have assigned to serve your generation in pleasure of our love one Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen. Shalom!