Dream is a natural, but some are supernatural. In spiritual world when sleeping, this can occur at any time. Daniel 2:28-29; some dreams belong to God and some belong to the devils. Except for the dreams that are caused by man’s own physiology mind, the rest are supernatural. Dream is the first will for mankind from ages; it is confidential way for supernatural. Dream is the first will for mankind from ages; it is confidential way for God Almighty to talk to His mankind on earth.


  1. DREAM OF GOD: – Dream from God always make people normal, peaceful stable, reasonable and sensible. Genesis 37:2-3. Dream from God is very few this days and it comes through clean mind, because mind is man thinking organ, through mind we know, think, imagine, recollect and understand. The intellectual power, rationality, wisdom and intelligence of man all belong to the mind. Broadly speaking our mind is everything related to our brain. Our mind controls all the system in the bodies, eyes, nose, hand, leg and so on. A man whom God had cleansed his mind will have a clean dream or vision. Mind is the psychology while the brain is in physiology. The mind occupies a big part in man’s life because the mind directs man’s dream in conduct most. Men of God often been in the position to have God’s dream because of their status before the Lord and many obedient child of God often get God’s dream, the mind of people today is in the carnal things of the world, it’s devils that mix it together. Today God is still speaking as of old if you will follow him, God cannot change and He will never change (Mal. 3:6; James 1:17), He will speak to you in your dream, and He will do it as He said (Numbers 23:19), God can use warning dream against your enemies for your own victory (Judges 7:13-15). The dream of God gives confidence victory in the life of obedient man in all things I have mentioned above. The mind of man is bigger than the physical world; the mind of man is like a world room in unlimited arena that has doors in the spiritual powers (Gen.1:26-31), man is the only unlimited, super creature, balanced being created creature from God everything man needed is inside of him or her. Keep your mind and thoughts positive! Your good dream can keep you going even takes you to the eternal realm of Almighty future.
  2. DREAM OF THE DEVIL SPIRITS: – How can we know this evil spirit dream, their error and confusions in our dream? Devil spirits are invisible being, the physical eye can’t see them yet they are real like human beings, more wicked, and dangerous than man. Many people are possessed with evil spirits and they had automatically gained their mind thought from long ago time through worldly things (picture, video, sound and thought) in this world; evil spirits make them see, listen and watches the pictures during the day and dream about it at night. Evil spirits are wiles craft more desperate than mankind because they are visible from ages on earth to bind the generation of Adam against the Will of Creator. This evil spirits use all good things in the physical world to bind the mind always when occur in the dream of man. But this is the dream that came from evil spirits are all strange, vain, false, foolish and caused people to become elated, stupefied, confused, and irrational and soon. The evil spirits can give a Christian believer many strange dreams, some of which are very good, because his mind is passive. If a believer’s mind has fallen into passivity, all his dream will not come from God, neither will they be natural; instead, they will be from evil spirits and he or she will be looking for interpretation, it is a pity that this day some interpreted evil spirits dream in their churches. At night the mind is naturally not as active as during the day and it becomes more powerless to the man and spirit world. The evil spirits will seize the opportunity to accomplish their goal; many will come for interpretation of evil spirits dream. These kinds of dreams at night make the people dizzy and heavy in the body when he wakes up in the morning. Sleeping does not increase your power because while you are sleeping (it only re-organize your systems when tired) evils spirit are affecting the whole body through the passive of your mind in the brain. All frequently suffer from dreams at night have evil spirits working in their mind. If a believer single-minded rejects the evil spirits work both during day and night he will be free from them. Evil spirits automatically calculate the mind to afflict the mind and to put the soul into bondage. If a believer wants to check if his dream is form evil spirits, he only needs to ask, “Had my mind been passive during the day?” May be you lust through what you have seen hear and thought about and you contributed to it, means the dream which you received is not worth to be trusted affliction comes into mind and finish the work in our dream. If evil spirits dream is often in your dream your mind is automatically cage by evil spirit dream can make you do what you are doing physically in your dream with forces such as eating in dream, sex in the dream, killing human being or animal knowingly labor in hard work by sweating in dream, counting money in the dream, crying in the dream, swimming in dirty rivers or waters and many more. There are people afflicted in their dreams by the spirits of their ancestors or inheritance faulty foundations you all need freedom and deliverance from them. “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”. Genesis 6:5
  3. DREAMS OF THE FLESH: This is also known as dream of body, how can we know this? Evil spirits known mankind weakness, strength and so they use this opportunity to afflict the generation of man with their flesh dream. The flesh dream is between evil spirits and man’s list reviled of one line spirit controls the empty mind of man is carnal things through lust pictures, songs, video and lust words, you can be fasting and at the same time eating in the dream having sex in the dream because of the mind had been so passive to the things of the world, the victim had been possessed cage spiritually and bind by the wicked spirit of passivity, the victim will always lose focus because he’s bound in the flesh dream, these can come into two form good or bad it depend on the passivity of the mind of the person. The dream is caused by thought and physiological mind of man, control by spirit of man and evil spirits in together. The real Man is a spirit inside the soul, the mind is also a spirit in the brain that occupied the whole head, the evil spirit are spirits, they have access to the passive mind that’s empty mind to things of God, the dream of flesh will always tackles the things of God, oil and water can’t never be mix together, the two liquid can never be together, dream of flesh will want you to submit to the things of evil spirits so they can gain into your mind for work, they can blind the mind by instruct you in your dream to do sacrifices by killing bird or animals for rituals and follow the other way contrary to the Holy Scripture, this is also their gain doorway into humans mind. The dream of the flesh will not love discipline and discipline is the resistant of the flesh, flesh dream can make you ignorant in religion captive into evil spirits cages, flesh dream will want you to eat too much, sleep too much, spend time in pleasure of vanity while you suppose to be in God’s presence, flesh dream eat up destiny by evil spirits, they are orientation of the flesh dreams, we need to be careful of how you put things into mind, and thought, stay out from the things of flesh, too much in clothing, eating and so on. Flesh dream causes friend and enemy and enemy friend, some dreams are flesh that’s why it will not happen physically, what is in your mind now? You will have flesh dream if you disobey God. “And evil spirit from the LORD troubled him”. 1 Sam.16:14.


If you do not gain your mind back to God, you will lust in becoming the enemy of God, ignorantly some people are enemy of God already because of their fleshly dream some will say they have fall in love with someone, the picture, video and carnally emotion of that lust called love will lead them to destruction, because their picture is negatively afflicted in the dream and they are continue dreaming in the coffin of minds bondage, even if the relationship is broken their dream will still continued because their mind is passive to the things of negative thought pictures and pleasure. Some are sexy fleshly bound in their dream they became sex machine to evil spirits (Female or Male Demons enemy’s programming) some are programmed automatically eating in the dream from bowel of vanity of backwardness, this killing potentials and glory at hour, the victim is coded with these afflicted wicked demon initiated from hell mission to the directed victim they’re working on the foundational ground source, all these programs lives in them and it part of them, you need to gain your mind back to God the Creator. “For a dream cometh through the multitude of business”. ECCL . 5: 3. Your dream is in your mind, in this book hundreds of bad dream you we see and the solution …. Good dream are few mind is a merchant field for buy and selling, few people mind is for God ….  From the age up till now, Man mind is market, how to get more and more in this carnal generation. God want your thought and mind back so that you can have your future back in your hand, this book will open your mind Again for renewing   soul mind against evil spirits ‘To come out of you and you ‘God will gain it (Mind) for eternal joy. Praying through the name of Jesus and Christ will guide you during your dream hour. Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. (Proverbs 14:34).












In Alphabet




Seeing self under the earth meaning the rulers in darkness has been sent to fight you with determination of your ancestors, you’ve to pray with the Psalm or you will go extra miles in this battle of your ancestors’. Ps. 91, 121, 59, with 3 days fasting prayer time, 9, 12, 3, 6


This is bad omens; it may be directed to anybody, even your enemy. This is not good physically and spiritually.


  1. Seeing yourself being accommodated into a good looking place, means you will be accepted during the time by some people, relax no matter your condition.
  2. If it is a rough or moulds place means the power of darkness are replacing your good luck with bad things even you have enter into some difficult battles, pray 3 days with fasting and Ps. 12, 18, 46


Seeing albino in your dream, is a bad omens no matter how it may look to you, pray against uncompleted blessing with this Ps. 106 because it is a sin that made the impossibility of the world get a water read this Ps. Seven times for 3 days, bath on the 3days and victory will be yours Psalm 57, 140


Seeing yourself drinking with people during the time of this dream, you will not be above your fellow once, drinking in the dream means you are inability to inability to resists the poising been misbehave. Ps. 106, 80 with 3 days fasting


  1. After accident an ambulance arrived in your dream to rescue and safe people on emergence, meaning in any situation or circumstance assistance will emerge no matter where you find yourself.
  2. Ambulance stops or diverts to wrong location in your dream after your expectation to help people in the accident and pains and stress of pains and agony of accidence where present, meaning enemies at work to sacrifice near loved one or neighbor for human accreditation on the evil altar. So pray for instant restoration and God’s help. Read Psalm 27 three times’ consequent into water daily, morning, afternoon and evening for each day in three days daily and uses the water before you sleep in each day daily then.
  3. if you are sick seriously or you have accident in the real world and the wound or pain persist still and you saw an ambulance with doctors or nurses are coming toward to assisting and bed you to hospital, your sickness or accidence wound nor pain will be healed perpetual cure without delay. It is a signs of prayer answered! Praise God!


Seeing this creature in your dream and there’s a lot of them, enemies are in action to devour your spiritual and physical blessing, if seen in your shop, home and your offices is a bad omen pray with 3 days white fasting get a water reading Ps. 28, 102, 18 into the water and sprinkle the water over your place and another dream will manifest for sure victory.


  1. Seeing these peculiar men of God in your dream, praying or doing deliverance for you mean you will be free from your present problems.
  2. If they are rebuking you there is a hidden sin in your life, do all your best to resist sin because the sin is your hindrance to the door of your success.


In your dream you see yourself being attack by hoodlums or thief and you are robbed and wounded. This means that enemies had fulfilled one mission in your life whether familiar or financially to recover back you loses 3 days white fasting, use this Ps. 83 get olive oil read this Psalm into it on each prayer hour 9, 12, 3, 6 for the period of 3 days, get yourself anointed and declare your loses to return fasting in Jesus Name. Psalm. 27.


In your dream you handle an axe or you use it to cut tress or chase your enemies. It is a good dream during your hard and difficulties of life you will always triumph over your enemies but be faithful with God always.


  1. Seeing self eating, or the tree this is a good omens, your difficulties is going to turn fortune
  2. Seeing giving to somebody is bad dream 3 days fasting with Psalm 24, 59 for recovery of prosperity.


  1. If seeing aeroplane crash and you saw the explosion with terrible flaming fire burning you will hear news that we shake the part place you saw the accident.
  2. If heard aeroplane crash and burn in the sky falling, any area good news will be alarm in that place
  3. Seeing landed is a sign of arrival of good thing to come, pray with night vigil for fast manifestation.



  1. Seeing self-ascending a hill is a sign of incoming progress in present venture.
  2. Descending from ill, it points to gradual loss in business or failure in a planned. For stability, pray over this Psalms 123, 3 days fasting.
  3. If seen self softly claiming mountain it’s a bad omens in your endeavors pls. kindly use the direction in number two for solution on fasting and Psalms.


  1. Seeing an angel in your dream means God’s presence and guidance is with you no matter your condition relaxes though you may be in danger at that moment.
  2. If seen angel or angels in your dreams telling to do things that are contrary to the word of God that’s satan transforming as angel of light don’t follow or carry the instruction in your reality because if you do may leads you to personal regression. 1 Cor.11:14


Seeing them in many inside your sugar or otherwise, meaning your gain effort will be eaten or transfer to another 2 days fasting with 2 days night of prayer, use this Psalm 24, 50 your progress will return speedily recovery.


Seen yourself feeding fishes in the aquarium joyfully in the dream, it is a bad omens of wastage and profitless effort at the present in your endeavors as your dream speaks, so pray very well and confirm before you lay hand on any contract or project, for readjustment of greatness take three days fasting and prayer 6 to 6 daily, read Psalm 27; 28; and 29 each in seven times in the morning, afternoon, evening and midnight within the period of the fasting, follow the prayer guide to enhance your victory.


  1. Seeing yourself sitting on the ashes, speaking of your level f status in life and this is lowest problematic of life. Psalm 18 with two days white fasting enemy want this to happen to you, you’ve to deliver yourself.
  2. If seeing someone came to rescues you from this place which mean at your status presently you’ll be transform into glorious life be happy and be prayerful always.


  1. If one is hit in dream is a serious attack from the forces of darkness. There’s much to talk about this dream, contact man of God for more detail or three (3) days fasting with Psalm.24, for effective action in your prayer hour of prayer 12, 3, 6, 9pm daily. Check the prayer point at the back.
  2. If you short people with arrow in your hand in your dream it’s a weapon of victory at the present situation and you’ll in no matter your present challenges.



  1. Seeing babies given birth to in your dream which mean there’s generation coming more after you and thus are signs of the children that will invaded the earth according to the time and season.
  2. if given a new baby or infant in your dreams which mean you’re being given a gift or special potentials.
  3. If seen a woman travailing in your dreams, if you’re there or seeing the sane, which mean you’re the person or someone close to you, you or they are at the edge of success or breakthrough in life. Prayer of faith is needed at this point junction of travailing because enemies are the one delay the success or the breakthrough spiritually. Close to God at this present hour to attain your breakthrough as mandated or programmed to you in this term. Ask God for great help or assistant, say oh Lord GOD manifest in your great power in my life and destiny in Jesus Name, ask God again, You are the owner of my soul o Lord God Almighty please never let the enemies prevail over me at this present time in Jesus Name. ask God for power to be successful in life (Deut. 8:18) final, ask God, sent divine assistant to me Lord in personal, individuals and in co-operate into my life breakthrough in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Do these prayers night and day, if like put fast but faith is necessary. Shalom. Take Note: Some of these dreams illustrated here have bad implication to some people but depend on their dreams.
  4. If seeing dead babies, curbs of dead babies in your dream which mean death will havoc wickedness in the generation after you. You must pray against this that’s why it was given to you to know this, death will graven the generation after you through war, staving, disease, sickness, accidents and ethnic religious battle in all corners of works, e.t.c in any regions of the earth.
  5. if persist or don’t understand please Email me or call I’ll rely within under twenty four hours

Baby Pushchair

  1. If seeing self-buying new one or given new one in the dream, it is sign of great manifestation towards new development in all your endeavours, so be at peace your end will be great at the position you worried about yourself.
  2. If barren or pregnant otherwise by waiting as mother, anybody given baby pushchair and baby or babies are seated inside in your dream, you will smile at the end of the term soon. Keep on praising God!
  3. 3. If the baby pushchair lost, burnt or cherished or stolen in the dream, it is very bad omen from the enemy’s, all expectations will be elude in any area expecting hoping desired, three days white fasting  with Joel 2 for restoration prayer throughout the week.


  1. If you see this animal in your dream or you are attach by this animal, one of the darkness power living around your premises or work at your office, be careful of how you expose your issues when talking together. Micah.7:5, the answer into this situation is to be careful how you behave among people that smile with you when you appear to them.
  1. If you kill this beast in your dream with hand or otherwise you’ll be victorious in your locality or familiarity.


Use the Blood of Jesus Christ within as follows:-

  1. If the wicked dream of retrogression persist, in within three days bled the Blood of Jesus Christ into water for thirty mutinies before you sleep in three days.
  2. If  eating, sexual and otherwise evil as meeting self at the same spot in the dream continue in your life, within seven days bled the Blood of Jesus Christ for an hour for each day into water drink and bath before sleeping for seven days
  3. If persist or don’t see changes please Email me or call I’ll rely within under twenty four hours


If you carry bag traveling school or business bag, it is a dream of transition in your endeavor and what you need is found inside the bag, you will prosper in any engagement of connection.


Seeing your have been bail out of prison or other yards by someone you know or unknown, mean your term problems will solve be determine, your prayer had been answer, financially you will be surprise physically. Give thank most in your prayer.


  1. If seen yourself baking a beautiful cake or bread, this dream is also a fulfillment in endeavor keep on drying in your venture you will make it
  2. If the cake or the bread is burnt is a bad omen, this means you may not see gain in your business during this time if you don’t want this to happen, 7 days fasting and prayer, time 9, 12, 3, 6, during the prayer and fasting time get olive oil and water, pray into this materials and use this Psalms 128, 129 and 130.


  1. If you seeing yourself eating banana in a dream is a bad omen and problematic in venture, prayer of affliction has to be prayer for with Psalm 86 for 7 times into a cup of water and drink it.
  2. If you are giving in a big basket with unripe is a fair dream, your expectant will not be eluded during your expenses


It is a sign of fruitfulness in venture, if cooked it another transformation of changes in status and levels together with your mate you will reach higher.


  1. If you seen a banner written a word in it in your dream, means God is sending a divine message unto you, be watchful in prayer and fasting to know God’s messages for your people.
  2. If the banner is black is a bad omen, mean the enemy assign your area for bad work be prayerful that the assignment of enemy will not overcome you, because God want you to know this


  1. If you seen yourself been pray in tongue and fire is around with power of God, this also is called Baptism
  2. If seen yourself been dip into Rivers water is also called Baptism, be prayerful to help yourself the more.


  1. Seen yourself without shoe walking in your dream means a symbol of incomplete in your business, you must pray to recover it back with Psalm. 126 with 3 days fasting, and you will testify.
  2. If you are with shoe neat and smart in your leg, belief during this you will be above your fellow, no matter your situation, be happy.


If you see yourself in the barrack of soldiers, means know that you have been captured by the power of darkness, there premises is not secure with civilian, pray for total deliverance for yourself if not it will be difficult to be delivered later in your life, Psalm 46 into olive oil and anoint yourself for 3 days fasting, time for prayer 12, 3, 6, 9 and a dream will follow to deliver you and your total freedom of shekels of darkness.


If you seen a lawyer advocating for you, no matter your condition divine help will manifest to intercede on your behalf and you will win in any circumstance


Seen yourself in this condition and situation meant it may appear the same in the physical world, pray against this spirit, it will make you to elude blessing and opportunities get a water read Psalm 49 seven times drink and bath with 2 days fasting, from hence you are welcome into new world of success and boldness.


Seen this insert in your dream chasing you and bitten, mean you must stop speaking against some people around you or in your family, they may be in power of darkness, be careful how you use your mouth against men of great status in the spirit world.


  1. Hearing the bell of prayer in your dream, mean during the time you have to come closer to God and his word.
  2. Seeing yourself ringing the bell in the church or in the street preaching means it’s a message from heaven unto you and unto your generation, see the prophet for this


  1. Seeing yourself blind in the dream is a bad omen, mean the enemy had showed you what to happen or what has already happened that you may not see the end of your life even the good thing people use to see, immediately you wake up use the Psalm 11, 12, 13 in water for 7 times in 7 days drink and bath on the last day with 7 days fasting.
  2. If seen blind beggar in your dream begging for money and you give he or her money is a bad dream meaning the enemy had capture your treasury.
  3. If person you know blind in your dream is a straight forward dream pray for the person. This is hiding meaning


Seen yourself in  the boarding school with your mate mean you have been trying to be above your mate or friends but it’s impossible, read this powerful Psalm 102 into water and pray aggressively for DESTINY fulfillment 7 days into the water with 7 days fasting, time of prayer 12, 3 , 6 and 9.


  1. If seen this creature in your home mean you have been possessed by one spirit
  2. If seen this demon in your offices mean your business had been incarnate by the evil people around you.
  3. If you see this demon in your shop mean doom in your venture and it will cause problem of dept solution, 3 days fasting, get water, read this Psalms 27, seven times in each hour of prayer 12, 3 6, and 9 for the period of 3 days fasting, drink and bath with your choice of soap and sponge, victory is sure.


  1. Seen a bottle cover with seal corked and wine is inside, it’s a good dream
  2. Seen it been corked and empty is a bad omen, 3 days fasting and use this Psalms 72 and 38 for prayer to be refilling your success and spiritual ability.


Some of your friends or your neighbors are using double mind with you, so refrain from trusting them or somebody closer to you is about to betray your trust, trust God only


This is evidence of failure in your venture because it does not hold water pray effectively inside a water or small nylon bag of pure water for 3 days each bag for 3 day and fasting, use the water for sprinkling


  1. Personal reformation in character
  2. Is scraped without notice, evidence of evil forces against fellow. 3 days dry fasting with Psalm. 59, 83, hour of reading 12 noon, 3, 6, 9pm before prayer. Follow the prayer recovery on the site.


  1. Seeing the Holy Bible in your dream and you are reading or a passage was giving to you is a message from God.
  2. If burnt or stolen in your dream or stolen is bad omen that’s the enemy wants the word of God or your spiritual life to be unaccomplished. Pray for restoration in spirit and physical, 3 days to regain your low estate. Psalm.23, 24, 25


  1. Sure evidence of spiritual cleansing or change of behavior on certain relevant issues. You will definitely change for good result character
  1. If seen self secretly or publicly bathing with sponge and soap no matter your status or situation you will see divine improvement in your endeavors.


  1. Seeing if in dream is a sign of unreliable friendship.
  2. Holding it tight means under any situation, their tricks will leak into your hand.
  3.  If a woman, refrain from unreliable man or boys men who are in love with you for personal satisfaction only


  1. Seeing them together in a different types in their creature is a sign of evil force are holding a meeting, which could be against the person who stumbles on them in his or her dream, in this situation, no need of panicking as doing so this will give them access to win, go on 3 days fasting with the following Psalm 124, 50, 83 use the name of Jesus Christ to rebuke such forces in prayer as for sword of fire to go on your behalf.
  2. Rearing bird in a cage, this is a point of your gain been given to feed the other people, use the upper Psalm and pray for restoration of your ventures.


  1. Seeing yourself line up for or awaiting cash, mean you should continue in prayer unexpectedly you will be surprise by money, miracles, prosperity and soon.
  2. If the banker harassed or quarreled with you in your dream, it’s a doom omen 3 days fasting with Psalm 120 to deliver yourself from money hijacker.
  3. If the Bank is robbed in your dream, mean devourer had been attacking your prayer  blessing prayer of Psalm 27, 83, 102 will conquer them in 3 days fasting.


Seeing it in dream means you have to be careful on how you use your tongue. James 3:2


Pool of blood , it’s a sign of death, portends dream as auto accident is on the way or similar situation that will happen by blood, 3 days white fasting to avert such situation with Psalm 28, 50, and 86 in water drink and bathing.


  1. Seeing yourself in dream as a Boss over people and you started controlling men calling you as their master, this is evidence of low estate in the physical world, to reach the top will be unreasonable for such fellow, three days white fasting with the honey to break and salt daily.
  2. If seeing self-holding a head of sward or shape cutlass in your hand at the edge of controlling people to help each other in the field of harvesting or whistle in your mouth blowing to control men and women you’ll be great and future leader soon.


  1. Seeing bullets being put in your gun is a sing of superiority in the spirit realm and physical realm, be careful don’t negate things against yourself.
  2. Seeing it given to you in large numbers, prepare for confrontation that you will overcome very soon.
  3. Stolen in your dream is a bad omen for this is the work of enemy. 3 days fasting with Psalm 109, 90 the Lord will return your stolen ability physically and spiritually. Follow the prayer at the back.


  1. Eaten butternut in the dream for illness patients,  it is a significant of healing sooner or later
  2. Eaten butternut with bread or other use foods in the dream for healthy person is a robust live.


Seeing buses lining in the garages, be careful with the word you speak to those who senior you or else you will be attack by this seniors unknowingly.


  1. Is seeing yourself in the bush and you see a lining road to the town mean in your present situation or present problem there is going to be testimony.
  2. Meeting yourself in the bus in dream without direction show your present struggle will not yield any result, pray and fast 2 days for pull up of God. Call upon the Lord to make a way for you. Exodus 14:15-22.



Seeing in the dream your house is burning and shouting all over places, calamities in bulk will speedily happen unknowingly by stopping this, 3 days white fasting with night vigil, for this calamities to be powerless over you and your families. Follow the back prayer.


  1. Seeing a bakery bread and bread is made out of oven in dozen sizes with fresh colour it’s an incoming prosperity in business venture.
  2. Seeing yourself buying butter big fresh bread’s a sign of incoming mercy by someone you know.
  3. If the bread is burn or eating by another person in your dream, it is a bad omen, 3 days fasting with Psalm 1, 24, 145 prayer of recovery in business ventures.


  1. Crossing over bridges of many waters, streams, rivers, and otherwise in the dream means your present situations of challenges will be past and you will smile at the end but believe.
  2. Breaking bridges in the dreams, unable to cross or stagnancy to cross over but at the end successfully done. Shows your effort at the end of trying life you’ll smile to any difficulties and jubilate there. Read psalm 16 and 17 in seven times each day for two weeks for His testimony.
  3. Collapse Bridges in the dreams, it is bad omens, meaning unable to change or improve your circumstances or finances status, the bridges can only be reconstruct through power covenant of God, fear, unbelieve and lack of trusting God can cause these dreams. Prayer of restoration and re-connection of glory as of the beginning, three days white fasting, fasting time from 6am – 6pm daily using fruits to break the fasting daily, Read Joel 2 seven times daily.


Having it in dream is a cautionary sign against the hearer on an issue he/she is interested in, be careful of peeping into unknown matters.


  1. If seeing a single broom in your dream is a bad omens; it may be directed to anybody, even your enemy. This is not good physically and spiritually, strong sign of worthlessness because one cannot be useful or make places clean, pray for multiple help in your strong endeavor use Psalm 4, for authoritative prayers click
  2. Using Bunches of broom to kills flies in your hand, it is a status of weapon against enemy’s conspiracy no matter how things will appear in your confrontations you will win places and rulerships of confronters. good dream


  1. Seen yourself in the dream been bury is a bad omen, find out your situation through the spirit of God, mean go to God’s messenger (Prophet/Pastor) for counseling
  2. Seen yourself among the people in the burial ceremony range, mean somebody will die in that period why you will be among them, be prayerful that you may not left out by money


  1. If you seen butchers in the market cutting meat, means the enemy are on there distributing human flesh, pray that non of your family will be victim with this Psalm 91 for ransom and recovery, 122.
  2. If using bunch of broom to sweep means a drastic economic change will take place in your life



If you seen yourself harvesting this kind of cultivated plant means progress and success of foreigner, money will be yours if you kindly wait for God to help you.



  1. If you see empty calabash in you dream is a bad omen, it’s emptiness of life
  2. If you see calabash full of sacrifices in your dream is a bad omen meaning someone using evil mind to use you and dump you.
  3. If you see calabash with water in your dream means problematic in your ventures. Way out is 3 days fasting use this Psalm 83 pray aggressively with the Psalm to empower yourself and enemy we loose power over you in Jesus name.


  1. Seeing a candle with light in your dream it’s a good dream, meaning greatness in your life had started don’t loose hope over yourself.
  2. If you seen above one candle with light mean multi greatness in the venture of your success
  3. If you seen seven candlestick with light it’s a symbol of God’s perfection end confirmation, that’s God is real in your life and your will be the light for many people in the future.
  4. If you seen seven candlestick without light mean incompleteness with God, pray against your sin heartedly and repent with this Psalm 35, 38 pray for full empowerment


  1. If you are under a beautiful canopy when sun or rain is on, mean someone will come to assist you in the time of your need.
  2. If the canopy is removed by the power of wind or scotch by the sun is a bad omen meaning someone you trust will fail you suddenly trust God accurately in your endeavour.


  1. If you seen cargo in your dream and open different resources is there is a good dream, mean your expectation will become manifestation believe remove doubt to make it happen in time.
  2. If you see cargo in your dream open and empty, is a bad omens means what you have labour for another people have come to carry it away, quickly go into 3 days white fasting, get yourself anointed with oil and pray with this prophetic Psalm 140, 142, hour of pray 12, 3, 6, and 9 you will be restored totally.


  1. If seen one or more of the type in your home, office, working place or your living areas environment in the dream, which means the set mind of people in all the mentioned above lives are not your friends, you are surveillant and monitor for their preying through people living around you, your loved ones, your success and your achievements in all your endeavours. Take three days fasting and prayer against them, their wishes and agenda must not stand nor establish over your lives. using Psalm 91; Isaiah 49; Prov. 2 each of the scriptures in seven times a day and stand on the Word of God. Use the prayer guide
  2. If pursue in your dream, it is a result of your cowardness towards crucial issues generally. Ask God for sanctification and fire of Holy Spirit Acts 2; 13; 1 John 2; ask it shall be giving.
  3. If you killed one of them or more in your dream, it is a surly victory over present situation and confrontation of the territory foes. Thanks and worship Jesus Christ in other word to appreciate Him for the triumphant.


    1. If seen yourself or anybody repairing your house through carpentry work mean there’s going to be a transitions in your life, because your house symbolize your body, a good change, it may be character of venture.
    2. If you seen stranger in your roof or your shop as a carpenter removing things without putting another back mean that’s a destroyer get yourself anointed for 3 days with fasting and curse the demonic carpenter to die with Psalm. 18, 20


  1. Seeing this material beautifully on the floor may be your office, home, or shop is a sign of new breakthrough, no matter the condition and status of your business, the change of progress will come.
  2. If the carpet is tire, rough and dirty, is a bad sign, get yourself involve into prayer and reject this portion by anointing your head with olive oil with 3 days fasting and prayer Psalm 20 repeatedly in aggressively.


  1. If you are a business fellow and you saw in your dream cash register machine mean your work will have a lot of again not matter the situation of your business
  2. If seen in your dream a stranger as your cashier in your shop or office while people are buying and paying to he or she, it is a bad omen, curse your devourer to death by using this Psalm 18, 21 with 3 days fasting to regain your loses income.


  1. If you always see casket in your dream in other way you see yourself in it or people are crying for your death in the dream, meaning it simply death, it may appear to you in difficult way, get a prophet that know about dream to be notice without delay.
  2. If seen someone you know in the casket dead is a symbol of long life.
  3. If seen the casket prepared for your burial in your dream is broken and destroyed mean it’s a symbol of victory over sudden death be thankful by using the Psalm 21, 66 always in your quiet time.


Seen a cat or many cat in your dream is a symbol of enemy, mean one of your neighbors is using power of craft against you, if they attack in your dream use 3 days fasting with Psalm 68 in your prayer point and anoint yourself with olive oil.


  1. Seeing yourself in the cemetery ground is a bad omen, mean death with timing, go and see the minister of God for emergence counseling because is a dangerous dream.
  1. If seeing someone in this place in your dream means directive to the person someone close to you, be prayerful and watchful to avert this evil of un-timing death.


  1. If receive a certificate in your dream, mean accomplishments in your venture, your life will be transform tremendously in your labour, be prayerful all the time.
  2. If seen your certificate tear is a bad omen quickly get yourself anointed on that day of the dream with 5 days fasting using this Psalm 82 into water seven times drink and bath


If seen this creature in you dream is a sign of evil and bad omen, someone you know love to copy you, this how it look like enemy have come to hijack your blessing through your dream by the changing colour of chameleon, pray against satanic chameleon to die instantly or else things will not go fine, Psalm 94, 102 with 3 days fasting get a water and read this Psalm into it, hour or prayer 12, 3, 6, 9 and the chameleon man will die and afford friends.


If you seen chief justice in your dream helping you to advocate against your accuser and your offenders, mean you have to completely leave everything to God, He will fight for you or give your life to Jesus in total submission. God will be glorified in any situation you are.


  1. If you see choir singing in glorious way in your dream, means God wants you to come closer to Him and to use praises for victory over your foes.
  2. If you are the one among choir, changes is coming into your life dramatically that will give your spiritual life an upliftment.


  1. If seen yourself smoking a cigarette or Indian hemp is a bad omen meaning you will go back into your old sinful lifestyles, be careful how you behave and be careful how react to your personal life presently, and how you talk, don’t copy anybody to sweet your feeling.
  2. If you see someone you know smoking cigarette in your dream mean the same.


  1. If seen yourself in the classroom of nursery, primary or secondary school and you wear their uniform is a bad omen mean backwardness in any endeavour. Prayer: rejecting arrow of backwardness and send it to sender instantly through 3 days fasting by using this prophetical Psalm. 64, and 140
  2. If seen yourself in the classroom with some of elders in seriousness willing and teacher he or she in your front teaching all of you, mean you will be add more into your own experience and work, if you are a minister of God see this dream, God is teaching you another lesson in your ministry, don’t be afraid is also a good dream.


If you see yourself inside a mud of clay is a sign of problematic, read Psalm.88 with 3 days fasting, et yourself anointed with oil and pray eagerly to be deliver from sudden problems of enemies.


  1. If seen a cloud in your dream with the glamour is a sign of transition of progress
  2. If it’s a dark cloud is a problematic, mean there is a problem trying to invade your life, use this Psalm. 35, and 44 Ask God for a divine change in your ventures.


  1. If seen yourself been trained by a coach in your dream, football or any other game and you are able to follow the instruction of your coach, yes it’s a messages to you during this time, listen to your parents, guardian or your teacher in the Lord
  2. If your coach is warning or rebuking you seriously in the dream mean, you must stop bad things you are doing and get yourself being obedient to God and man


  1. If this snake attack you mean your neighbors or close person or recognized are using bad mind against you be careful how you expose yourself before them
  2. If you kill this serpent is a victory over your situation or somebody help you kill it in your dream, someone will help you and give you way out at the top of your problem.
  3.  If these snakes bite you as a bad sign go and narrate your dream to the minister of God for more explanation of this hidden dream and he or she will tell you what to do next or read Psalm 91 read it 50 times into water and drinks it.


  1. Seen this symbol in your dream, mean blockage of blessing and resources, that’s
  2. Attack is also the same thing in the physical life.
  3. If this cobweb covers you is a bad omen, 3 days white fasting use this Psalm. 52 and 57
  4. into water drink and bath, hour of prayer 12, 3, 6, 9 before sleeping.
  5. If using your hand breaking cobwebs in the dreams or other object shows financial changes and transparency in your status.

COCK WITH COMB (Adult Male Chicken)

If you see this fowl in your dream humiliating you, meaning, some of the elder person around are quarreling with you without guilt, report him or her to God or pray against them


  1. If seen this insect in your room means that sickness or disease in your body that’s affecting you negatively.
  2. If seen in your shop it’s the same mean affecting your business, solution read Psalm. 14, 18 into water with 3 days fasting sprinkle the water into your shop or room (Read it 7 times in a day) and drink or bath).


  1. If the cocoa in your dream is full of fruit and flourish is a good dream, the next year will be a glorious year of harvest, be happy no matter your conditions.
  2. If the cocoa tree without fruit is fruitless meaning what you are doing right now will not bring increase of your expectation, prayer for fruitfulness with 3 days white fasting and get olive oil and water read this Psalm 54, 59 into this materials and claim your right aggressively by fire in the name of Jesus Christ. Drink and use for bath.


If you found in your dream a strong box of ornamental mean be patient always in your prayer and in your expectation, your future will be envy by your friends and families.


If you are given a coin in your dream is a sign of poorness, get yourself anointed with olive oil, and pray for 3 days with fasting to renounce affliction out of your life, Psalm 64, 120


  1. Seeing yourself collapse suddenly in your dream is a bad omen, it may lead to downwardness or unbelievable backwardness. Get yourself anointed immediately into 3 days white fasting and pray against the situation using the Psalm 11, 12
  2. If somebody known or unknown came and lift you up means no matter how your business is and the circumstances a divine help will manifest through man.


  1. if seeing a computer in your dream symbolized modern technology and information of life, It also a new age area of benefits opportunities that is about to opened unto you.
  2.   if the computer didn’t function  and it show a signal of bad omen, it is a omen in your life, opportunities and benefits may summon but not click to success, bind the spirit of retrogressions and stagnancies in all your endeavours with Exodus 14: 13 – 16 read these  words and pray within 3 days to God to use His supremacy against your enemies.


If seeing self in the cotton-wool field full of boll-wool is a good dream, at this period and years come and after you will experience wealth and land resources that we give you materials need at this moment.


Seen this white shell in your dream, or this is given to you in your dream means it’s an ancient of backwardness, the lower level of poverty is a bad omen, it’s not a wealthy life at all, you have to escape from the cage of the ancient convoyed by using this Psalm. 20, 21, 35, means a lot, get yourself anointed pray aggressively to be delivered.


If seen know that it’s the same meaning with horn of cow at letter.


It is a sign of backwardness, if you are running with your hands and legs you know it’s impossible in the physical world but mean there’s a progress you use your ability to supersedes above your levels. Continue in prayer.


This is a sign and status of powerless in the spirit, if not prayer man at the beautiful gate there’s no miracle again that can save, mean there is no way you can go forward or enemy can use this as evidence to confront their confronter, get yourself anointed with oil for seven days with seven days white fasting use Psalm 106, 80 you will have victory over your paralyzed.


  1. This symbol reveal inward mind and attitude, it is a significant of traitor not a friend
  2. There are children of seacoast (marine creature) living around your domain, be careful of them and stop or reduce playing around with people relate to you now or stop been a jester.


  1. If it is cross of bad shape mean there’s a practicing of evil religious around you
  2. It is the cross of good shape mean message, all the bad habit nail them to the cross


If seen them in unnumbered mean there’s going to be generation affection that we affect the citizen negatively


If given or found is a good dream, you are going into higher level which your generation had never reached.



  1. It is a sign of fruitfulness in any effort or attempt if harvest abundantly in the dream.
  2. If eating in the dream it’s also a good omen which mean at this time you’ll be part of benefits and profits.
  3. If seeing spoiled in numbers or single is a bad omen and calamities over endeavors to elude this in your life three days white fasting use chapter Joel 2 read into water within three days morning and night, use it before sleeping at night within period of the fasting.


  1. Seeing somebody carrying you with car is assured you will find grace in the side of somebody that’s closer or strange to you or any body.
  2. If seeing your car stolen or hijacked by armed robber in the dream is a bad omen of lost glory of help in your venture 7 days with prophetic Psalm 124, 125. If you don’t do it, help will be far from you.
  3. If car accident and blood everywhere in your dreams, it’s a bad omens and calamities programmed by enemies against you. Read Psalm 118 into water five times within 3 days use before you sleeps at night.


  1. If it is full of water, hope of prosperity is real
  2. If broken, it is also total shattered of hope, prayer and fasting is necessary with the following Psalms if on serious note Psalm 7, 124, and 126.
  3. If empty, mean hopeless situation, use the above Psalm and the prayer point at the back


  1. If seeing in dream means fruitless effort, particularly if seen on desert which symbolizes barrenness. Pray with 2 days white fasting and Psalm to read 16, 54, 124.
  2. If died is a good dream because your destiny will take new change and progress immediate effect.


If seeing in your dream ceremony as occasion and people are eating and drinking with high table guest, very soon joyful promotion will occur on your way because of your situation that is bad, you will be celebrated at last.


  1. Seeing furniture only in glamour decoration means honour into higher level of dignity and economically. If sitting on it, it is the same.
  2. If your physical chair at home, office or work place broken in the dream it’s a bad omen which mean you’ll lose your place and position in your authority realms. Use Joel 2, Psalm 118 with 5 days fasting call on your Creator for help and assistance day and night for restoration.


  1. Seeing chains like the one used for criminal, means character, be perceived to change your behaviour because is necessary.
  2. Seeing yourself band with chains means your involvements or bad behaviour could lead to arrest if not repented of.
  3. If seeing yourself band by soldier with guns in their hand, mean the demons had captured you already. This dream can come by sickness and sin, prayer of 3 days to loose yourself with this Psalm 125, 7, follow the back prayer point.


  1. Seeing or capture alive in the dream, means positive active in your request and business.
  2. Seen dead crab is bad omen mean a calamity event is on the way to progress in your expectations pray with Psalm 141, 70 and three days fasting nullify this evil plan of traitors in Jesus name and stand against it continually.


  1. Seeing this with amount written on the cheque means money is on the way that will not be long to reach you.
  2. Seeing being torn, stolen or lost in your dream or without amount written, is a sign of penny less (money less) in your effort to get money, 3 days white fasting with the following Psalms 102, 50, 124, for Divine restoration and recovery instantly.


If someone appeared to you or speaks to you in this form gently or make a clamorous noise with this acts, notice! Fighting or quarrel that will be perpetually record for one behavior generational print on the marble of the land mark; fault to be contending angrily is on the way. Solution, one need in breaking the flesh sins and also be very watchful to respond in any strange matters that include you. Psalm 32, Isaiah 49 read every night before sleeping for three days.


  1. It is a bad omen, although no one could say it is bad in physical realm but in dream. It is problematic. Three day fasting to avert the problems but if dream does not change before the completion of the 3rd day make it 7 days. Get clean water and plastic key so that one could used such water after the payer of psalms 124, 50, 83 drink, bathe and sprinkle your surrounding and be very skeptical in you dealing with people.
  2. If pregnant and you are carry baby or playing with baby is good dream you’ll experience easy delivery be courageous.


  1. Hearing it in dream is a sign of good news from some where.
  2. If it occurs again, move closer to God in prayer church attendance and learning from scripture reading for confidence.
  3. Invited people around you to come to God, you we gain in any labour you are involved.


Seeing such in dream is an indication that you need to change your stand and be faithful to God through Jesus Christ. It means on other source of reliable solution your problem except through God only and it even mean a call to service.


  1. Seeing in speed without limit this is bad omen, this stand for your Angry character, change the way you angry when come to an issues, change before it is too late, Psalm 109.
  2. Or you may be warned, be careful of how you come into matter that will lead to fighting always being careful, you only know the beginning of every quarrel but the end maybe worst, be at peace in any issues! Pro.19: 20.


  1. If successfully climbed in dream means an important objective will be realistically achieved.
  2. If falling or broken at mid-point means an unexpected failure is in the monition. Prayer with this Psalms. 9, 124, 127. Check the prayer at the back or check site prayer on restoration of status.


  1. If successfully climbed in dream means an important objective will be realistically achieved.
  2. If falling or broken at mid-point means an unexpected failure is in the monition. Prayer with this Psalms. 9, 124, 127. Check the prayer at the back or check site prayer on restoration of status.


  1. If not yet broken, has double interpretation
  2. If the seed is ripped and usually white, your expectation will have the desired result
  3. If it is spoilt or black in colour, it is sign that expectation will be negative 2 days fast and pray with Psalms 124, 89, 88.


  1. Seeing self cooking food in the dream, your effort on venture will be fulfilled in that period.
  2. In what you are cooking fall and split into the fire, this is bad omen, 3 days fasting and prayer that you should not waste your time on what will not be successfully used.


Seeing this often is a bad omen, what you should be doing in the physical world as been practice in the spiritual world, one of the couple had negative mind to-ward the relationship, 3 day white fasting and prayer against evil spirit between two of you rapidly paralyzed with Psalm 24, 83, and 143.


  1. Seeing self been coronate with traditional decoration, means the evil darkness forces had chosen the fellow as their leader, if want deliverance, 3 days white fasting and prayer of deliverance, don’t go outside when doing this. Stay some where to deliver yourself.
  2. but if it’s english coronation you be great in life no matter whatsoever you may be passing through now.


  1. It is a sign of incoming promotion or leadership elevation.
  2. It is burnt, a sign of relegation.
  3. If suddenly remove from the head, it is also sign of relegation requires 7 days fasting and prayers with psalm 124, 50, 83, to recover. Follow the prayer it at the back.


  1. If crossed successfully result is positive on expectation
  2. If broken before crossing news from expectation is likely to be negative. Before it manifest fast and pray for 3 days, for total guidance.


  1. Seeing cup in a dream with water or soft drink mean in your shop or office, your money or salary will be benefit to use.
  2. If seeing without anything in your business there’s going to be famine 3 days fasting with Psalm 1, 23, 24, 102. Use the prayer.


  1. Seeing self crying bitterly in dream, mean joyous incident will occur very soon.
  2. If somebody died and you started crying bitterly in that dream the person in whom you dreamt about will surely have long live.


  1. A sign of incoming prosperity and pleasure.
  2. If is suddenly removed, it is relegation either economic or positional 3 days fasting with Psalm 124, 83, 127.


  1. It is a symbol of spiritual power. When held, no hindrance in the bush can hold you back.
  2. If stolen, it is a sign of overpowering by enemy pray and fast 3 days with following Psalms. 11, 124, 50. Be careful how you use your mind and mouth.


  1. Seeing this by waiting young man to marry is successful dream, you will marry that year
  2. If seeing as a young woman waiting for marriage is a bad omen, 3 days fasting and prayer with this following Psalm 121, 124, 125. Mean failure in marriage.


  1. Seeing being carried or ride means someone you know or unknown will help you into a business journey successfully very soon.
  2. If accident or stolen happen in the dream is a bad omen pray and fast 3 days against spirit of relegation in endeavors.



  1. Seeing light in your hand in the darkness, mean God is with you in any state you are.
  2. Without light inside darkness is a bad dream seven days fasting and prayer. Enemy will not overcome you suddenly. Use the prayer at the back.


  1. Seeing someone you knew that is sick now died in your dream, the person will arise from the sickness very soon.
  2. If someone you knew is sick and in your dream now died his or her carcases  were put in the coffin is a bad omen the person will die through the sickness. bind the spirit of death and call for networking prayers through men of God around you.


  1. Seeing this animal in dream mean some of your friends are unreliable. They have double dealing character, you have to be careful.
  2. Seeing dog baking on you in the dream mean sin is arrange on your way be careful of whom you play with.
  3. If bitten in the dream this is a bad omen, if the fellow do not pray very well it will lead to spiritual captive or sin without limit prayer of Psalm. 141, 70 and three days fasting for instant recovery and resurrection.
  4. If playing with you or leaking your hand means some of your former sin trying to come back, be careful how you play with people around you but serious in issues.


Seeing it in dream is a sign of peace and satisfaction, it is an emblem of Holy Spirit and His manifestation in your life. Be faithful to the Lord read always John.14.


  1. If drawing from the well, slightly well means there is fruit in present endeavor.
  2. If there is water but very deep, you will labour before achieving your aim.
  3. Drawing water up successfully means present effort will yield fruit.
  4. If you carry bucket of water to fill a large drum, means your effort on your venture will yield fruit don’t give up.
  5. If the bucket is full of water and fall back midway means your present effort though bright it may seem will not yield fruit.
  6. If seeing dry well no result in present venture, prayer and fasting for 3 days with Psalms. 52, 71, 72 use the prayer at the back.


If your dream fails to fulfill or could not be remembered, you pray with this Psalm. 124, 123, 125, 126. In water drinking and bathing to cast out spirit of dreadfulness. Your mind had occupy by spirit of dreadfulness, use the prayer at the back.


  1. Drinking it in dream is a sign of incoming comfort and prosperity.
  2. Serving people with it is lack of contentment, even through there is positive and guaranteed income you will not be contended financially, due to several demands. Read Psalms 83. Learn how to be contented and focus on yourself first.


  1. In present reality, it refers to the condition of your business. The condition of the vehicle will clearly show the present posture of your business, for instance a care that is being pushed shows that the business is having serious problem.
  2. It could sometime be a long term plan for this fellow deferred for safer period because of surrounding spiritual or physical enemies. See II Sam. 16:1-15


Drowning in dream without being rescued is a sign of bad omen in surrounding situations. If rescued there is hope of surviving from problems associated with using Psalms. 91, 121, 125. Use the prayer at the back


Seeing dry bones in the dreams is a sign of fruitless effort in business environment. A change of plan will definitely solve the situation with the following Psalms 46, 121, 125 plus three days fasting


If you are unable to hear very well in your dream it is a bad omen. It is a sign of controversy between your close relations, solution be careful how you transport a word and the meaning


If you find yourself under the death blow is a sign of death as it goes, get yourself anointed with oil to reject this portion totally by fasting for 2 days, use this Psalm 91, 125


If seen desk in your dream with offices equipment mean a transition in your ventures positively.


If you are despise in your dream by someone you know, meaning fighting is approaching be careful how you allow satan


It is a sign of blessing from Heaven upon you, this is blessing Heaven had given to you no matter your present situation you’ll excel.


  1. If you pick or given this unusual precious stone in your dream mean you will meet unusual person in your life that will turn around your situation and business into reality at that time. Be expectant extra ordinary miracles.
  2. If stolen from you in your dream bad omens even worst seven days with marathon prayers of Joel 2, Isaiah 62


If seen or reading is a sign of correction and improvement at the particular things you are involved.


It is a sign of mass burial, someone we be buried, you know or acknowledge


If in your dream things and days are dimming is a sign of enemy presence at that particular moment, if this occur in your dream pray against unfulfilment spirit in all your promises, use Psalm. 120, 18, 46


If seen yourself in dream as director of a company is a sign of doom what you suppose to be physically yet your position is not up to this level it is enemy trap. Pray and get yourself anointed fast 3 days white and use this Psalm 17, 35

DIRGE (Mournful Song of Music)

If you see and hear people singing this song in your dream mean very soon someone closer to you will die, it is a bad omen anoint yourself and reject it.


  1. If you are in the position of sickness, you now dream and see a doctor you will recover very soon. If the doctor attends to you in your dream, the symptom will go without drugs.
  2. If seeming self as doctor you will save people and animals, you will be a savior to save life at the prim of
  3. If seen pharmacy, or doctors in your dreams descripts drugs for you in the dream it’s a way out to your presents illness or personal sickness.


It is a sign of problematic in your venture, meaning this is also sign of witchcraft is one of their instrument in there convoyed, get yourself anointed with oil immediately as you wake up and use this Psalm 46, 50 as your prayer point and the Lord will see you through


  1. if you received dollars in the dream, it is a sign of increase, but you must pray and fast very well for this to come to pass, without your prayer, fasting and faith it will not manifest. 3 days white fasting use this Psalm 74, 120 hour of prayer 9, 12, 3, 6
  1.  In other words it mean superiority in the spirit if you’re given through envelop.


It is a sign of slothfulness in your venture though things will work out at last.


  1. It is a sign of new chapter in your circular endeavor if opened easily without stress.
  2. If lucked without a key and without opened till you wake up it’s a bad-luck bad omen in endeavours. solution:  three days fasting with aggressive prayers that eliminate enemies and their evil doors against you, psalm 102; 129 and 132. for more prayers click
  3. Seeing chains like the one used for criminal, means character, be perceived to change your behaviour because is necessary.


If your dream fails to fulfill or could not be remembered, this evil spirits work in your life, you pray and cast them out use this Psalm. 124, 123, 125, 126. In water drinking and bathing to cast out spirit of dreadfulness. Your mind had occupy by spirit of dreadfulness, use the prayer at the back.


  1. Dreaming and seeing a dove in your room or around you is an emblem of Holy Spirit, God want you to humble yourself and He wants to live with you peacefully.
  2. If attacked you in your dream is a bad omens check your character towards self and people.


It is a sign of superior enemy the old snake of the world, if seen confronting or attacking or pursue you in your dream, mean the kingdom of satan will war against you very soon or already engage with you in battle, pray for divine assistance from Heaven by 3 days white or dry fasting with Psalm 91 only for this. three times daily in prayer without stop.


If you dream in your dream which mean you have to know the deep and deeper things at T junction you are. Be careful at this time and take note yourself.


  1. Seeing duvet in dirty, tear apart or burnt in your dream on your bed, it’s a bad omen of which the enemy symbol of attack through your sleeping endeavors as they have taking something important in your life. Solution is to pray and fast for two days in order to restore your glory, peace and protection in all endeavours. use Joel 2
  2. Seeing clean in the dream, it’s a sign of peace and rest at this moment in your circumstance. Read Psalm 145


If seeing in your dream walking towards you or reluctantly with you it is a sign of doom correct yourself before God and man, Psalm 38, 39, 43. It is also your present situation pray against, reduction, limitation and backwardness seriously in your life.



It is a sign
of bad omen in your dream, because of bouncing back and repeated the same reflection word or songs. Deeply searching your sin and ask for forgiveness.


  1. If seen an elephant in your dream, the meaning is both
    in negative or li
    positive. If seen this creature attacking you in your dream it’s a bad omen, meaning the power of darkness powerful than you are waging war against you, continue to stand in the power of Holy God of Heaven.
  2. If seen this creature carrying you at the neck is a sign of been higher in the level of divine help no matter your journey may be at that particular time.


If you see someone embalmed in your dream, it is a bad omen, pray against sudden death is knocking at the door of the person very close to you.


If seen someone you know or yourself been enthrone mean you’ve been assigned to be leader and head of particular assignment that will last for long period and this will bring gain and fortune, wait in prayer always to run away from sin.


Seeing yourself receiving an envelope means you will receive a reward of your task for this appreciation reward.


  1. If you see this minister of God in your dream may be on stage preaching, if seeing in your dream ceremony as occasion and people are eating and drinking with high table guest, very soon joyful promotion will occur on your way because of your situation that is bad, you will be celebrated at last.if seeing on your television or talking to you, whatever he or she tells you to do please. do it and you will prosper in your life. He or she represented God on earth.
  2. If Fighting with a man of God in your dream please be careful how you gossip about things of God you can be a victim.


  1. If seen this female sheep in your dream mean God had made you a shepherd or guardian over some people at this particular time place, continue your mission over people secure.
  2. If attacked in your dream be careful how you underestimate people around you take note.


If seeing in such devastating destruction, means a mishap, accident or warning, restorative prayer need to be intensified, fast and pray for 3 days with these Psalms 124, 50, 46, 90, white fasting is recommended if serious on note, if this dream continued plus your fasting to 7 days you will win that time.


Seeing earthworm every were in your dream is a sign of problematic and incoming doom, 3 days with Psalms 59, 145 in water for bathing only be careful how you trust people.


  1. Seem this bird soar higher, the coming news and unexpected promotion in endeavours is expectant.
  2. If seeing this bird fighting you in your dream is sign that the enemy is using your helper to fight you prayer of 3 days for the enemy to scatter because of you if you like with fasting.


  1. Giving any type of food to eat or swallow in dream is a poison
  2. If spiritually strong and it is rejected, it is a good omen.
  3. Eating meat or fish cooked, given by friend or any one you know, the person is your enemy, be careful with him or her. The plan of the enemy will not materialize after all. Use the following Psalm 123, 59, 140 with three days fasting in clean water for drinking and bathing and sprinkling in your rooms.

Constantly eating, sensual, fighting and e. t. c in the dreams

The spirit foundational stuck in their victim by the early meal at the beginning of the feeding in the dream, the food, and sex, fighting and otherwise in the dream is poison to soul of Admaic nature. All the active instruments of destruction belongs to the close enemy of soul in the spirit realms, as these become ashes in the spiritual belly of the victim and firmed foundation against the victim and do more in automatic continuation from the starting point to the end. This will continue to occurrence no matter the spiritual appliances to this implication no way-out except from these steps.

      1. Confession and changes old sins, transgressions and iniquities committed knowingly or unknowingly. All this offences strengthen the continuation of eating, sex, fighting, see dead people, retrogression, suppression, oppressions, afflictions, depressed in the dreams against the freedom and etc., this freedom is a processing and patient as you continue in the Will of God.
      2. If sinned against witch, wizard, your father or your mother and otherwise people, as satanic emissaries, all this can strengthen all the affection protracted mentioned above in your dream. Concerning your parents they maybe in cults or belongs to other society, if not they may cursed you and you’ll be under the strong spell word of satanic emissaries as transgressor.
      3. If truly one deny the truth or your parents deny the truth in solemn way as victim in the case one can have evil dreams in continuation as will affected the life without a solution. These examples can be as sin against true man of God, against the true church of God, and against the work true work of God. One can have bad dream without solution until revelation to this.

The solution is to:-

      1. Confess your sins, transgressions, and iniquities by asking for mercy in any area knowingly and unknowing.
      2. Bind the demons in change of the dream experiences and cast them out by faith.
      3. Recover the losses and opportunities you have lost in these personal experiences.
      4. Disconnect any other root or way you’re denied to operate in the high places of life.
      5. Fortified yourself spirit, soul and body with the Blood of Jesus
      6. Ask from God grace to strengthen you always in deny them again and forever in the dream or physical life.
      7. Truly confess Jesus Christ in any or other place such as before men or without men.
      8. Believe in yourself and in your word as you say it! Don’t let anything tell you you’re not right but believe the word of God and His Name.
      9. Any bad or evil signs or appearance stand against it or destroy it immediately.
      10. Be obedient to the word of God without compromised it
      11. Continue in this and you’re the strong against them gradually
      12. Wait patiently for your victory in this term as you believed after prayer and working out your obedience.


      1. Seeing this in your dream you have offended this parents when they are yet alive, confess your sins, transgressions and iniquities to a man of God. You will be free from curses.
      2. Eating with dead parents or any dead person is a symbol of sudden death or terrible sickness. Seven days prayer and fasting with Psalm 91, 25, 59, 90.


Seeing your self in the midst of elders doing meeting always. You are among evil forces unconsciously the solution will be proved by three days fasting and prayer of night vigil.


      1. If it happens in or dream, means in one way or the other God will use your enemy for you. That is why we should not be on the look out for revenges but allow God always for necessary justice.
      2. Seeing shopping with your enemy and he or she buy you things in the grocery shop you’ll see favor more in this time, be peace full.


This is a symbol of incoming poverty and sorrows. Think on how you spent money, to avert these Psalm. 1, 23, and 48.


      1. if given many or single white egg in dream means mercy and grace, people will show to the person.
      2. If the egg is broken or black in color this is bad omen meaning you may struggle to make it and lead to void in life and future this is bad omen 3 days prayer and fasting with Psalm.13, 12, 24 for recovering of fortune and inheritance right.


      1. Seeing if flowing away gently shows that the baffling problem will find its way out after all.
      2. If in the erosion means an economic problem or a related issue is likely to burst out pray and fast added to win your superior enemy with Psalm 124, 50, 141 use the prayer at the back.


  1. Seeing self participating in examination means among your mate you will not lag behind them.
  2. Seeing self-failed exam and feel sorrowful whatever you’re passing through will bring out joy for you read this Psalm9, 125, 150
  3. If one cannot participate in the examination is a bad omen, mean backwardness, cast the spirit of backwardness out with three days fasting and repent of your ancestor’s sin to God.


If your right eye is having problem in dream means someone closer very close to you may be loved one, husband, wife or children may be in sickness, it can cause you to spend unexpected money. Direct your prayer line to such people fast and pray for 3 days with Psalm 124 and 105.



  1. Excreting faeces in dream in the toilet, mean the enemy will not be allowed to cage you, during this particular time, because what they have poison had been excreted out.
  2. Seeing scrap on the wall is minor failure on your business pursued, seven days fasting with Psalm 1, 124, 29, 50, 23, 120.FARM FROG
  3. Seeing in dream is a bad omen, is a sign of terrible disease or sickness, 3 days prayer and fasting with, psalm, 24, 59, 125



Meeting self on a spot in the forest mean pursuit without direction and result in your success stagnancy, for restoration and recovery pray with white fasting in 3 days call on Jehovah Exodus 13, and 14 His make way in the wilderness of life He will make ways for you too.



      1. If many like those reared and are in good shape, means personal business is in good economic condition, but if they are dying or uncared for symbolized poor state of self-employment
      2. If carrying food around and feeding them with different color of fowls mean you will spend money that will not bring income or gain to you, 3 days prayers and fasting for restoration. Psalm 46, 123



  1. If funeral song is heard in dream is proverbial aid realistic 7 days prayer and fasting should offered to avert such occurrence if the dreams occur again visited man of God for counseling use Psalm 60, 46 and 109.
  2. Seeing self working as farmer mean your effort on your venture will abundantly gives fruitful result, when you are in hardship situation be patient.
  3. Seeing a dry farm is a point of unfruitfulness in what you are doing at that present 3 days fast and pray with this Psalm. 124, 60, 143.


      1. Seeing it in dreams in retrogressive or backwardness in your pursuits unless serious restorative white prayer and fasting for 3 days are offered. Use Psalm 1, 24, 141, 89.
      2. If one relaxes in it, show it manifestation


      1. Is a sure sign of incoming sickness and inward diseases. Call on God to restore you back He’s your Creator. Deuteronomy 28
      2. If you seeing someone you know in the position is symbol of changes positive level with the fellow.


If this appears in dream, means spiritual enemies are at work against an eminent personality in the society. If the tree is felled successfully, prevent prayer need to be offered against their plan 7 days white fasting with Psalm. 124, 50 and 83.


If you dreamt, witches, wizards or other evil forces may use their faces as camouflage to destabilize the family, pray with Psalm 46, 91, 125 every day


If fell down in dream, refers to status and standing that such fellow may suffer relegation in business or in society this is the work of the enemy, prayer of stability need to be offered with the following Psalm. 46, 59, 83 and 3 days fasting. O Lord restore me!


  1. If seeing yourself or somebody cutting your nail means changing and up level in your endeavor business.
  2. If the cutting involves blood mean be careful of how you fear and risk in what will not bring gain or profit in your business but vanity.


  1. If a standing dry tree is seen, means present pursue endeavor infertile is bad omen
  2. Gathering firewood for your cooking at the time of challenges is a sign of doom and continuous poverty.
  3. Seeing it in dream also means the same seven days fasting with this Psalm 124, 25, 140 to hardly rebuke stead backwardness in your life and business, also ask for glorious life you’re destined to fulfilled on earth.


  1. Seeing yourself fighting with wild animals male or female, this dream pointing you into awareness and to be careful in everything you are about to say whenever there’s a quarrel, this animals are human being and they are agent of evil forces in this world, this shows thee power, be prayerful, the Lord will give victory over them, if you’re careful to let the Lord fight for you. Psalm 109,
  2. Seeing yourself fighting your friends in the dream, the enemy is using this as a sign of divisions against you and your friends be careful also create a genuine love to win your enemy. Psalm 109.
  3. Settle fighting in the dream mean replacement in between quarreling people.


  1. Seeing or caught alive, in dream is a sign of good omen in business venture.
  2. Dead fish symbolize doom in business ventur.
  3. Dried fish if buying, you will overcome some closer enemy that’s close friend or relative.
  4. 4.Eating fresh cooked fish or smoked fish is a sign of sickness. 3 days fasting and prayer for spiritual strength and to excrete the poison far above and over your life in drinking water.


  1. Catching fish with it is a sure sign of success in set goal.
  2. Catching fish with hook is also good, depend on what you have caught
  3. Few catches of symbolize minor success in endeavor
  4. Without fish in fish hook or nets is a sign of failure in expectations. For success use Psalm. 124, 141, 48. Use the prayer at the back always.


  1. Seeing it in dream is an evident of failure and worthlessness. 3 days white fasting with Psalm 48, 24, and 124. Use the prayer point at the back for guidance.
  2. If seeing dead in all over places it’s a great sign in your ventures as you move on into drastically blessing because the enemy’s agents are dead.


  1. Seeing yourself flying boldly above mountains, rivers and soon in the dream is a sign of spiritual power and superiority over your enemies.
  2. Inability to lift up yourself symbolize lower in spiritual power three days fasting with Psalm 123, 46, 123 use the prayer point for divine change.


  1. Seeing self-playing dribble and score goals on the field filled with multitude, is a good omen. Continuing prayer you have reach the peak of success.
  2. Seeing yourself hold the ball in your hand is a sign of favour in business achievements. Peace!
  3. Seeing yourself playing with unable to score, means enemies are too powerful on you, pray with fast 3 days white use this Psalms 124, 62, for the lifting up


  1. If you and your father are fighting in the dream is bad dream, mean the curses of your fathers’ house they are at work to stop your progress, pray and fast 3 days white with the Psalm 68, 89, 120
  2. If you see your father and he’s seriously annoyed and complaining in your dream mean you have done something wrong to this your old man or God in the same with the appearing of your father, find out your sin and it shall be well.
  3. If you see your father happy and smiling with you in your dream, mean you will find he’s favour or God in the same mode to you is a good dream and favor. Be happy.


If seeing something in your dream that causes fear is a bad omen in your endeavour pray against incident that will cause the same physically, Read Psalm 124 seven times into water drink and bath.


If seen fig tree with fruits on the tree in your dream, it is a good and prosperity dream that will affect global life


If you are watching film traditionally or foreign film in your dream theater or on the screen by television, mean what you see on the show is a properly what to happen within seven day or a month, be careful how you allow to use your though.


      1. If seen yourself come out of flooding means the problems you are facing now will soon be over relax.
      2. If seen yourself standing or swimming in the midst of flooding is a problematic in your next journey of progress to remove the problems, seven days white fasting with Psalm. 102, 55, hour of prayer 12, 3, 6, 9 complete your seven days signs and wonder will follow you dramatically.


      1. If you are planting flowers in you dream, mean you will work with money, its is a sign of fruitlessness
      2. If you are given a beautiful flower in your dream, mean you will receive embrace that will not profitable or fruitful.


If seen yourself at the fountain of water and you drink from it in your dream, mean the events that will change your local or nation into positive goodness you be at the part of the gain.


If seen this dangerous animal in your dream, mean enemy at their work or to devour your goodness, to prevent yourself use Psalm 91, 121, 125 read this seven times into water sprinkle it into your home and shops.


If you see many fruits in one place in your dream, mean your labour at this time will not be valid, be prayerful and fast for this to manifest faster.


  1. Seeing frog in your room mean a hidden or expose sickness is in your body or even summon on your body. Anoint yourself with anointed oil and cast out the demon by faith and it will obey you. James 5:14-15
  2. Seen this creature killed by you or someone in your dream, it’s a sign of total victory over the enemy’s on the particular area you live as challenges subdue.
  3. If seen in your food, clothes or luggage’s, it’s a signs or symbol of attack on you at this present by witchcraft manipulation against your glory to be poisoning your life and way against self. Ask the Lord for divine assistant and help from Jesus Christ in all your expectations to come true, read Psalm 11 in eleven times into water to bath self for total cleanse.



  1. Seeing a loaded vehicle in the garage portends assurance in endeavor
  2. Vehicles without passengers in dream are a sign of disappointment, pray and fast 3 days with psalm. 24, 124,125.
  3. Seeing large bus parked side-by-side means be careful with your saying among your colleague. For the disappointment not to occur 3 days prayer and fasting to rebuke spirit of disappointment shapely with this psalm 104, 125, 129.



If seeing a garden full of robust garden eggs are sign of success in a pursued endeavor.



Seeing wearing or given in dream is a sign of affliction to off this, pray with fasting 3 days, to remove garment affliction of enemies over you with psalm 124, 109.



  1. Seeing goats in dream is a sign of close enemies, deception and rebellion.
  2. It also represents stubbornness in spiritual realm, change your character, attitude and behaviors towards God and men.
  3. seeing this creature in plenty its a sign of rebellion human generation on earth as being in the dream Matthew 25:31-46


Seeing yourself with this mean success will be complete in your life very soon, pray for fast manifestation. Psalm.104, 109



It is a sign of funeral if one visit the yard constantly pray and fast for 3 days with this psalm 124, 143,125 if occur constantly visit trusted man of God for prayer and deliverance.



  1. Seeing or holding a gun in dream symbolized high spiritual power or superfluity level with Ability
  2. If stolen or something negative happen to the follow this is also sign of poor spiritual power, loan and fast for 3 days for restoration. Read this psalm. 91, 59, 83.
  3. Hearing the sound of gun in dream, symbolize news that is likely to upset the mind, relaxes you will be happy at the end of all time.



  1. If seen yourself playing any games with person you know in your dream this is also a sign for you to know about the fellow be careful how you reveal your matter to people.
  2. If you win at any game you may be playing in your dream is a sign of successful in your labour.
  3. If you lose in any game you may be playing in your dream is a bad sign, if you do not want bad thing to happen get yourself anointed with three days white fast in aggressive prayer and use this Psalm 35, 20 pray for changing of status.


If you are standing or seating in the mist of garden in your dream is a bad omen mean is a place of fruitless, no matter your effort in your endeavor pray for divine progress with psalm 60, 64 that God should put you in the fruitfulness changing of circumstance.


      1. If you see gate open for you in your dream mean there is a way out for your expectation
      2. If the gate is lock behind you in your dream is a bad omen use psalm 24 read it seven times in a day to unlock the gateway of success in your venture fast three day break 7pm or 8pm.


If seen giant man or woman in your dream attacking you, it’s a sign of superior enemy. Pray with fast four days for more power in your life to be effective in the fire of God.


      1. If you are given gold in your dream, is a sign of unstoppable goodness that’s unique, don’t play with prayer be serious in focus.
      2. If someone comes and ask for your gold and you gave him or her in your dream is a very bad omen, meaning no matter how you pray against your enemy without receiving the gold back your effort will be valid until you get your gold back, get yourself anointed with 6 days white fast use this Psalm 23, 24, 25, hour of prayer 12, 3, 6, 9 daily. Pray for restoration and recovery quickly.


  1. If seen Governor Come to you in your dream, meaning a change is coming expect this and be prayerful towards God’s promises.
  2. If seen yourself won the governorship in your dream, mean your future is certainly fortunate, come closer to God in prayer and indeed.
  3. If seeing this positioned person in your dream and he or she attacked you mean you will be rejected at the pointed of appointment of elevation it’s a bad omen which mean you’ll be rejected by your divine helpers. Pray for your recovery and divine assistant in all your endeavors.


If seen this insect in your dream eating your things is a sign of devourer in ventures, pls, pay and be faithful in your tithes and offerings, pray and fast against it three days fasting Psalm 60, 28


If seen yourself at the grave in your dream, mean enemy has been planning death around you, pray and fast for three days to overcome any plan of death around you with Psalm 70, 72


  1. If someone greets you in your dream with respect is sign of transition how you are going to be embrace by people
  2. If you are greeting with handshake in your dream a new friend will appear very soon.
  3. If you are greeted wrongly in your dream be careful fighting is knocking on the door and take it easy in any situation.


If you see grinder machine in your dream working, mean the problem in the same situation will be vanish unknowingly.


      1. If seen in plenty and bags its sign of prosperity
      2. If seen in a cup its sign of problematic, three days fasting Psalm 71


  1. If seen this fowl in your dream is a sign of how you behave among your friends and God.
  2. Guinea Pig
  3. If seeing eating your food and stuff, it’s a bad omen which mean the divert and devourer sent to your ventures or to your treasury. To recover this fast for five days with Ps. 126, 127 and 136 into water to bath yourself at the end of each day of your fasting before you sleep at night. Pray for quick restoration in all endeavors.
  4. If rearing this creature in the dream in your house, it’s a sign of secret sickness or illness that is in your body or yet to show up in your body because this house is your body and the creature is a strange creature in your house. White fasting for three days. Prayer is deliver me oh Lord from any secret or hiding sickness that are yet to show up in my life and future in Jesus Name. use Matthew 10:19-20 repeat this Scriptures word seven times in the morning, afternoon and evening fir the period of your fasting time.
  5. If you trap or killed this creature in your dream, it’s a good signs in your endeavors and great fortune will follow instantly without delay. Praise God if you have this dream.


      1. If you see your gum teeth clean and clear is a symbol of clarity and security over your family
      2. But if your gum teeth are wounded and bleeding it’s a problematic in your family. Pray against family problem that wanted to rise suddenly against your family with three days fasting and Psalm 28, 50, 55.


  1. It is a sign of fruitfulness; the groundnut farm is incoming prosperity.
  2. The dry one in the bottle is a sign of token miracle in your life.
  3. If the dry one is burnt is a bad omens, pray against the power of useless spirit with Psalm 60, 70 three days fasting.


      1. It is a sign of transition if you are playing it in your dream, be careful to serve God
      2. If you see this instrument of music broken in your dream is a sign of doom, enemy are on the way to turn joy to sadness pray in three days fasting use Psalm 21, and 28



  1. If you have a new cut in your dream and you look good is a sign of changing characters
  2. If look ugly is a sign of bad character
  3. If it is cut roughly and scatter in your dream is a sing of enemy hijacking your right and they have given it to someone, get your self anointed with oil use Psalm 35 read it seven times a day with three day fasting you will recover with faith.


If see handcuffed in your dream means enemy had captured you already, it may be in bad characters or attitudes towards unconvinced of other, is a bad omen. Seven days white fasting, Psalm 30 68, 98, pray aggressively to be deliver, call for God’s help to help you.


      1. If you are harvesting any crops or plants is a sign of gain in your daily task, be careful of how you speak about your dream to people you trust, it is a good dream.
      2. If someone you don’t know is harvesting on your farm in your dream, mean enemy are on the way to over throne you over your right, get yourself anointed, three days white fast break it 7pm or 8pm use this Psalm 80, 102, 135, hour of prayer 12, 3, 6, 9 the victory will breakthrough in your ventures


  1. If seen in your dream been wounded is a sign inconvenience in your venture, Seeing it in dream is an evident of failure and worthlessness. 3 days white fasting with Psalm 48, 24, and 124. Use the prayer point at the back for guidance.
  2. If seeing dead in all over places it’s a great sign in your ventures as you move on into drastically blessing because the enemy’s agents are dead.
  3. two days fasting use this Psalm 60, 97 that the Lord should lift you up in your endevours that cause this wound


If you see in your head is a sign of weakness, it’s enemy will, to abolish the enemy’s wishes, get yourself anointed with oil pray heatedly with Psalm 70, 25, 102, 121 in three days fasting


      1. If you are admitted in the hospital in your dream, if you are sick, you will soon get healed and better.
      2. If you are not sick but dreamed you are being admitted to hospital is bad omen means your former sickness is about to come back, get yourself anointed with use Psalm 82, 83 read it seven times daily into water drink and bath with three days fasting


If seen yourself at the hotel enjoying in your dream, means the business you are called to do will not give profit that will satisfy you.


If seen yourself singing hymn with hearted praise, mean God is calling you for praise Him as preacher and singeryou will not regret if do so.



Seeing yourself been carry inconvenience heavy load in the dream meaning your present situation will be inconvenient if not praying about it, two day white fasting with psalm 9 and 92 use fruits and water to break your fasting within the period, use the prayer guide.


Good news is on the way if one heard it in dream.


Seeing yourself shaking hand with hands means an old friend will appear or you will meet new faces of peaceful friends you have never know before that will help.


It’s a sign of inconvenience. No matter how rich dependants will hinder the prosperity. Cautionary be faithful, in your tithes and offerings and use your money for God and people need before enemies over come you, and pray for forgiveness of sins, transgressions and your iniquities of the past life.


      1. Seeing a hill cover
        ing entire road is a sign of unexpected blocked, it could be financial or spiritual, 3days fast and prayer against hindrances.
      2. If the hill is removed or climbed successful, is a sign of achievement or success in pursued endeavour.



  1. Seeing yourself on the horse running or walking means a journeys with confidence fruitfulness.
  2. If falling on the horse is a bad omen prayer in three days for straight and ableness.
  3. If horse attacked you it’s a bad omen be careful how you underestimate people under your leadership or dominions they can be useful in time of your help and need tomorrow.



      1. Seeing honey comb or its liquid given to you or you eat it, symbolizes prosperity in all business and endeavor.
      2. If taken from you in the dream it’s a bad omen, it will be hard for you in life to possess your possession in life. For recovery use Joel 2 in three day fasting and prayer restoration.


      1. Seeing it in dream shows the mind of people intending to confront you on some issues.
      2. Pursuing you, mean enemies could confront you any time from that night. Seeing the horn of cow means you confront them back with is prayer of 3 days with fasting.


  1. If your house is on fire and ruining everything, it is a bad omen, pray quickly for restoration three days white fasting using fruit and water to break daily 6:00 am to 6:00 pm read psalm 102; 103; and 143 into water each for seven times daily and bath with at the end of the fasting, evil will elude your journey in Jesus Name.
  2. If your house is on fire and you have ability to eliminate the fire in the dream or the fire brigade help you to stop the fire in your dream, it is a good omen. For at this period you’ll be at peace and fortified in your living and unstoppable one with perfect stability in the area experience.
  3. If seen someone you knew or stranger cause fire to accelerate in your house and your house got fire and ruined the properties, meaning the territorials spirit with familiar enemies are on their way to cause chaos, prosperities devastating, calamities on family, and destruction through humans emissaries from the spirit world, pray against all these and sudden assignment of foes in your life. Use the prayer guide for assistant.
  4. If seen yourself or anyone you knew in the kitchen, living room, or any of the other rooms as engineer or other professions came to your house to fix otherwise thing in the dream and sudden fire engulf and burnt  the properties or the house, it is a bad omen. It is also replicate of number two meaning. Use the prayer guide for assistant.



  1. It is a sign of peace in your labour if used
  2. If ice block is fallen like rain on you and every where in your dream is a sign of incoming peace and prosperity, be prayerful to see it happen.
  3. If the ice block turning in red colour that is a sign of doom and calamity pilgrim, four days white fasting with, Psalm 18, 24, 35, 91, against slander of heaven and earth you’ll win in Jesus Name.


  1. If seen or given in the dream, it is sign of favour, comfort and relief on your way very soon out of perpetual hopeless.
  2. If melting of fell in the dream, it is a sign of bad omen at this present time so check your thermometer your spiritual respond to all term of service as heir of the kingdom.
  3. Seeing the ice cream bus in accident with fatal destruction on the road, which means expectation will be invalid, so quickly pray for restoration with three days fasting and night prayer, use Joel 2 read it louder in seven times at each night during your prayers time daily. use prayer guide
  4. Seeing queue line up to receive ice-cream, it is assigned miracle with period and season so wait patiently for the promised miracles or promised over mandated expectations.


If you seen yourself worshiping an idol in your dream, mean the enemy are on the way to repeat your former problems, in other way the idol sprit of your parenthood house are demanding your attention to come back for them, if you are in bad condition this is a temptation that we last in even doom of your life, get yourself anointed first use Psalm 150, 140, pray heartedly to God to forgive your generational sin and to break the curse of it with three days fasting, the victory is sure


      1. If seen holding it in your dream is a sign of great power and supremacy mean in your national you be their leader very soon no matter your present situation.
      2. If someone come and takes it from you or break suddenly is a sign of problematic in your nationality, get yourself anointed with oil and fast for seven day to avert your glory back without compromise use Psalm 80, 83


  1. Seeing your instruments spoiled in the dream and you started repairing it, means your work by that time will be fruitful and progress.
  2. Seeing your instruments being anew in your shop, you will receive a new contract or a new person that will connect you in favor, a partner in business traces.
  3. Seeing your instruments spoiled unrepeatable or stolen, it’s a bad omens in your endeavors mean dryness in your work possessions, pray for mediate recovery use Joel 2, Isaiah 62 in three days white fasting and anoint your place of work and your instruments.


Meaning spiritual infirmities and irresolute lacking firmness of character or a strong will to give alms to a destitute life in your endeavor as a person, Pray and fast 3days with psalm 140, 50.

IRON (Clothes Presser)

  1. Seeing yourself using it to press your cloth means within the period you will look good in your cooperate society.
  2. Seen shocked, stolen or burnt your hand, clothes or skins is a bad amen be careful how you handle thing that come to your life or how you come into people issues that doesn’t concerning you.
  3. If hot iron fell down in your room and break by accident in your dream, it’s a bad omen be always prayerful and watch in spirit sense over your household.



A sad event is in the offing fast and pray against sudden calamities 3days in order to event such event. Psalm 56, 80


  1. It could be direct dream to self, hence it should be interpreted to suit situation that surround the person.
  2. If to overseas country serious prayer must follow it up before its manifestation because satan had seen the plan ahead and witness it, he wish to double cross it, prayer and fasting 7days while follow this psalms 104, 59, 43, into clear water bathing and sprinkle around you also.


      1. Seeing a judges in your dream, judge or execution in judgment against you, be careful of people you are fighting, quit and want for God to if fight on your behave.
      2. If seeing the judge smile to you in your dream don’t be afraid heaven will fight for you.


  1. If seen yourself drinking juice any colour it may be meant at junction of receiving your miracle it going to be easy for you to receive it.
  2. If it fell from your hand and split on the ground mean your convenient right it going to be elude, pray against hijacking spirit with three days fasting Psalm 35, 94


  1. If seen yourself in the middle of tropical jungle forest which mean presently you’re in need and you shouldn’t be afraid and help suddenly occur as a way, or someone leads you out, no matter your condition, you will come out of it very soon, because you have come out of ruthlessly, helplessness of life, unconstrained position at the same period. Praise Jesus all the time.
  2. If found yourself in the middle of the tropical jungle forest without way help or way out, assistant, this is the realm of ruthlessly, unconstrained, cruelly, pitilessly, untamed, unrestrained, unruly, anxious, disheveled, inaccurate of life and no man come to your aids, means the enemy has hand over your soul to the spirit of problematic over your life to be inconvenience throughout the journey, pray for deliverance with three days fasting call on the Lord Jesus your maker. Isaiah 49, 50 and Jeremiah 33 stand in personal night vigil to rescue yourself and to place you into your proper position on time.


      1. Failure to pronounce this Name in your dream, when an evil force controls you shows lower situation and spiritual powerless you are. For more power behind the Name of Jesus Christ, 3days fasting and prayer. Luke 21-15
      2. Seeing the Lord Jesus Christ in your dream means divine encounter in your realm of life and spiritual status, you are growing beautifully and you’ll never remain the same again and again. Great dream!



  1. Seeing the tree in the dream-incoming prosperity of money that will come for that cannot be thief in life.
  2. Giving a kola in the dream, mean it’s symbolizes incoming portion of money that will come for that particular time.
  3. Seeing been eaten kola in dream raw or dry is a description of poison, pray inside water with psalm 89, 124, 50 to drink.


      1. If seeing in dream mean direction to successful in life.
      2. If seeing the key brake, stolen, lust or change in your hand, it is a bad luck programming of failure from the enemy, it’s a plan three days prayer and fasting with Psalm 24, 59,109.


      1. If seeing knife in dream cut your hand and blood seeing mean you shouldn’t use your mouth against yourself in any matter you are not concern, be careful how you speak.
      2. If someone use knife against you and you’re mark or cut with blood means warning, be careful how you contribute into strange matter and they can use your word against you. Be careful how you come into peoples issues of two or more around you or people that are far off.


If it happens in your dream means calamity or unexpected mishap will happening, with this unstoppable pray and fast 3 day with psalm 46,124,129.


  1. It is a sign of power and authority in one level, if put into lamp is a sign of power increase during the time.
  2. If dry, put on the ground or into water is a sign of fruitlessness in labour, three days fasting using Psalm 85, 86 pray for recovery in sevenfold.


If seen kettle boiling hot water on the fire mean during this time you most be careful handle matter around you carefully.


  1. If seen yourself with king’s dialogue together in your dream mean a transition is coming into your difficult situation, if you can wait your past and present situation will be a story.
  2. If the king is angry with you in your dream, mean you have offended one of powerful man or woman, remedy is to reconcile and resume the issue people.
  3. If seen you’re crown in a modern way is a fortune of the future be prayerful to be there.


It is a place of transformation, if the meal is prepared and ready you will see a change in your ventures your expectation will manifest


If seen them in your dream is a sign of enemy children, mean some children around your environ are growing for evil, be prayerful to disable their power, and cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus Christ. Psalm 23, 68, 83


If broken and wounded seriously in your dram means your future will be brutal, sickness and wound, pray heartedly to assign your future for recreation and future healing, in other word is your future position that can cause downwardness in your venture get yourself anointed into seven day fasting and use Psalm 77, 60, and 59



It is a sign of humility and peace during this time.


No matter your problem and situation, if this lamp is with light, you will surely come out into city of God on earth. You will be seeing be your helpers.


  1. Seeing ladder in dream symbolizes progressive plan is in the making.
  2. Climbing it means same but closer to manifestation.
  3. If it is successfully climbed means the progress will definitely come to light.


  1. Progress can never surface in present struggle. Ask God to help you 1 chr.4:9-10
  2. If other source of water flows in there is hope in this employment. Utilize the income effectively.
  3. If the water suddenly changes colour, enemies are at work, 3days prayer with the following psalm 50, 70, 125.


  1. High illumination means progress in all rounds.
  2. If it is dull requires prayer for success and recovery.
  3. If suddenly extinguished requires prayer for sudden recovery. 4 days fasting and prayer with psalm 124,50,124 to pray


Sadness related to the issue been laugh with in the dream is on the way, prayer for successful recovery with 3 days prayer and fasting.


Seeing self as cutter in a big field cleaner, sweeping, cleaning curbside and sidewalk in a bigger places or public places, the person in this condition will be governor, Public worker, or in high offices, public renewal, state minister or federal government, par-excellence, globally in the future or sooner.


Seeing this creature in your dream is a symbol of close enemy, be careful of how you are close to people around you during the time you dream about lizard be wise or else fight will occur.


      1. Seeing your roof leaking and water is coming in, means very soon you will park out of that house.
      2. Otherwise the leaking roof may mean under minded by spiritual forces. Intensify prayer for successful recovery with 3 days fasting and prayer.


  1. This dream shows human effort in all endeavors or someone shouldering heavy load in the family responsibility.
  2. If it lifted up successfully, shows success behind it.
  3. If inability to lift it means total failure. Pray and fast for 3 days with psalm.124,61, and 104


If seeing in dream, means heart-felt and unexpected news is on the way. Before its manifestation pray and fast 3 days with the following psalm. 71, 59,105


If seeing in their thousand, in dream, is a sign of loss, remedial prayer 7 days fasting and prayer with psalm 46,1, and 14, if a Christian please rectify if tithe is not paid correct yourself.



Seeing such long lane without exit to other street that lead to endless lane, mean resolution on an issue or endeavor.


  1. If seen your landlord collect his key or return your money back to you in your dram, mean very soon you will leave the house.
  2. If your landlord or landlady come to fight you in your dream and ask you to pack out immediately and you did, that year or month you will pack out of that house, look for another house. Or you’ll be confronted wrongly them in strange allegations, ask for wisdom and let it help you if you’re not ready to come out of the house.
  3. If your landlord or landlady makes a word of harmony, favor and friendly with you in your dream you will see his or her favour always than other tenant.
  4. If you’re a landlord or landlady your tenant do otherwise as mentioned up, the same replication will occur to you just be wise as you’ll eat from the fruits of pleasures.


  1. If carry your cloth to the laundry man in your dream mean cleanness and transition in your venture and your circumstance will take a new look.
  2. If the laundry man watch your cloth roughly in your dream this is also a problematic in your expectation towards your business. Two days fasting use Psalm 16, 18
  3. If the laundry man says your cloth is not with him or stolen is a bad omen mean the plan of enemy is about to be fulfilled get yourself anointed into three days fasting use Psalm 35, Job 18 for divine recovery in your fortune.
  2. If you see wings and garment of lawyer on yourself in your dream mean you will be use in certain level to help some people and to rescue them out of danger.
  3. If seen lawyer advocating for you in the court in your dream no matter your situation God will intervene to help you by man or woman.
  4. If seen lawyer pointing against you in the court mean guilty accusation, enter into court of God by seven days fast and renounce your accuser with Psalm. 35, 54, 63, hour of prayer 12, 3, 6, 9 the victory is sure.


Seeing a leader you knew in this world as world leader, national leader, state leader or local leader, or area leader alive or dead in your parents’ house, or in your in-law house, or in your close relative house or even in your own house, and he or she begins to talk to you or all of you in the house as a way of guiding believe you are pointing out to be a leader in among your loved once so you must change your bad attitude, emulate great character of great leader as to live ad example or as a role model at this particular period. Change your way! Read Malachi 3


      1. Seen the tree of lemon in your dream and full of lemons mean your journey has yield increase that we not hurt you.
      2. If seen single lemon is a bad omen, mean your effort will be paid with token result, pray against spirit of elusive in ventures in three days fasting Psalm74, 102 pray to God for help physical assistant.


      1. If you know and see this animal in your dream chasing or angrily chasing against you in your dream, mean the higher power in cultist person had been offended be your transgression, be careful how you use your mouth to speak against anybody to be more empower than them. Use Psalm 89 seven times repeatedly for a week
      2. If your kill this creature it’s a symbol of divine victory in your endeavors challenges, begins to praise God always even it may not occur physically but praise Him.


If seen this scrap in your skin in your dream mean is a sign of hatred and quarrel, for this not to happen three days white fasting for the spirit of leprosy to leave you immediately effect with Psalm, 38, 129 drinking and bathing for good three days.


If seen yourself receiving a lesson is a sign of improvement in your knowledge and understanding.


      1. If you received a white envelop with white letter mean good news
      2. If your letter is brown letters is a bad news, pray against sudden bad news that will cause you to surfer by using three day fasting, Psalm 59, 64


      1. If in your dream you are given new license, in circular job or business mean elevation in your venture be happy and prayerful.
      2. If your driving license is ceased by police in your dream mean your work will be taken away form you very soon, if you don’t want this seven days fasting and take your right back with authority of Jesus Christ the saviour in every hour of prayer 12, 3, 6, 9


  1. If you see caged lion in your dream mean the enemy had been bound under limit.
  2. If seen this dangerous animal in your dream chasing you is a bad omen the higher secret occultism man is leaving around you, they have move power that you, pray to have dominion over them by three days white fast for Holy Ghost to empower you for sings and wonders, you will overcome them.
  3. If seen a lion with crown on the higher mountain and far away from you, that is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.
  4. If lion or lions chasing your enemy’s that are chasing you I mean people that are attacking you in your dream means God is on your side. Don’t be afraid He appear in His superiority.


      1. It is a sign of female human agent of satan living around your environment, they have power spiritually and physically, don’t despise prayer always and they are dangerous to wound in physical and spiritual,
      2. If they are fighting you in the dream enter into fasting of seven days to regain more power and to have dominion over them on their realm by using Psalm 18, 69, 57


If your lips is wounded sore in your dream mean your husband or wife life is in danger be careful how you use your mind against your spouses. Pray for restoration in your family with three days fasting and Psalm 68, 102, 74


      1. If you lust after man or woman to have sex with them means enemy cage, though enemy had seen something good in you to drill out by using this, get yourself anointed with oil for three days use Psalm 35 only, the spirit of lust may have been injected into your spirit by this dream, look out for deliverance
      2. Be careful how you meditate on sex as practical in your heart ask for forgiveness read Psalm 51, and 62


If you find yourself in this joyful mood in your dream is a bad omen this is what you suppose to do physically, get yourself anointed with olive oil and read Psalm 62, 69 for God to help you and to lift you up surprisingly in your business.



Seen a magician doing magic in your dream mean be careful how you wanted to turn kobo money into million of naira or penny into dollar.


Seeing yourself in the magistrate court in your dream mean you will soon involve in small problems that we belted you by money, problematic dream pray for five days fasting and psalm 17, 82, and 106.


If seen self-drinking cold Malt drink in your dream meaning the bad situation will soon go, even very soon be forgotten, be prayerful to be fulfilled and to be celebrated.


      1. If seen world map in your dream mean God want you to know you are his frontiers, you we travel into very far countries, keep yourself from sin, if sin involve it will not be possible.
      2. if you seen the map of your nation, God is speak to you that new thing will happen or occur that we shake the nation, news good or bad, be prayerful that we not affect you physically.


      1. If seen yourself at the middle of a market buying or selling, mean your fortune is used by source of your familiar gods in your fathers’ household.
      2. If you find yourself in the midst of unknown market is a sign of confusion in your endeavors and in your involvements, pray with three days fast and call upon God of psalm by using psalm 1, 18, 30.


      1. If seeing yourself been mastery over works as controller mean what you suppose to be doing physically is been transfer spiritually.
      2. If someone is mastery over you sent you many work is a bad omen the enemy had not forgives you heartedly, go to man of God to report he or she the Lord will fight for you spiritually and physically.


This is a sign of worthlessness among your mate, get Olive oil and amount yourself for divine elevation and promotion by using Psalm 60 and 64 with three days fasting.


If given in pieces or bundles is a sign of incoming caution, be careful yourself in any matter that involves you


      1. If you are looking at yourself inside the mirror in your dream and seen another person, mean that’s how you’re, it is the work of enemy that elude your physical blessing.
      2. If you seen yourself inside mirror in your dream  looking good and charming mean there going to be a change how people disrespect or dislike you, people will change to help, or in other word your old age in circular.


If biting in your dream and you kill them, a victory over some problems that govern your life presently.


      1. If seeing yourself praying on the mountain with some people mean God want you to come closer to Him be careful how you draw yourself back in the work of God
      2. If you see yourself on the mountain top mean a sign highest level in your spiritual being business always be prayerful, don’t proud


      1. If seen musician singing (The worldly musician) be careful how you follow people speaking the same bad word before it too late for demon to overthrown your spirit.
      2. If seen be careful how you allow hatred or nature hatred in your heart, forgive anybody so that you can be free in all your endeavors.


Seeing mad man in dream, mean be careful of how you think or worry about your present life, give everything to God and read Psalm 16, 87 for transformation


      1. Seeing this farm with robust yield is a sign of prosperity.
      2. Without fruit is a sign of loss in present venture pray with psalm 124, 144, 140, for recovery.


  1. It is a sign of prosperity if ripped.
  2. Unripe attracts patience in desire.
  3. Rotted or decaying mean loss in business venture 2 days fasting and prayer with psalm 24, 124, 50.


  1. If seeing in dream is a sure sign of worthlessness just as faces or excreta on the walls, pray and fast for 3 days with Psalm 124, 39 and 129.
  2. Seeing vomiting, coming out of your body, or in your clothes it’s a sign of deliverance and restoration of yourself from the dead world of the close enemy that are stronger than you be praiseful to Jesus Christ every day.
  3. Seeing in your work, house or in your working instruments shows the secrets of your enemy’s had been lick out, get anointed oil and anoint the place or the object with word of God and read Psalm 90, 91 and 118 loudly one chapter in three times.



  1. Fighting with masquerade in dream means spiritual struggle with familiar enemies.
  2. Ganging up with them symbolizes low spiritual power.
  3.  Masquerade chasing in the dream means closer friend is your enemy’s be careful with those you reveal your heart to, prayer and fasting for successful recovery 3 days hours of prayer 12, 3, 6 and 9 pm.


  1. It is a sign of sudden death expect prayer of restoration to remove this embargo.
  2. If the dressing is incomplete, the victim may not die offer much care, prayer and fasting for 7 days with Psalm 124, 48 and 143.
  3. Seeing marriage preparation for a known person but neither the bride nor the bridegroom is present show clearly that the two will marry themselves.


Shows a serious problem is on the way. 3 days fasting and prayer with Psalm 24, 59, 70 and 143 help yourself here pray the Psalm.


      1. Seeing ringing in your dream and you pick it and receive it and heard the caller receiver clearly, good thing is on your way being expecting.
      2. If receiving but not hear clearly, is a bad omen pray with psalm 44 to not receive confusion messages.


  1. Some portion of money was giving to you in the dream it will come to pass.
  2. Large cash gift in dream is a sign of doom in business
  3.  Experiencing wealth also Symbolize doom and object poverty. Fasting and prayer with psalm.1, 124, and 59
  4. Experiencing object poverty or spending money in dream shows economic condition will improve drastically. Go for counseling.
  5. seeing yourself returning coins or returned coins in exchange for precious good things in the dream meaning your dept or loan dept will be cancel and financial vindication ahead  so have faith as you pray continuously.

Poor and Low Currency

If are receiving such of low and poor currency in the dreams and it replicate in the realm world immediately shows you are already in the destitute levels with finances retrogressions. The way out is to cast out the spirits of financial destitute and financial retrogressions and replace your destiny with financial prosperity and wealthy sufficiency capacity in the real world. In the supernatural your soul, spirit mind will be release from the strange cage of financial destitute and financial retrogressions. Five days in fasting (white fasting) from 6 to 6 daily with night vigil of divine restoration for your finances.  Read psalms 124, 126, 140, 141 and 143 each seven times for seven days in the morning and midnight at 12 am.


      1. ½ or ¼ of moon is a sign of down-ward trend in endeavour
      2. Full moon is a sign of progress and exhalation in endeavor that will     arouse the      attention of all and sundry.


If affected in dream indicates that the affected person is surrounded with problems be it economic or social pray with 3 days fasting and read psalm 1, and 124.


      1. Seeing glow robust in the dream and started harvesting, it’s a good sign in your adventure such as business, home and spiritual life presently, it’s also a joy in your quest in life if not found in moldy place.
      2. Cooked or given to eat in a dream it’s a bad omen for eating this, mean sickness to one of your system in the inner organ or more, this is the work of the witches desires against their victim, so at this time run away from things you love most, place you loved most and choice of food you also love most to be eating both at home or anywhere at this period. If eaten three days white fasting with Isaiah 40, 56, and 65 read into water three times in a day at the period of your fasting day before you break and bathing before sleep at this period for cleansing in inner and the spirit all together.


      1. Seeing it and drumming in your dream is a symbol of progress.
      2. Being the celebrant with drummers in action is a bad sign pray with psalm 124, 23, and 143, in 3 days.



Newly established business or diversion into such is on the way, prayer for stability psalm 9, 124, 125.


      1. If happen when wake up from sleep renounce immediately.
      2. If it’s common pray with psalm 141 and curse to death anything that may involve.


If black nylon bag is given in dream, also this dream is bad, evil forces had hand over sickness which the roof will not be discover, pray and fast for 3 days in water for drinking only psalm 24,18,140.


      1. If by standing people didn’t mock you, men will come to aid.
      2. If mocked in the dream, desire will be fail or any progress pursue will not be fulfilled. 3 days prayer and fasting with Psalm 1, 124,140.


  1. If seen someone born a new baby mean miracle of unusual will happen in the life the fellow and every eye we see it.
  2. If the baby dies is a bad omen, three days fasting, Psalms 91, 1 and 140.


      1. If you bought a new car in your dream is a good dream, you will go out and put your money into worthless business you think, it will help, pray before you do any big things.
      2. If you are given a car key that’s a sure assurance to come wait patiently for it.


If you are reading a newspaper in your dream and you understand it meaning, news is coming to comfort your bad situation.


If you are hearing a strange noise is a bad omen three days fasting to change it into good noise and happiness, Psalms 64 and 70.


One Number: this number stand foe Alpha and Omega of all races, it can never be left behind in and out of all geology of race or living things on earth. Seen number one mean do it yourself, mean answer of your question is present without and assistant from the outsiders or around your side. One you, one of glory, one is your destiny; one is your fulfillment on earth. Appreciate your being on earth. Gen 1: 26-28

Two Number: fruitfulness and companionship in any endeavors with assistance in life, it will be difficult getting to destination in life journey with assistant. This number it’s a sing of speediness and perfection, but the bad effect is rarer. One need same creature to succeed in this world. God created His creation not to live alone in the village world. It’s a sign of great sacrifice, great truth about inner confusion; it’s a sign consideration over pending issues that are complicated. Think twice before taking wrong or right steps.

Three Number: courage figure in any level of limitation or circumstances, this number is an attribute of life in Christendom and fulfillment number to accomplish as destined from God. Gen. 1: 9-13

Four Number: good news programming into the atmosphere in personality or business in divine change for long expected miracles. It’s a distinction number of glory but evil effect of this number is not much or else the enemy targeting to daily afflict their prey.

Five Number: grace unlimited for your discouraged life any discourage goals in any scattered dreams or visions. If given or received this number you’ll be unlimited to the circumstances.

Six Number: arise decisions of long expectation at the point of fulfillment in all endeavors. It’s also number of superiority in any Adamic age on earth.

Seven Number: great fulfillment in any generations and in any geologies of all race of mankind. Its only perfection of the God of Holy Bible, He speaks to His elected true this number. Revelation 1: 12-20 confirmation of all past, present and future expectation on earth.

Eight Number: honor of the king and queen in the earthly kingdom, blessing of the righteous and emblem of association levels of the true word. The number has negative side against His enemies and in a personal

Nine Number: charity of the believers in the hatred and persecuting world, its number of many character, personal attitude and symbol of world power.

Ten Number: abundant of colors and respect from all creations in your life. Admire in possibility and continuation of it. This number shows the glory of your present life and future by God. Revelation 13: 1-2, also symbolic ten strong wicked nations or generations that will rebel in this end time. Daniel 7: 7-8

Eleven Number: it’s a sign and omen of greatness in the upcoming expectation in your endeavors, e focus, be prepare and be persistence to achieve this in faith without compromising the will and mindset of God for your life. Gen. 37: 9-11

Twelve Number: perfection of life and precept of dignity in all the endeavors as a believer. Faith operation is needed in life of the personality. It’s also number for the choose generation, its omnipotence number from the Creator as a way of identity. Revelation 22: 1-5


If a nurse is taking care of you in your dream mean help in your physical or spiritual symptoms, no matter your health


If you seen yourself on the dinning table with different nutritious food in your dream, changes in your daily feeding is on the way believe God no matter your status.




  1. If seeing yourself on the shore of large sea ocean big ships or big nets were delivering different goods on the shore for you mean the goodness of the world will be released unto you if you can wait for it, this dream is a future apart.
  2. If you see a ship sink into an ocean is a bad omen, pray for divine help and divine rescue of some of your families’ souls.


  1. It is a sign and combinations of traitors fighting from different angles. you will overcome no matter the challenges in your life, pray without season day and night. use the prayer guide
  2. If hunted and killed by you or stranger show success with accomplishment on earth.


  1. If you are given a horn or bottle of olive oil in your dream, if you use it or not is a symbol of honour and kingship.
  2. There’s a bottle and horn oil in the Scripture if received on your head or in your hand, in your dream you’ll be exulted above your brethren in life in the realms of rulership, dominionship and destiny life.


      1. If given a gallon of red oil or groundnut oil from 5 Liters upward it’s a sign of good starting and great finishing and readiness of progress in endeavors, benefits of long term labors. Give thanks and thanksgiving for three days day and night.
      2. If fallen and split on the ground is a bad omen enemy’s attack on progress, pray for recovery and restoration now in all your endeavors. Three days fasting and night vigils read Joel 2 in 14 times from 12 midnight and pray for recovery and restoration whatsoever the enemy’s had purposed and targeted against endeavors.


      1. If you see in a large contain bags and plenty mean dramatic transition to change many people faces will happen at the time and yours.
      2. If the onion is stinking is a bad omen three days fasting to change condition of enemy into God with Psalm 120


If seen yourself operating a machine as an expert, meaning unknown work will be successful into your hands.


  1. If seen yourself in local oven making bread is a sign of success in your venture
  2. If the oven collapse without making anything seven days fasting for God to help against your enemy in Psalm.1, 35
  3. If you make a roster in a modern oven successfully or bread is the same meaning of success and divine success.


If you are overweight in your dream and you cannot be able to do many things mean the enemy had tie you down spiritually three days fast with Psalm 80, 140 to loose you totally with immediate effect.


  1. If seen description human predictor in the spirit or a persist person in the channel of monitoring with evil spirit as prey in other to finish his or her appointment, also is a sign of danger and death, three days and Psalm 139, 140 for the will of enemy to be nullified totally.
  2. If attack and killed shows victory, accomplishment over competitors and predatory pricing read psalm 137
  3. if the bird attack and escaped or stead from you in the dream it is a bad omen, three days fasting and strong prayer of quick recovery. See the prayers page Authoritative Prayers and Deliverance Prayers


          1. If you are at the beach shore picking oyster at the shore mean change is coming no matter your bad condition.
          2. If you are eating it in your dream is a bad omen three days fasting to vomit sea poison by using Psalm 70, 102


This is a sure sign of procrastination in all endeavors business will now be on the downward trend, prayer and fasting for total recovery with psalm to pray with 125, 23, and 124,143.


              1. Seeing on the ground and pick in dream this is problematic.
              2. Seeing on the tree and pluck on the tree what you are praying for will be answered very soon. It’s a good dream.


Seeing in dream riches of darkness will be your portion very soon, prayer with psalmist 90 & 85.




  1. Sign of progress and leadership. If it becomes realistic wield it with wisdom and fear of God, read psalm 128 & 150.
  2. If you’re serving in the palace with respect you’ll be call to high service.
  3. If seeing self as a servant or slave in the palace and working as a pauper it’s a bad omen or backwardness in life. Go for counseling.



              1. Picking or selling is all about problematic because one will not be financially balanced just as the effort in picking it all about. Psalm 140, 143, for prayer
              2. Seeing it in plenty in your dream, mean unrespectable incoming blessing on way.


          1. Sharing or selling it in dream is a sign of in contentment and bad omen. For prayer.  124, 123, 140 or check oil letter for solution.
          2. Receiving the gallon full of oil is blessing. This is a finishing work of God in person life. Congratulations!


          1. Seeing it in dream shows how useful and flourishing some one will be in society or among children of God. Every part of this tree is successful this is also good omen. Waiting patiently for God’s will at the end it shall be well.
          2. If uprooted or hewed down means a fall in fame or death, for the recovery prayer 7days fasting with psalm 124, 50, 143.


  1. Seen any of the kind animal in your house, office, or in your room mean you have being possessed with strange spirit that’s contrary to your will on earth.
  2. If fighting you, wounded you in your dream, watch your characters and how you behave among your helpers and family. This can be trace to the work of witchcraft around or watching to destroy you. Three days fasting and psalm 11, 52 and 90 for recovery, use prayer guide line.
  3. If kill with guns, sword or bear hand in your dream this show’s your superlative, superpower, supernatural strength capability over any situation or circumstance that is succumb people of your age or status, I persuade you close more to Jesus Christ.
  4. If these animals come to you as friend in mold of alluring in the dream, mean you must be careful against strange friends around your living or faraway. Allow Holy Spirit to guide you in all endeavors if see this dream.


              1. Seeing yourself inside the party place in dream and suddenly you started fighting some people, means these are the forces holding meeting over you, ready to be overcome, prayer with 3 days fasting, Psalm124, 59, 140.
              2. If seeing yourself inside party and you are given gift and served with different kind of food, it’s a good dream, you will accomplish a long term project and people will support you, have faith in yourself.


              1. If seen yourself as prison or in prison is a bad omen, mean your soul is under some powerful enemy. Pray with psalm 123 and three days fasting for deliverance.
              2. If bailed out by price or authority is a good omen in your endeavors.



              1. If the fruit is good and ripe symbolize result and prosperity in business venture.
              2. Without fruit is a fruitless effort 3days fasting and prayer with psalm 104, 24,125.


Peeping through window, it would not belong to see a friend of old time or colleague


              1. A farm of pepper is a sign of doom. Harvesting, sales, or grinding carry same problematic affliction. 7 days fasting with following Psalm 1, 144, 124.
              2. If seen unripe pepper means reduction in problems.


  1. Seeing your photo picture in a strange place mean the enemies had spoken about you otherwise be careful of how you walk around living.
  2. If seeing tour of brunt means suddenly death or sickness, 3 days fasting with psalm 75, 85, to uphold your future.
  3. If seeing beautifully and shining in the dream means people will love to see you around them.
  4. Seeing self as professional photographer snapping people in your dream, meaning God will use you to shape many bad lives into great and purposeful in their endeavors success. It’s also a sign of great future hope at the present state dimness. Be prayerful committed to serve and put God first in yourself, you’ll be a great star in your generation. Shalom


              1. Its desecration, lack of honor and bad morality, this type of life requires spiritual and character overhauling pray with fasting 3 days and read psalm 132, 125, 143.
              2. Seeing dead is a good sign and victory over evils spirit and their works against you.


              1. Whatever the farm or harvested and ripped, is a sign prosperity.
              2. Unripe means one should exercise patience in desire.


              1. Planting yams
                If your kill this creature it’s a symbol of divine victory in your endeavors challenges, begins to praise God always even it may not occur physically but praise Him.If seeing yourself praying on the mountain with some people mean God want you to come closer to Him be careful how you draw yourself back in the work of Godcut in dream is a sign of starting a profitable business or planting seeds in farm the mean is the same.
              2. Harvesting yam in the dream is a signs of great prosperity and financial income.


  1. If seeing in dream with money in it means that month favour is coming.
  2. If seeing with no money in it, economic backwardness, 3days fasting with psalm 23, 25, 140.


Seeing yourself playing with wild beast in their categories in your room, means you’re possessed in your spirit as high evil forces and you’re in ranks in the spirit, to be delivered, 7 days fasting and prayer of death over the demonic friends.



              1. Seeing this in your dream, mean people will come into your aid in business also sign of income prosperity?
              2. Seen the death once is a sign of problematic in your state level prayer of psalm 16, 94 with two days fasting for stability.


Seeing self being paid money for a payer, means you will spend money on business or your family that will not bring again, prayer and fasting for 3days to overcome spirit of destitute read psalm 14, 24, 59.


It is an appearance of hope that the future will be brighter.


  1. Seeing pursue in the dream, it is a sign of plunders, looters, robbery, raiders, that will attack for their purpose of gaining, so be very careful not involve yourself in wrong friendship that will last to your own destruction. Ask for counseling whenever to take big step that is not really clear
  2. Seeing self-killing all of the predatory being in your dreams, it is victory omens and empowerment over situation or circumstances. Victory, honor will lead the end of your wrong challenges. If your situation is deterioration, decline or diminution be happy as this dream come to you very soon your life will speaks unlimited pleasure and testimonies over your foes.


  1. If attacked in your dream, someone in your associates, groups, neighbors, colleagues and even among your mate is using spiritual evil power over your soul as prey, in other to suppressed, oppressed, afflicted and depressed you because of your merited living and your success for own personal gain. Range cold war against them in the spirit world and pull them down without fear, 1 Sam. 17; 2 Sam. 22; 23, white fasting 6am to 6pm daily use deliverance prayer guide to enhance victory.
  2. if you killed any of the animal symbolic in your dream, it is a sure victory over challengers, confronters and conspirators in all your endeavors.
  3. if seen yourself drama, playing or amorous with this kind of beast in your dream, this revealed danger in the mind of your friends, colleagues or one of the associated group of people you loved, moving with or working with, solution: be very careful how you relate with people around you and how your trusted and rely on them. Vigilant is the key here.


  1. No matter that condition you are, transformation to greater level is coming very soon. Keep on praying and wait patiently. Psalm 40, 27, 18.
  2. shaking or talking with presidents, great significant and future greatness.


  1. A serious problematic if seeing without given birth in the dream.
  2. given birth in the dream without struggle and congrats it’s a great signs ahead be happy if nothing work
  3. A pregnant woman seen blood, is also doom and problematic of enemies, prayer and fasting for 3days with psalm 124, 59, 125.

Partridge Or Quail

  1. If captured by trap or with bear hand in your dream, your expectations on your lose will restore and fix into success to on your way. Prepare your mind for new thing. Isaiah 54 and 55.
  2. If escaped in your trap or loose from your hand as your prey and run away. It’s a problematic and bad omen over your endeavors, businesses. To restore and reverse this immediately engages you in three days fasting and three days vigil. Use psalm 102, 120 and 126 before your start your prayers and after you end your prayers from within the three days period. Check and use the prayers list on the site for guidance.


If seen in your dream talking is a bad omen mean enemy are using unknown power over you, which can automatically turn on him you should be careful how you use your mouth when relating with people.


If seeing pastor you know and the man of God you see is in good character and behaviour, it is going to be well and better for you.


If your pocket is link in your dream mean God had reveal your spirit of deliver has invade your life money driver for you, by deal with this with three days fasting and psalm:18,30,35. The powers that steal your money must die.


If you are harvesting potato in your dream mean prosperity in your Endeavour and venture successfully.


              1. If given pottage in your dream is bad omen, enemy are trying to poison you.
              2.  If eaten it is a problematic in double fold, three day fast read Psalm 60, 91, into water for drinking and bathing seven times in three days.


If seen potter molding pot or any vessel in your dream mean changing is coming into your circular journey.


              1. If you are in your poultry gathering eggs into crates in your dream mean fortune is coming very soon be prayerful for fulfillment.
              2. If you are feeding foul at poultry mean you we spend money on things that will not bring you quick gain, but if it’s your poultry in the dream wait to see your fortune be sure to pray aggressively for fulfillments.



If seen yourself in the prison is a sign of doom and calamity of your journey. Pray for great help and divine bail of God and angels, three days white fasting Psalm 86,129.


If you seen a divine called prophet of God old or young in your dream: he tells you your problems and solution of it, please do as it is given you in your dream. 2 chr. 20:20, Hos.12:10, 13 you must transform in your divine income.


              1. If a pullet was given to you for rearing in your dream if the colour white mean God will but a work into your hand that will lead to reproductive enlargement at that time. If plenty is a sufficient enlargement.
              2. If the entire pullet die in your dream is a sign of doom that will bring downwardness and sorrow into your life, three day dry fasting Psalm. 35, 27, 91, it’s work of enemy pray into water sprinkle.


If you seen yourself on the pulpit preaching it is a call in other hand duty in the church you are going, not to separate from the church, it is not to go and establish your own church.


If you seen a pumping machine pump waters out of well is a symbol of easiness in your success and prosperous in your ventures.


It is a colour of honour in your life and venture glory.


If seen this beautify bird in your dream or seen as living around you mean haughty sprit because all of the display feather are only for it beauty and selfishness, it is a spirit of pride.


It is a sign of death and hell is a bad omen; mean you’ve been involved into high occultism.


Some one you know very well he or she is using evil mind against you, be careful how you rely. On people when they respond to your needs.



              1. If you seen a queen in her beauty garment and crown in your dream transition in circular life and favour in business.
              2. if you are decorated in your dream as a queen for a king, the darkness power has capture you or nominate you as queen of the power of darkness, without looking out for deliverance you we surfer in your present living and future , check out for deliverance.



              1. If someone you don’t know is query with you, physically people we be looking for your trouble.
              2. If you are still querying with someone you have settle with in your dream, mean the fighting matters had not finished in your heart, pray for more forgiveness unto God to help to forgive and forget.


If you hold firm a quiver and arrow in your hand mean the Lord had give you power over the territorial spirit, their knowledge will bow for the power of God in you at the time your dream and future, don’t play with sin be prayerful always.



If participated in dream, is all about struggle if life among colleagues expecting promotion. Read and pray with psalm 124,140


Seeing self with rag on your body, means don’t be afraid, you will be highly esteem among your neighbor always, Read psalm 120, 24, 30


              1. Seeing radio speaking in dream, means news that make heart gladly rejoice is on the way.
              2. If the radio is on able to speak or sing very well it’s a bad omen evil news of confusion on the way to avert this fasting and pray for three days using Joel 2 and 1 Chr.1:9-10 use the prayer here to help yourself and prayer in this site.


  1. If seen this powerless animal in your dream, or you are chasing it as hunter, meaning your hand will be at the neck of your enemy no matter how powerful they are on earth.
  2. If your trap captures this creature is also a victory over the enemy of your street and circumstance.
  3. If the rabbit ran away out of your power is a sign of powerlessness three days fasting Psalm 18, 60,140.


              1. If seen rat in your room is a sign of poverty and enemy at controlling of your life negatively.
              2. If you kill the rat is a victory over poverty and affliction in your ventures during this time.


              1. If the ram fighting you with this horn some one using power of darkness is querying with you pray to break their horn, but if you’re a pastor or shepherd this is also a meaning into right direction as a shepherd of that soul pray for more power to overcome them.
              2. If you face the ram and break the two horns is a sure victory that is you are empower already to face the problems of life.


If seen rapture taking place in your dream and you are left without taking, go and repent of your secret sin, the LORD JESUS CHRIST love you.


If seen this dangerous bird in your dream fighting you or chasing you the witchcraft are showing you to prepare for war and fighting physically, get yourself anointed with olive oil for three days fast and sent and arrow of death in Psalm 35, 102,121, pray with hearted voice of deliverance over your soul that witches are trouble.


If you are a student or secretary, you started dreaming reading books is a elevation of knowledge and understanding.


If seen in your dream working and harvesting crops successfully is a sign of incoming prosperity and future fortunes in your life.


If you seen yourself rearrange scattering instrument or materials, a change we occur to enhance your venture and business.


If seen yourself rebuilding house or machineries in your dream means your work or venture will take a new look and transform to be enjoy.


It is a simple the sign of greater enemy if you are a missionary into Africa or Asia or beyond, empower to be superior over the foreign enemy, see Psalm 35,18,52 finish them and envelop yourself in the security of God Almighty.


  1.          If you are in the farm of rice in your dream and you reap the rice is a good dream, success and prosperity         will fence you through the year.
  2.         If it a bag of rice or many things must change, hunger will soon be a story in   your life.


  1. If you seen yourself been rich in your dream it is a bad omen your riches physically have been transfer into spiritual, you must pray hardly to be rich physically no matter the circumstance.
  2. If you dream and seen someone you know is rich in materials mean direct to the fellow.
  3. If you seen a rich man you know in your dream and he favour you the meaning is he will not do anything for you physically, pray for help from above.



  1. If you are riding horse in your dream, is a sign of help at this present situation.
  2. If it is motorcycles it mean the same, the help is on the way wait and be prayerful for manifestation.
  3. If you happen by accident is a sign of problematic in your present situation, it may be you sin that hijack the miracle, and repent of your sin God see you.


              1. IF your roof is linking in the dream mean some people are against your suggestion and behaviour in that house, be careful
              2. If your roof is links that cause water to full your room you will soon pack out of that house no matter how your finances may be.


              1. If you seen a decay human being in your dream and smelling badly mean the demon of death is at work around you, band the spirit of death through Jesus Name.
              2. If a tree fell and decay in your dream the power of familiar stronghold have been destroyed.


              1. If you are among runner in your dream and you are first to come into finishing line, it is a good and achievements dream mean, whatever you lay your hand on it will flourish at this time, in other word it’s accomplishment of your labour.
              2. If unable to run in the dream it’s a bad omen at this moment the enemy had plan to stop good things that are the door step of success in your life, pray against this by using Psalm 18, 28 and 140 fasting in three days empower yourself with this words in prayer of restoration in the physical life and fulfillment.


              1. Seeing someone rebuking in correcting you in your dream, means if you know the person what ever he or she directed you to do love to do it because, God sent the person to you. Or someone you didn’t not know this mean you must listing to the elders or advice of people or your listing to your friends or your parents.
              2. If rebuking in as cursing you in the dream which mean quarrelling and fighting is on the way be wear of people and avoid people when a argue arise and stay out of troubles.



Seeing ram attacking in the dream is a bad amen, be careful of how you relate with people through your secret, so this can stop quarrel or controversy your careful life can protect you.


  1. If rain is soft landing, it is prosperity on the way.
  2. If it thundering problem is also on its ways to your life. 3 days fasting and prayer in your office and home with psalm 24, 46, and 143.
  3. If rain strongly flood against you in your dream mean a bad situation is coming, be prepared for worst situation but don’t be afraid it would be too strong against you and it would be story in the future if you stand by Jesus Christ faithfully.


Seeing this sign in your dream is a good sign from God to you, even if your sin is removed God’s blessing will have mercy on you and His covenant will come to pass in your life but change from hidden sin.


Seeing this creative in your shop or office, means doom of business will overcome the shop or office, 2 days white fasting and prayer on night, destruction spirit will be powerless over your life.


Seeing it in dream is a warning sign on how you use your tongue. It only requires cautionary measures.


  1. If it so happened in dream it has to do with your business or branches
  2. If the bicycle is moving smoothly the business is in good shape.
  3. If one of the types is punctured means there is a problem in the business, three days prayers for recovery Psalm 24, 7, and 141.


  1. Swimming in water is problematic
  2. Ability to swim in a clear water come out of the water successfully and you drink from the water means in present struggle you will achieve Excellency.
  3. If dreamed bathing in river with soap and sponge on a spot well above water level shows spiritual cleansing and improvement in present endeavour.
  4. Inability to swim out or rescued need 3 days fasting and prayer with the following Psalms 23, 124, and 140, its means stagnation in venture.


  1. You dreamt that you were robbed inside your room the robbers start parking out through door and windows mean God is about to rearrange your life through some situation.
  2. Seeing yourself robbing people along the street or robbing people properties in the dream. check ypur life and your corrupted heart in term of covetousness, repentance is the solution.


Seeing yourself in your own room with strange animals, which mean you have a strange spirit in your body that meaning the representative of darkness enemies 3 days fasting and prayer with Psalm 24, and 141 for deliverance.


If you’re in a pit but seeing drawn rope from above and you came out through the rope it’s a sign of escaping present, and future trap, good omens mean very soon helpers will come from high places for your assistance but be faithful to God at the end.


  1. On The rock or climbing it in spiritual realm is a sign of progress on all fronts.
  2. Below the rock means downward trend in endeavour.
  3. If it blocks your way, it requires 3 day fasting and prayer for necessary     recovery Psalm. 32 25, and 140


If it’s so happen to seeing this animal in your dream, means a strange human being whom to be the animal living around your area careful.



              1. If this cloth is on you in your dream without some one dead is a bad omen pray against sudden death over you or your family.
              2. If seen on someone you know is the same meaning, seven day fasting with Psalm 91, 140, and with this evil may not happen.


It is a sign of disappointment if seen in your dream, It is way of familiar enemy to stop incoming success, seven day white fasting Psalm 35,54, and 57 to return spiritual calamity to the owner instantly.


  1. If you receive through cheque it we delay for sometime.
  2. If you received through an envelop, it will come to pass.
  3. If you received a cash of money it may not happen or given half from it.


  1. If using saw to cut wood successfully is a sign of easiness and accomplishment      towards your venture.
  2. If the cutting is hard and difficult is a sign of your poor present situation.


If seeing in dream playing with good sound means don’t go anywhere far when you are enjoying yourself, this can be concerning the pleasure of life be careful how you go out with people.


If scar is on your skin in the your dreams mean enemy had emblem or embargo and blockages in your chances, get yourself anointed with olive oil seven days fasting, get five liters of water read this Psalms. 1, 18, 35,129, and140 into the water for seven days in your fasting hour of prayer 12,3,6,and 9 miracle will follow.


  1.   It is a sign of rulers’ hip if given in your dream.
  2. If broken is a bad sign, it may not recover if nothing do about it seven day white fasting with Psalm. 24, 59, and 60 for recovering in your birthright or your due right.


If you are a student working in a lab in your dream God Almighty had show you your ways out in life , any challenges most be tackle face your studies or what your are learning.


  1. If you use this instrument successfully is a sign of accomplishments.
  2. If this instruments broken suddenly in your dream mean is a sing of enemy at work get your instruments anointed with oil, three days fasting Read Psalm 59, and 140 into your instrument for three days period of fasting.


  1. If seen a sculptor modeling or casting your images in your dream, people will know you, but you would be famous.
  2. If the images are not you people we know you but not for good things in other word know you as bad fellow.
  3. If seeing people you knew are sculpting molding or casting with woods or irons as their images, means those people saw will be in the history of earth or of your local area, it is a sign of what to come in the future.
  4. If seeing your images casting molding, sculpturing with one of these wood, or clay, or other objects or iron or mental meaning your life history will be meaningful as you change the history in your time on earth. Keep the flag flaying!
  5. If seen sculptured of iron, clay or wood or other object of anybody, or yourself broken destroy by nature or human or any creature at your presence or without your presence, all these are bad omens that mean the enemies had setup to erase your effort and your benefits useless in your own time history, read Ezra 5, 6 and 7 at midnight from 12am for three days and ask God to restore all reward and your benefits in the spiritual realm
  6. If your images that sculptor is casting or drawing is broken is a bad omen calamity unexpectedly may happen if not praying, prayer and fasting seven days with Psalm. 90, 91, and 140 into water for seven days and bath only.


  1. If dwarf in status making security always around you whenever danger occur in your dream mean you have been possess by some demon monitoring you.
  2. If seen yourself as a security is a bad omen also, it difference from been a nurse or cave man.
  3. If you are called out of the seminary classroom to join the circular work is a bad omen, mean backwardness in success, seven days white fasting with aggressive prayer of theology Psalm 35, and 140 for the familiar spirit to die


  1. If seen self in the seminary school, is a sign of higher level of theology in God’s work.
  2. If you are with graduation garment and scroll, is a sign of accomplishment and success.
  3. If you are called out of the seminary classroom to join the circular work is a bad omen, meaning backwardness in success, seven days white fasting with aggressive prayer of theology, Psalm 35, and 140 for the failure spirit to die in your life.


  1. If seeing self-doing this in your dream and you are clear clean as a man, how transformation in many wrong in the area of characters and attitude.
  2. If cutting self during shaving one need to be very careful in many ways or warning serious and danger into wrong observation towards behaviors or attitude God is not happy about your life towards yourself or others.
  3. If shaving your head in the dream is a transition in your endeavours.
  4. If you are shaved with half hair on your head is a bad omen enemy of shame must die with Psalm 35, 140 with three days fasting.


It is a sign of healing in any situation or circumstances of life and endeavors


  1. If seen a clean and clear white sheep is a sign of incoming fortunate man or woman
  2. If white black or other colour seen in your dream, the mean is, it may have good    behaviors but the bad attitude will still be there.
  3. If white sheep in many coming to you in the dream is a sign of a Shepard, yours are called to care and to nourish some people under your care and rules, be careful not to scatter them.


  1. If you have a shield with sword and other amour is a sign of victory and readiness for victory in battle.
  2. If your shield is crack of broken is a bad omen, three days with fasting use psalm 18, 34, and 64, for effective recovering in many damages many damages.


If in your dream you are looking shinning all-over, is a sign of glamour in your endeavor.


  1. If you enter a ship bus in your dream meaning is traveling journey is on the way for you.
  2. If the ship sink and you are there with help or rescue out of the ship dream, the solution is to risk travel to any places during the time your dream occurred.
  3. If you the ship landed at the shores successful is a good dream, you will travel in to accomplished your vision.


  1. If you are in shortcut road in your dream the meaning is you will not suffer in your expectation.
  2. If the short cut is scatter ahead you without way out or knows the right way out is a bad omen three days fasting with Psalm 35, 64, and 68 things will be difficult this time without way out pray against the dream.


  1. If you use this instrument in your dream to move any things like coal, sand or dirty things means you we receive assistant into assistant into you heavy load to be lifted successfully.
  2. If the shovel broken in your dream is a bad amen three days fasting use psalm.44, 54, and 60 in three days you will recover totally


  1. It is a sign of evil spirit and familiar power, if worship in the from of the shrine means you are been caged in the spirit soul to worship idol, seven days is not enough, but try it, call on God of Psalm to deliver you effective in Psalm. 35, 51, and 57 in seven days hourly prayer 12, 3, 6, and 9.
  2. If the shine is on fire you are free and delivered from been their worshiper


If seen this cloth taking from the dead corps, and cover you is a sing of incoming death. Get yourself anointed with oil in three days fasting with Psalm 57 seven times into water for bath for three days.


If you climb this hill successfully is good dream, things must change for better, if difficult to climb up is a bad sign of dream. Three days fasting without stop Psalm. 24, 121, and 140 for help from above in time of needs.


If you cannot be able to do effective such as running or flying of any otherwise properly in your dream is a bad omen get anointed with olive oil in three days white fasting with Psalm. 35, 91, and 140, to recover losses in ventures.


If seen yourself smoking in the dream mean if you are not careful, the bad character and attitude you have left behind we return again, be careful, how you live your life.


  1. Seen help in catastrophe in your dream show God will protect you no matter whatever your challenges maybe in present lives and future. praise God always and thank Him for His faithfulness in your lives.


  1. If you are given soup to eat is a bad omen affliction and sufferings of life. Three days fasting use Psalm. 18, 35, 45, and 140 pray for automatic help from God to assist you be free from cage of affliction.
  2. If you reject the soup is a sign of overcoming in your ventures and career.



  1. If seen in the dream is a sign of enemy at work mean they are targeting your goal and success to be valid
  2. If the insert uses cobwebs against you, victory must be recovered in this dream without this three days white fasting Psalm.35, 70, and 68 for bath only in three days.


  1. If stranger call your name and you answer, fighting or quarrelling is approaching.
  2. If stronger knock your door and open for him is a sign of problematic in your life, get anointed three days fasting and read Psalm 35, 68, 140 into water in three days drinking and bathing only.


If you succeed in any difficulty in the dream is also sign of accomplishment in your endeavours, be prayerful.


If suffering in the dream is a bad omen seven days or three days fasting it depend on how it look like to you. Psalm 1, 3, 9, 18, 24, and 35


If you are operated in the theater room of operation successfully in your symptoms means whatever sickness or disease you will recover perfectly.


If you are eating sweet in your dream is not good to you, mean bitterness or sickness we occur without your knowledge.


  1. If you are sweeping your room or office, cleaning in the dream mean transformation will take place with your notice if you continue closer to God and His word.
  2. If you sweep the ground without being clean means the problem is still there, pray in three days fasting with Psalm 68, 102 into water sprinkle the water into your rooms, shops or office.


  1. Seen in the dream melt into water or people walk on it. This is bad omens; mean the power to be prosperous had been eluded.
  2. In dream is an emblem of prosperity and pleasure.


  1. To a man or woman means downward trend in business venture.
  2. It causes failure in obtaining fruit of the womb for a woman.
  3. Evil forces can use this cage for anybody that’s victim to them. Work on your thought and train your thought in the Holy Ghost, 3 days prayer    and fasting to recovery psalm 24,124,140
  4. Evil forces can use this cage for anybody that’s victim to them. Work on your thought and train your thought in the Holy Ghost, 3 days prayer   and fasting to recovery psalm 24,124,140


Seeing yourself or somebody in this condition is a sign of incoming prosperity.


  1. Seeing this poisonous creature without bite mean you should be careful with dangerous people you think as friends.
  2. If bite with poisonous sting its bad omen enemy is controlling situation prayer of psalm 16, 94 this can result to sickness or death if not praying.


  1. Seeing yourself back in Primary school is a sign of backwardness in business, trade. This also is a bad omen.
  2. Seeing yourself with school uniform and you escape through a fence run out of the compound, for this time enemies will not have power to overcome you,
  3. Dream been back to school without stress in dream is a sign of a new trade, new business, branches and learning its associated innovations


  1. New shoes symbolize new employment or progress that matches your status.
  2. An old shoe symbolizes downward trend or retrogression.
  3. Black shoe on both legs shows bad a companion or evil thoughts get rid of your evil thought when it comes.
  4. A new shoe on left leg shows something done that ought not to be done.
  5. Removing worm out shoes show striking decision to boycott bad friends or progressive steps.
  6. if a married woman is without shoes in the dream means bad omen in her relationship, watch and pray for restoration before it happen.
  7. if a man is without shoes in the dream means difficulties in his social and general life. pray for stability and fulfillment on earth.


Seeing unknown person in your shop and selling in your shop, means evil forces are about to manipulate or disseminate your business, 3 day fasting with prayer of Psalm. 24, 140, 124, 72


Seeing this instrument is a sign of Harvest in multiple in your business venture in the same year.


  1. You know you are a sickler or infirmity is in your body and dream bathing with soap and sponge at stream, means the infirmity us about adieu in your life.
  2. If your loved once sick and dreamed to get remedy failed if you’re not careful the person will die soon. Ask God heartedly for directions and mercy.


  1. Transfer may take place very soon, to a journey place of rest in your business.
  2. If not seeing is a bad omens and confusion ahead in your endeavors, use exodus 13 and called on the God of Israel for divine intervention to make away.


  1. Sure sign of slow progress or procrastination in all endeavours if it is small or little.
  2. If suddenly seeing a big matured snail in your dream is a sign, to you and you pick it, someone you know will not give something special to you may be money or treasure be eagerly prayerful with the Psalm. 37, 122, is a sign of enemies
  3. Turnover on business or trade is an ado omen 3 days fasting to break barriers and to recover with Psalm. 24, 141, 143,
  4. if seen or picked empty shell of a snail, meaning disappointment deferment in all expectations  and income, pray and bind these spirit withing three days fasting with night vigil. use prayer guide.


Speaking with unknown tongue in the dream is a sign of power in your spirit man and if you can keep praying the way you are praying you will see yourself more in exploit than that. Read. 1Cor.14:2-4 during this time God is passing messages unto you be watchful.


                  1. Seeing yourself treated as slave or servant in dream mean you have offended some who use to be witches, wizard or familiar spirit company, meditate on this to confess your sin before the Lord with prayer and fasting 3 days Psalm.1, 90, 143
                  2. Seeing self-escape from the yard or prison compound which mean at this moment the enemies are working in vain over you and your life generally. Relax you’ll win


                  1. Seeing this dangerous reptile in dream is a sign of close enemies, or somebody is dissembler against you.
                  2. If bitten by snake, care must be taken in order not to be implicated on issue that doesn’t really concern you. Pray with Psalm. 91, 59, 140


Seeing yourself stand behind watching stage play live means people will love to see you at last of your day if continue in what you are doing a professional.


This insect lives in homes. If seeing in dream symbolizes closeness to seeming friends. If bitten, implication could not be ruled out pray against household hatred with 2 days fasting and Psalm to read, 124, 50, and 143.


Experiencing storm in dream symbolizes downward trend or retrogression in business venture or surrounding situation pray and fast 2 days with Psalm. 24, 18, 69


  1. If seeing in their full glamour and alarming beauty, portrays the glory of God as seen by everybody, so shall your progress be seen by all and sundry, it reveals
  2. If seeing a star fall in your dream, mean someone who is known all around will die during the time, or a great one among people will die, the announcement will be national or world wide news to people, it’s a bad omen.


                  1. If seeing stranger or strangers in your own house or compound challenging or interrogating you against your dominionship which mean the evil spirits had started a strange work in your life quietly, lunch a definite attack on strange spirit and the ground using against you. Read Psalm 18 within into water thrice in day in two to three days prayer in this word. Sprinkle it all over your house and compound.
                  2. If your started chasing them out, beating them or drag them outside which mean you’ll regain your glory and places in status endeavors, things will come back in real life as freedom in your success. Praise God for this as timing.


                  1. If seen in bundle or ingrains, is a symbol of progress and prosperity.
                  2. If seeing fire burning the farm it’s a bad omen, mean the works of enemy is about to accomplish pray with Psalm 16, 94 to withstand any battle created to devour your business with two day fasting


It’s a sign of retrogression in the journey of life such is the signed of stagnancy too in all endeavors. Use 24 hours fasting bind demon or household spirit of retrogression and recover your status and glory instantly. Isaiah 49:24-26


If seeing snow falling on you softly in the dream, it’s a sign of sure prosperity coming into your life very soon. Be faithfully to God or your next journey is going to be peaceful.


If seen your past deceased parents died again in your dream and you are crying bitterly without consolation, meaning sudden death approaching and familiar sudden death spiritually in the family. bind and nullify the sudden death by scriptures in other to  restore ground the lost ground in twenty four hour fasting and aggressive prayer. use the prayer guide.


It is a clear symbol of double-dealing among friends or couples with carefulness, they  will fall into your hand and it could be vice verse.


  1. It shows the glory of God as seen by all, so shall you be.
  2. if dark or change red in the dream means bad omens at that period to avert this three day white fasting use Joel 2 for divine restorations.

Squeaky voice

When you hear squeaky voice in the dream in your home or office or working place is a sign of wretchedness and retrogression. The enemies had sink inn into your carrier and they have stared evil task and destruction. Solution, get into three days fasting and three days vigil, break your fasting with fruits 6 to 6 daily, read Isaiah 49 three times daily and Psalm 118 three times daily loudly before you prayer and after your prayer within the three days, your prayer is oh Lord Jesus help to restore what the enemies had stolen from me and forgive my sins that give them ways into my lives.


                  1. Seen in the dream, holding is a symbol of victory and superior in the spiritual realm.
                  2. If taken from you it’s a bad omen enemy had superior power over you for recovery take three day fasting, night vigil in prayer for quick restoration and recovery. Haggai 2



                  1. If seen yourself as a man sewing cloth successfully, a new thing will occur and accomplishment in your business.
                  2. If you are unable to sew it or understand three days fasting with Psalm 1, 18 140 for divine help from above.


                  1. If board a taxi in your dream and drop safety in your destination mean soon or latter you will be accomplished in your personal assignment in a near state, or near country of otherwise place that’s not your present place, this assignment will be accomplished in the first stages and second stages of life.
                  2. If drop at hold-up in the taxi which mean enemy at rampage against you in eluding your progress in personality.


If you are drinking tea in your dream is a sign of problematic tea is good for your physical body and physical health, it is a problems that cannot help you out, three days fasting Psalm 46, 91, 124 into olive oil in three days and drink.


  1. If seen your teacher in your dream teaching you mean you must listen to the lesson and the advice of someone talking to you who had been successfully make it in life, mean you will prosper in life than any of your mate now and in the future.
  2. If teacher beaten you is a warning signed of seriousness and keeping attention to your personal life at this moment so that you’ll not miss lesson at this hour and present time.
  3. If seeing self as a teacher and students ahead of you watching and listen to you as you teaches mean you are destined to a place of instructor in your time.


                  1. If you received a call from your phone and you can understand what you hear, exactly the message you receive will soon happen physically.
                  2. If the telephone is destroy or spoiled in your dream it’s a bad omen concerning your personal situation or expectations shouldn’t be elude pray from quick recovery and night vigil in three days rapidly.


                  1. The inner secret will be reveal to you very soon
                  2. If you receive it as a gift mean this same, know If you use this instrument in your dream to move any things like coal, sand or dirty things means you we receive assistant into into you heavy load to be lifted successfully.

Termite Insects
Black or white termites are the signs of dooms, this are signs of the power that rules the realms in domination to resist their prey in any levels of form or circumstance. solution is to immediately call Holy Ghost Fire for one hour and Blood of Jesus Christ for half hour as to pollute their works and governing realm against your progress and gain your dominionship as destiny. you will win.


If you are in cinema theater watching film mean God want you to learn from what you are passing through or learn from what’s around you


If your throat is paining you in the dream there is problematic to confront as you move ahead, pray into water with three days fasting and Psalm. 18, 20, 24 into olive oil during the fasting anoint yourself without number.


If thundering and earthquake every where is a sign of incoming problems in the area or personal endeavour or present situation be focus.


                  1. If you received a traveling ticket in your dream surely the trip will be successful at that moment
                  2. If the ticket is tearing apart is a bad omen three days white fasting with Psalm 23, 28, 91 for great recovery into divine will


                  1. If wounded and painful in your dream mean is a sign of unbearable condition ahead of you, pray in three day fasting Psalm. 18, 19, 91
                  2. If cut and bleeding is a bad omen three day white fast and Psalm 1, 18, 35, 48, 68, 140 into water for three days period drink and bath finish


                  1. It is a sign of problematic and slow progress in business and lives generally or spirit of procrastination and witchcraft is seen in your house 2 day prayer
                  2. If you seen tortoise die in your dream is a sign of your long life or overcoming the spirit of procrastination and minor witchcraft in you environment.


                  1. It is a sign of no progress, if traffic without move, three day white and Psalm. 38, 41, 54, hour of prayer 12, 3, 6, 9 daily
                  2. If it is traffic light, if seen in it colour the means be as you seen it Red is for stop, yellow is to wait or read, green is go, no matter step you are trying to take the traffic light is your symbol and divine direction.


                  1. If seen your self enter train as transport successful in your dream, a common help will reach you very soon, be happy.
                  2. If the train had an accident three days white fasting, pray for help for God to support your storage life with Psalm. 86, 87, 89


                  1. If you seen a dangerous trap of animals on your way in the dream, be careful and pray to God that enemy will not capture you.
                  2. If trapped in the dream get yourself anointed with olive oil in three days fasting Psalm 91, 121, 140, for God intervention on your behalf.


                  1. If you see a good looking treasure in your dream, and you did not touch it mean you will have materials in what you see as your work or doing
                  2. If you see treasure in your dream and you are now happy is a bad dream it is a trick of enemy.


  1. If you seeing a living green big tree with fruitful fruits on it and started to pluck it, it is a good dream, your life will take a new shape of success and prosperity
  2. If without fruit is a bad omen, it is worthless and doom of business.
  3. If the tree is cut down with fruits, the calamity in your venture and life will be nullified in this time.
  4. If seeing a fruitless tree cut down in your dream it’s a good signs to you and bad signs and doom to your foes, don’t be afraid your enemies will fail and fall which mean strange powers or person in your life will die.


                  1. If your trouser cut hole is a sing of disappointment in expectation.
                  2. If it is dirty are sign of incompleteness in your venture and life generally getting olive oil read Psalm. 1, 18, 14, 20, 24, 89, 121 into it anoint yourself at the last day of your three days fasting.


                  1. If seen yourself using this bricklayer instrument successfully in your dream is a symbol of accomplishment in your endeavour
                  2. If broken in your dream is a sign of doom in situation and present condition three days fasting use Psalm. 60, 41, 59, 71 in your prayer situation will change positively.


If you seen sea turtles in your, water tortoise at the sea shore is a sing of problematic on earth round over the phenomenon.


                  1. If rearing this bird in your dream it’s a sign of glorious income in your ventures.
                  2. If seeing dies in your compound or in your poultry is a bad omen to your ventures take five days fasting against the spirit of backwardness and destructions days and nights within your fasting period use Joel 2, Jer. 33, if this dream repeat itself mail or check for counseling.


Seeing yourself talking with deceased person, this dream mean evil forces are determine to use the fellow for manipulation of primary task to fulfill their needs, so be careful when this dream occurs.



  1. Removal of all teeth in dream is a warning of sudden death or serious sickness; 7 days fasting with prayer use this Psalm. 141, 50, and 85 in water, observing period of prayer 9:00 am, 12noon 3 and 6pm by reading this Psalm three times in clean water for bathing and drinking.
  2. If the front teeth remove pray against death over your first born seriously with Psalm 140, and 50 three days fasting.3. See your teeth come out anew in the old teeth and the gum allow the new teeth to come out easily without stress. Which mean your work or one of your children or your spiritual gift is rebranding, restricting, rebirthing, re-strengthen, re-energizing into unique function to bring greater adventures, greater achievements on your present lacking. So keep your prayer life confidence and believe you’ll get to Canaan land of your dreams. Bread Isaiah 47, 57 and 664. In another word the enemies can’t resist or capture your life destiny at this time because the new teeth symbolic nobility, capacity in the same realm of greater achievers spirit. Don’t be afraid to see this as you about to be transforming in any level of your professions and logistic pilgrim. Read Isaiah 49, 54, and 65
  3. if seen someone you knew or stranger habitual his or her teeth on your hand or on your leg in the dream, meaning warning, call of attention and awareness to never trust, nor rely or believe the person you saw or any strangers at the moment. pray against sudden false friends and family, be careful that is the sign and warning no prayer.
  4. if someone you knew or stranger using his or her teeth to tears your skin in the dream, bad omen and pray against sudden evil for your household and family. use prayer guide.


If seeing termite, is a clear evidence of loss in all areas of endeavour. Pray for recovery.


  1. Seeing having touch light in darkness, this also is good omen; no matter your condition you will be joyful at the end time.
  2. Seeing again and again means some secret will be revealed into your hand very soon, watch out always in your endeavour.


  1. Walking bare foot on the thorny field without hurting, mean victory over present challenges.
  2. If seen yourself walking on thorny with boots on your feet means the same as victorious over enemy’s trap and weapons against you.
  3. if walking without shoes, boots, and bare foots on thorny plants or materials with bad experiencing wound, bloody, sharp pain, body legs bone pain, as you walk on it and even without solution in the dream before wake-up. Mean dooms calamity against present situation as are problematic, causing disagreement, confrontation ahead of you. You can’t win the challenges without seven days fasting and aggressive prayers in a closet place. Use John 2; 2 Thes. 1; Rev. 12; Jer. 30, 31, 32 and 33 read all into water once in each day into water to bathing before sleep within the seven days. Ask God to fight with and for you, He will help you as you faithfully call on Him. Check the prayer guardians to follow as your prayer guide line daily. faith will help you here.


Thunder indicates mishap or sad news, 3 days white prayer and fasting with Psalm. 24, 40, and 140, if the dream doesn’t change positively change your fasting to seven days with Psalm.142. God can never do to His John 3:16-17


Seeing wearing in dream is a sign of evil in your body, likely hatred spirit is the meaning. 3 days fasting and prayer in water with Psalm.140, and 50 baths only


Seeing the terrible animal in dream shows some of the high ranking of satan is closer to you be careful of your mouth and keep your secret to God only Read this Psalm. 24,124


Timber is a clear symbol of infertility in business venture, though other may call it money because is a fruitless tree so it not useful as similitude of God in this way. 2 days fasting Psalm 34, 24, 59.


It is a short dream in any time to give divine message as passed through.


Beware of people that are interested in your secret plans. It only cautionary measures even in order area too.


                  1. Seeing yourself traveling in the dream successfully without delay, if you are being eagerly to travel and having a long delay to travel, mean this will come to pass in it time to be fulfill according as you have seen it.
                  2. Seeing yourself been delay or arrest at airport with international police or immigrations officer this is a bad omens, seven days white fasting with Psalm 109 get a water for the seven day pray into the water, your enemies will be ashamed totally.



              1. Seeing twins or carrying twins in the dream is a signs of double decision on your expectation, pray with 2 days fasting to elude delay, disappointments, or failure in your present expectations. Pray and use 2 days fasting with psalm 24, 121 and 141 into water to bathing before sleeping during the two days fasting.
              2. Seeing them dead in the dream and parking for burial. It’s a signs of great incoming in that season week, in that month, and in that year on all endeavors, because reassembled had been broken that imitate or chameleon your blessing income. You’ll have all cause to rejoice soon.


  1. Seeing and hearing the sound in dream means warning for dangerous catastrophe to come, pray and fast 2 days with Psalm 25, 59, 122.
  2. If seen playing with instruments expect good news very soon on your prayer and endeavour.



Seeing somebody called you unknown name in your dream, means be careful of cruel at the particular time, be patience always this is the answer to your dream, be patience without season. Psalm 23, and 140.


  1. It is a clear symbol of physical and spiritual security. Do not relent in your spiritual effort.
  2. If driven away by the winds of rain, prayer and fasting to be more than conqueror with Psalm 91


If the two front upper teeth are shaking, they refer spiritually to our parents if the two, if one of it removed in dream, one many suffer the loss of one of them, offer pray if in case with 3 days with fasting and Psalm to lead in prayer 124, 141, and 140


  1. If you are going through some serious sickness in your body and dreamed you’re urinating, the sickness will leave your body very soon you’re already healed of the bad symptoms.
  2.  If you are in the midst of large problems or challenges of life and dreamed you’re urinating , this show the beginning ending of the problems or the challenges fear not
  3. If you are unable to urinate or drink urine in your dreams, believe you are now in a sudden problem that will cause pain or weakness in your body of sickness is already in your body. Read Isaiah 49 in 49 times for each days on daily separations for 49 times of the scripture, drink some of the water and mix the rest of the water into another water to bath yourself every night before sleeping in within the three days, the problems or the challenges will disappear in Jesus Name also prayer point is oh Lord empowered me to overcome sudden automatic problems of evil spirits in my life in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
  4. If urinating in the public, streets or suddenly corner somewhere in muddy place without control of the dreams events. Meaning you are under the influence of symptoms you will not be able to narrated the source. please repeat the solution given in number three of this explanation.
  5. If is mixed with blood, the problematic is higher than any one should pray for with It is a symbol of problem in the making be careful three days white fasting, spirit that dry blood with fire of Holy Spirit truly. Psalm 24,140, and 50


If seen underwear or your underwear with cutting of holes in it, it’s a symbol of poverty and starvation of personal general life. The present spirit of retrogression level had started working. Use psalm 35 in seven times a daily as you pray against it in three days vigil to leave your life destined through Jesus.


If you are unhappy because of your bad situation in your dream very soon the problem will turn to joy, don’t be afraid.



  1. Farm of vegetable with its natural green and blooming beauty is seen, refers to the state of our business venture that is in good economic condition.
  2. If during this time you were confronting problem means divine arrangement will take place for the fellow facing problems.


If seen this tree with fruit of grapes in your dream and you started eating the grapes, it is a good and divine dream from God, blessing, success and prosperity that supersede your generation often you and ahead you had been released unto you, be prayerful for manifestation at all time.


  1. if playing with good tune successfully in your dream, is a mark of celebration in your life if your situation is bad now,
  2. If playing with good tune successfully in your dream, is a mark of celebration in your life if your situation is bad now, people will love to listen to you in your future ahead.
  3. If broken when playing is a bad amen song of mourning in your circumstance, three days white fasting in Psalm. 76, 77, and 106


  1. If you hear voice called your name without saying anything in your dream, enemy at point start battle in your life start reporting this to your pastor or else the battle will be dangerous.
  2. If the voice speaks to you with dangerous word and troubles, means the same thing as listed above for you, get yourself anointed from hence in three day white fasting use Psalm. 35, 45, 53 daily hours in prayer 12, 3, 6, 9


  1. If you seen yourself at the valley is a place of doom, mean enemy want you at all cost to bring you down out of your success, prayer of three day white fasting into water use Psalm 35, 91, 121, 140 for bath and drink
  2. If you come out of valley by your ability or by your help is a sign of incoming overcoming in your endeavour and business.


  1. If you started vomiting bad things in your dream mean all things enemy had put into your body has been vomited.
  2. If seen dog eaten vomiting things mean you have come back into your bad habit and attitudes, watch your life again and again.


  1. It is a sign of revolution in your circumstance and business,
  2. If you win by voting in your dream is a sign of transition in business, if loose by voting mean business saddle evil calamity to come renounce this back by five days fasting with Psalm 60, 102, 140


  1. If seen in your dream is a sign next doom and calamity
  2. If chasing or fighting you in the dream the sign no more than the household witches in their evil work, get yourself anointed with olive oil in three days fasting uses Psalm 35, 43, 18, and 57 for your prayer point. The evil vulture must die without struggles in Jesus name.


Seeing in the dream giving visa is a good and clear progress of your journey to abroad countries be prayerful to win the ticket also with 7 days fasting.



  1. If seeing in your dream attach you mean witchcraft are in conflict with you, use Psalm 70, and Job. 18
  2. If seen yourself playing with vulture mean you are already of craft


  1. If seeing the camera man covering means you should be careful of the way you walk around some place in your territories, cautionary is the answer to this good or bad new to come.
  2. Seeing yourself watching video television, means there’s a miracle on your ways that people will love to see and see clearly in your life.


  1. Divine message of God in your dream
  2. If occurs it occur in short dream while dozing on day light
  3. This also occurs during the night dream sometime.



Walnut, common name for a small family of flowering plants important for the nuts and timber they produce, and for its representative genus. This family contains about 59 species, all of them trees, distributed primarily in north and south west temperate areas but with important extensions into tropical American and Africa tropical Asian regions.

The most important nut crop in the world is the walnut—the nut of the English, or Persian, walnut, which is native to areas stretching from Italy to China but now widely grown in many other temperate areas. In the United States, California is the most important area for the production of English walnuts. Black walnut is native to the eastern United States and West Africa walnut is bound in the fruit before disposing for harvest. It is important for its wood, used in fine furniture, rather than for its nuts, the meats of which are tasty but are surrounded by a hard, thick shell that makes them difficult to harvest.

Mature Walnut

Producer of the most important nut crop in the world, the English walnut tree grows in temperate regions throughout the world. The walnuts bud in late summer and are encased in thick, green hulls. After several weeks, the hull will split to reveal the walnut. The nuts can then be easily harvested by farm machinery.

Walnut Tree and Immature Walnuts

The walnut, of the genus Juglans, is a deciduous tree grown for its timber, aromatic leaves, edible nuts, and ornamental foliage. Preferring sunny locations with deep, fertile, well-drained soils, walnut trees grow to heights of 15 to 20 m (50 to 70 fts.). tree with uncountable fruits, unlimited signs, unstoppable and irresistible achievement goals in with benefits.

Trees of the walnut family, some reaching great heights and girths, once were important components of the deciduous forests of eastern North America, but most have now been cut for their valuable timber. In addition to the walnut itself, other important members are the butternuts, pecans, and hickories. Deeper unlimited potentials with resources of generational usefulness.

Scientific classification: Walnuts make up the family Juglandaceae in the order Juglandales. The English, or Persian, walnut is classified as Juglans regia and the black walnut in Africa as Juglans nigra. Butternuts are classified in the genus Juglans, pecans and hickories in the genus Carya. The family Rhoipteleaceae belongs to the order Juglandales and contains the single species classified as Rhoiptelea chiliantha. Gen. 1: 11-13,   Walnut indicates riches of the earth metabolism powerful and glorious fruit created by our Creator.

1, Discovered any walnut trees with plenty fruits on it, its the symbolic of unlimited richs and fruitfulness in all endeavors (longtime dreams, visions, and prophesies will be fulfilling without delay).

2, Working in the walnut fatery as worker or senior mentenacy successfully, divine change will emage in all bad expectation in all endeavors. Psalm 121, 125 and 126

3, Walnut meaning: a} Discovery b} solution c} purpose d} usefulness e} message f} similitude and g} fulfillment of future promises. etc.

4, if seen the tree fell in your dream meaning dilapidate through negation, this is decapitation of any venture or company now and future. Solution and restoration: three day prayers and dry fasting or seven days fasting breaking 6 to 6 daily. Read Joel 2; Psalm 27; 28; Psalm 126; Psalm 51; Isa. 50; and Jer. 33 daily in the morning, afternoon and night before rest, vigil 12:am to 3:am daily. Prayer of restoration, recovery, and stability again in all endeavours. Result will follow in Jesus Name. for more prayers on restoration click


If seen yourself buying good things at warehouse, your business we have a gain that will change a situation.


It is a sign of problematic and familiar problems, pray against who are concerned in these problems. Three days white fasting Psalm 35, 43, 60, and 140, there power to paralysis over you and your household business, mean you are being monitored through water and so on


If seen yourself weak in your dream, is a sign of powerless to was your life circularly, mean a weakness in your weak point, three fasting can do this, put on your decision, don’t change your decision, when enemy come to your weak point of determination. Pray for stability and power always.


If you see yourself in this position, is a bad omen enemy had used what you suppose to have physically is been celebrated spiritually. Seven day prayer psalms 91, 1, 18, and 57, though you are created to have it, prayer for the power of wealth. Deut.8:18.


  1. When weapon is in your hand to fight your enemy is a good and victorious dream.
  2. When there is no weapon to fight show your prayerless and powerless effort, three days fasting use psalm. 107, and 104 for divine restoration in power and authority


  1. It is a sign of present situation and conditions for examples.
  2. sunshine mean glamour and beauty in condition
  3. Temperature is a sign of inconveniences of circumstances
  4. Wind is talking of bad condition and crisis financially
  5. Rain mean blessing when it come on you softly in your dreams.


  1. If seen yourself at wharf buy goods and electronics even cars is a good dream.
  2. If your container were dropping by Crain from ships in your dream and you now open the container is full of good looking or necessity of life is also a good income future or presents dreams it depend on how you have gone far  in prayer and obedient to God’s will.
  3. If at wharf you were deny of the listed above property is a bad omen enemy have come in another evil way to eludes your miracle and blessing, seven days fasting use this psalm.35,43,140 the victory of your expectation will manifest physically in Jesus name.


  1. If you are reaping on the field harvest is a sign of incoming success and merit in your endeavour.
  2. If grinding and bake on fire to make cake successful is a sign of accomplishment that we supersede your generation and you, will have finishing materials to do it. Be prayerful for great manifestation.


  1. If you seen a white man helping you in your dream is a sign of merit wait for this patiently, your help we materialize no matter your condition.
  2. If you are given white lace or white cloth to sew, is a sign of living your live in holiness or change your attitudes or character to be equal with divine order.


  1. It is a sign of battle of life and death.
  2. If it destroyed many things in your dream, 3 days white fasting, call on God of Psalm to help Psalm 80, 114, and 118.


  1. If it is in a beautify fashion class cup and you are giving to drink is a sign of excellence.
  2. If you called to wine with foreigners and difference peoples were there, is a sign of divine excellence, meaning God we take you out of bad condition and changes your statue to greatness that will be envy.
  3. If a bottle or many bottles of a new or old wine broken pieces in the dream, it is a bad omen but pray for quick restoration of benefits that is ahead now and future not to elude.


If you dream seen yourself worship God Almighty in his holy of holiness is a sign of transformation in your calling and relationship with God of heaven. Come closer to God he wanted to use you.


  1. If the rain is landing softly, it is a symbol of prosperity
  2. If it is thundering, several problems are very close 3 days fasting and prayer with Psalm. 124, 46, 140



  1. If seen in dream means a set time to progress and incoming prosperity.
  2. If seeing stop in dream is a bad omen 3days fasting and prayer for progress in your moment and business to recover your time.



  1. Seeing it in dream shows an unexpected help, whether financial or otherwise is on the way.
  2. If break in dream as going it’s bad, a day fasting and pray for restoration use Psalm 55, 56, and 57 my advice is to trust the Lord in any situation.


  1. Seeing yourself on the battle field and people were killed or wounded and you escaped, means in any situation you are there is a way out.
  2. If not escape and captured by the enemy, 3 days fasting with Psalm 70,71, into water for bath


  1. If seen in dream in the source, symbolize progress and prosperity
  2. If it is pipe-borne water shows prosperity.
  3. If seen the water inside bucket it is familiar problematic means economic problem to stop this 3 days fasting and prayer of Psalm 1, 141, and 124.


  1. If one dream of weeping with bitter heart for joy of situation, symbolizes joy unlimited and prosperity.
  2. If weeping in the dream conscious many time as a result of bad events in the physical life it’s a bad dream which mean enemy are using tears and the water to strengthen your problems to continue, solution is to faithfully and confidently trust in the Lord only no matter what may happen to you in the past.
  3. If seeing someone crying in the dream, maybe someone die for or her, or someone buried or within in casket seen, which mean directive to the person as evil of death is programmed here against the family of the victim, you must pray for the person or you can tell the person if he or she is mature.


  1. Seeing this insect in the dream is a sign of enemy around you be careful.
  2. If seen then in your room its bad omen, enemy had been set to you to eat up your progress in your business, 3 day without rest in prayer for divine resurrection.


  1. If seen in dream, if is warning to be ware of how utilize our precious time and life you’re living.
  2. It defeated in the contest shows failure and backwardness in all round effort, pray and fast for three days with Psalm 124, 140, 125.


  1. If worn in dream, it is an emblem of bereavement
  2. If the dressing is incomplete, shows reduction in problem, associated with your problem make the uncompleted the dressing
  3. If your give somebody this cloth is a bad omen so seven days prayer for recovery, pray in water with the following Psalm. 91, 144, 103


  1. if seen self in the dream and finished, it’s a sign of promotion if you are a student.
  2. If using in dream, be careful of using your hand against your progress for the glory of others prayer of Psalm 124, 59, and 105 with 3 days fasting.
  3. If failed to finished it’s a bad omen of repetition of same place at the same level of life among your mate in the stage of life, help yourself in prayer and fasting continually to escape this level or else stagnancy spirit or curse cause this circumstances.


  1. If you see wound in any of your body in the dream, this is mark of evil in your body be careful of evil product you put on your body.
  2. If you have wound in your body and dream the wound is healed, no matter the years the wound spends in your body healing is sure for you.


  1. Seeing yourself in dream as composition with person you know means be careful don’t listen to evil advice and this can bring blame and embarrassment if you do, caution is the answer.
  2. If you fight somebody you know and beat him or her means do not be afraid, victory is on the corner of your trials.
  3. If you are beaten in dream this shows powerlessness you are to pray and fast for 3days for recovery with Psalm 50, 91, 121
  4. Watching on television is a sign of coming act, be careful how you handle issue around you.



If you are having X-ray at hospital, the hiding problems will be found in you.


If seeing in dream playing with good sound means don’t go anywhere far when you are enjoying yourself, this can be concerning the pleasure of life be careful how you go out with people.



  1. If given uncooked in the dream is a good omen, be brave and serious on your venture.
  2. If cooked done whitish, assign you for bountiful and steady fruitfulness in your business ventures.
  3. If seen in your dream yam farm, be patience in your endeavour the future of your venture will yield progress successfully. If bunt in the dream is a bad omen 3 days fasting with unshakable faith against future problematic on your business.
  4. If you seen stinking yam given in the dream is a bad omen indicating calamities on your business towards your gain 7 days night to stop spiritual caterpillar in your life.


  1. If it is on you is a bad omen is a sign of slavery and yokes spiritual sin physically, pray with four days fast, Psalm 25, 51, and 56, pray to God for help.
  2. If broken on your neck in your dream or any part of your body in the dream it’s a great deliverance level from any present bondage or embargos at this moment in your life no matter what you may be passing through in life are destined to be free.


If you find yourself in a big yard fenced round mean you have be capture by one problem that hallow you not to enjoy your right on earth. Three day white fast for God to loose you at the camp of the enemy with Psalm. 35, 43, 57, and 140 into water for seven days after seven days use it for bath, victory with miracle will show up.



  1. If seeing zoo in your dream with all kinds of animals means evil forces of darkness are already in your bondage.
  2. If the zoo cages are loosed or one of the animal sinks out, it’s a signs of enemy’s freedom pray and re-bind them till eternal you’ll not be a victim of life.

apostle akanbi

Personal Guide And Revelation on How To Interpret your Dreams & People’s Dreams as a Christian

Your personal Guide  to Understanding the Hidden meaning of Dreams, Visions and Prophecies. In context to the Prophetic Listening teaching in ‘The Way of the Prophet’ here are some basic guidelines in simple, Spirit-led Christian dream interpretation. It is vital as a prophet to both know and understand what the Lord is saying to us in dreams, visions and solutions. He speaks to us in dark sayings to keep His will secret and hidden from the enemy.

Holy Spirit is the Major guardian not every symbol has the same interpretation for every person. What a spouse or a father in one person’s dream may represent something totally different in another. So as a prophet in addition to using these guidelines, ask the Lord for revelation to add to the dream. While going through the dream, write out the interpretation by journaling and allow the Holy Spirit to place additional pictures and revelations into your heart to enhance it. Dreams can tell you all about a person. It can let you know what is in their heart and what the Lord is doing in their lives.

Use the opportunity, not to just give a dream interpretation but also for ministry. This is after all what the Lord gives revelation for – for ministry and encouragement. Take the interpretation the Lord gives you and then add encouragement and counseling to give the person faith, hope and love. As you use the gifts within you, you will be a sharpened, valuable tool in the hand of the master and a treasure in His eyes.

The Apostolic Dreams

The mysteries and secrets from the Lord Jesus are giving to the Church to know the mind of the Father concerning His Kingdom and the works of the enemy. The power in the knowledge of the world to come it be seeing and tested to understand the concept dreams in the tree right again as the Church are facing her final quest in waiting on her Husband to come. The final quest of the Church will appear in gold the one of the major stones on earth, and the Church will be more purer than gold of the earth and clear more than crystal of the earth too. The Church will be known as golden Church and crystal Church in the radial glory. The apostolic dreams is to see the church in the greater manifestations than of the Acts of the Apostles as it given to her as the last day is now, we truly known the future is now not the need to wait for it again, the future is in us and in the all events of the fulfillment past, present and the true future of the age to come. Parameter of the sense in the Church can never be compare with cony will of the demonic speeches of the religious in the present age. Holy Spirit is our wisdom and power as the whole creations concern and waiting eagerly for the greater manifestation in the greater power in the present as it’s written in the book of prophecy, the apocalypse scroll of the creation.

Seers are the greater messengers and great edge instruments to ignite the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in second time. Apostolic dreams is to see the fivefold calling ministries in one fold working in the purity, apostolic dreams is not about the only sleeping dreaming drama sense but in fulfilling the Holy Scripture mandated as a set goal for all believers in the last time. The apostolic dreams is to discover yourself and your place in the realm and in the kingdom on earth as you prepare for next journey of endless in unseen world ahead of you as His creation. Strength given to all creation and yet Creator still in charge of His creation, Men’s mind set to see this end time as the only world for evil this is another manipulation of the darkness kingdom in their mind; He will never abandon His creation. God is not a creation but a Creator with undiscovered way and acts. One of the infinities of our Creator is His creation and the way He makes differences on them all include His spirit of enemies. Apostolic dreams it’s a balance way to prove His right way and attitude in the book of the Acts of the Apostles. Is way is unknown as Scripture says, our Creator even always demand us to really change as to the original plan of His creation even of earth. The dreams of the apostles then is to see the Church now to be more beautiful tan of then as they have seen glory splendors in their time.

The Prophetic Dream

As a prophet, any prophetic dreams you receive are tantamount to receiving a revelation through visions, prophecy, sounds, taste or touch. They are simply the medium the Lord has chosen to speak to you at that time. There are different kinds of dreams, but speaking here of prophetic dreams they are to be treated like any other revelation. The Lord may give you a word and tell you to keep it hidden, just as John was told in Revelation, so you to should keep that secret in your heart.

There will be a time when the Lord will tell you to speak it forth: Jeremiah 23:8 The prophet that has a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that has my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What [is] the chaff to the wheat? Says the LORD. These dreams are prophetic and are to be spoken as a decree, just as Daniel in declaring to Nebuchadnezzar the interpretation of his dream in which he dreamt of the statue with its head of gold, breast of silver, thighs of bronze and feet of clay and iron mixed. As Daniel both received this revelation and spoke it forth, he was speaking into existence those things that would take place in the world and the coming of the Messiah whose Kingdom would take over the earth.

Directive Dreams

And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, I have dreamed a dream, and there is none that can interpret it: and I have heard say of thee, that thou canst understand a dream to interpret it… And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, In my dream, behold, I stood upon the bank of the river:… And I saw in my dream, and, behold, seven ears came up in one stalk, full and good: And Joseph said unto Pharaoh, The dream of Pharaoh is one: God hath shewed Pharaoh what he is about to do. The seven good kine are seven years; and the seven good ears are seven years: the dream is one… And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass. Gen. 41:15-32

Often a dream will be giving you direction of what step to take next. The Lord often spoke to people in the scriptures to tell them what to do. As Joseph and Mary are another example of the Lord sending an angel in a dream to tell them when to leave Egypt and then again when Paul dreamt of the Macedonian beckoning him to come to them.

Warning Dreams

What of the warning dream? Right through the scriptures you read of where the Lord spoke warning. Genesis 20:3 But God came to Abimelech in a dream by night, and said to him, Behold, you [are] a dead man, [because] of the woman which you have taken; for she [is] a man’s wife.

A warning dream is always directional. It will tell you what to look out for and what to do about it. When the Lord gives you a warning of what the enemy would like to do in your life, this is not for the reason of causing fear, but rather to use the authority and means He has given you to overcome that plan.

Background Revelation To Understand Dream Symbols

Before being able to interpret the dream of someone else, know a bit about that person. While some dream symbols are common amongst many people, to give an accurate interpretation you will need to know the relationship of the person with the characters in their dream. You will need to know what the places, objects and scenes meant to them personally and most importantly you need to know if they are born again by the Spirit of God if you are to interpret by the Spirit and the Word.

Keep in mind that interpretation of dream symbols also depends on your culture and upbringing. The Lord used a tablecloth of unclean animals to get His point across to Peter at the tanner’s house. Peter was Jewish and so the symbols in his dream were very clear to him, they yelled ” UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN!” So the Lord will use dream symbols that are common to you and your culture to speak to your spirit. Being a Christian, most symbols for Prophetic dreams will come from the Word of God, because that is one ‘culture’ that we all belong to as the Body of Christ Universal.

Deception in Dreams

The enemy can plant dreams in your mind that are either, a direct attack or a deception. When the enemy attacks you in your sleep, find out what open doors you may have given him that day. Apply the Warfare 4 lecture. Another teaching that will help you identify curses is the “Identifying Curses” in the Way of Blessing series.

Satan has no right to attack you with no license, so if you are coming under demonic attack in your sleep stop right there and ask for revelation to reveal the open door you may have given him. Often this happens when you bring a contaminated object into your bedroom. I remember a time when someone gave my children what seemed like an innocent gift, but every night after receiving it, they kept having nightmares. After praying over the toy and dedicating it to the Lord, the nightmares stopped.

In identifying deception apply the Prophetic Perspective teaching to all revelation – even revelation given in a dream. I had a situation where my advice was asked regarding certain revelation shared in a dream. The person shared that both their spouse and a friend both dreamed a certain individual was going to have a heart attack and die. They were pushing to tell this person in question to warn them.

Now if you apply the principles in the Prophetic Purpose teaching, you need to ask yourself: Does this revelation give faith, hope or love? If you had to walk up to a person and tell them: I dreamed you are going to die. How do you think they will react? If they are like any one normal person, their first reaction will be fear! And as you have learned – fear is one of the most powerful tools the enemy uses to bring curses into our lives. Fear doesn’t only kill faith, but causes the person to open their hearts and give the enemy license to bring about that exact plan he had in mind!

Check your revelation out with other prophets! Discern the spirit on it! Any dream that is filled with fear, guilt, condemnation or self-exaltation is a deception! When the Lord speaks, He gives you the means to facilitate that revelation. If the Lord should give you a warning through your dreams as He did with Joseph and Mary when Jesus was a baby, He will do so at the right time and give you what you need to speak and avoid the enemy’s plan.

It is very common for many Christian in this last day to get warning dream. Men and women of God have warning dreams often. Yet every time the Lord has given a dream of warning, there has not been fear associated with it, but rather a sense of direction, correction and assurance. So be very discerning when sharing a revelation you received in a dream, checking by discerning out the spirit on it and its motivation you receive by it.

apostle akanbi Seven Steps on How to  Interpret Dreams & Solutions

Internal/Prophetic, Healing or Unwanted Dreams?

Next you need to identify if the dream is a healing dream, internal/prophetic or just unwanted. Once you have identified that the dream is internal or prophetic, write it down and move on to step 2.

Here are some hints on how to identify which category your dreams falls into.

Prophetic Dreams

A prophetic dream is very clear. It is a short, clear precise dream with a single message. Often you will have a few short dreams one after the other, each having a similar message.

Healing Dreams

In a healing dream you will most likely relive past events. You may find yourself saying things in your dream you had wished you had said in that particular circumstance. Perhaps you will go back to past houses, events or time frames in your life and re-experience an event, but this time with a happy ending. A dream where you always seem to be running or hiding and then finally stopping and confronting that which is chasing you is very characteristic of a healing dream.

Unwanted Dreams

A dream that is over complicated with many changes of scenery and events are very likely to just be your inner man ‘throwing out’ the junk it had accumulated for that day. You will most likely have many garbage dreams if you get more into the Word and spend time with the Lord, because your mind will be making space for the Word and will ‘throw out’ the garbage you have stored in there for years.

A dream where you display emotions and characteristics that are not natural to you are simply your sub-conscious ‘living out’ those feelings and hidden temptations that you experienced during the day. These dreams are simply purging and do not have an interpretation.

Internal, Internal Prophetic and External Dreams.

It makes it much easier to write down the dream interpretation as the Lord gives you revelation. Begin by identifying firstly if the dream is Internal, Internal Prophetic or External. Write down which it is and then move on to point 3.

Here are some hints on how to make this identification. Once you have read the dream through you need to identify if it was an internal, internal prophetic or external dream. Were you the main star? If that is the case the dream is internal and the characters symbolic of something within yourself. Did you perhaps receive words of direction in your dream directed at you? Then it is likely an internal prophetic dream.

However if you were standing on the outside, looking on, the dream is likely external. The characters may still be symbolic though, so do not take the dream literally until you have identified each character and object.

A: Internal Dream

An internal dream will often give you direction in your spiritual life. It functions the same way as a Word of knowledge, in that it relates to you those things of the past and present. An internal dream always speaks of your spiritual life. It will let you know of you have gotten off the path, or if you need to be placing more emphasis on something. It will give you an idea of what state your spirit is in and if there is something lacking in your life. It may also tell you when you have birthed something new or have come to a place of rest or promotion.

Prophetic dreams are directional and can also give warning and revelation from the Lord directly. In scripture the Lord often sent angels in dreams to give a message. (See Jacob – Genesis 31:11 And the angel of God spoke to me in a dream, [saying], Jacob: And I said, Here [am] I. and Joseph – Matthew 2:19 But when Herod was dead, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to Joseph in Egypt,)

B: Internal Prophetic Dreams

A Prophetic Internal dream has a different emphasis. Joseph is a good example of this when the Lord gave him the dreams of his brother’s sheaves bowing to his sheaf, indicating that his family would one day, bow before him. These dreams were internal because they concerned him personally, but yet they were also prophetic in that they were giving him a word for the future. Another good example would be of the baker and butler whose dreams Joseph interpreted in prison. (Genesis 40:5) Both concerned them personally, but also gave a prophetic word of what was going to happen. Prophetic Internal dreams function the same as a Word of Wisdom, only the word pertains to you personally.

C: External Dreams

An external dream always concerns future events and is always prophetic. It functions like the Word of Wisdom and needs to be used discerningly. Daniel is a prime example of the external prophetic dreams he received with regards to Israel and the empires of his time. His dreams always had a future orientation. Joseph also interpreted the external dream of the King of Egypt, which allowed him to save many lives, even the lives of his nation. Note how even external dreams were given in symbolism. Even in an external dream the characters may not be who they are in real life.

D: Double Dream Interpretations

It is entirely possible for a dream to have an internal and external interpretation. In looking at Nebuchadnezzar once again and his dream of the large statue, we hear only the external interpretation that Daniel gave the King. Daniel told the King how an empire was going to come that would live forever (speaking of the Kingdom of God). What Daniel was too afraid to tell the King is that Nebuchadnezzar himself was going to be toppled and destroyed as the Lord revealed again later in his dream of the tree that was felled and made to be a stump in the dew for 7 years.

So while the Lord may give you an internal dream pertaining to your spiritual condition, He may also be giving you a prophetic dream relating to the future. I have often seen many people err in classing all the dreams they have as external, overlooking the internal interpretation. Perhaps this is because people do not like to have such a close look at within themselves and would rather relate the atrocities and obvious mistakes revealed in their dreams as pertaining to the church, or perhaps it is simply a sign of naiveté.

As a minister be quick to see the revelation as internal firstly, seeing if the Lord is revealing something within yourself that needs changing, before trying to apply what is so obviously a message to you – to your church to use it as a whip to get them in order. You might think this sounds harsh, but it is more common than you think for those in the prophetic ministry to use the revelation given them by God as a whip instead of a balm of healing to the flock.

As we receive revelation, whether it is through dreams, visions or prophecy, let us always bear on our tongue the words of Christ, dripping with His healing balm and light. His words and His light will indeed destroy the darkness and bring the change He desires to bring, as ministers of the Word of God we are to deliver the word in humility and power – we leave the discipline and judgement to Him alone.

Sensing and Discerning the Spirit

Next, it takes the Holy Spirit in you to sense and discerning in the spirit on the dream. Was there a negative or a positive spirit? Was there a spirit of peace, joy, fear, death, life, change or insecurity? Once you have identified the spirit and emphasis of the dream, this will give you a foundation on which to build the interpretation on. Write down the impressions you have received from the Spirit and then move on to step 4.

Identifying Places, Scenes, Characters, Objects, Creatures and Colors of the Dream.

This is where you are going to break the dream down and ‘dissect’ it. Once you become more accustomed to dream interpretation you will not need to break the dream down as much as you will see the interpretation without having to ‘dig through’ all the details. But for those who are still ‘trying their hand’ at dream interpretation this is a good way to go until you learn how to flow better in the Spirit.

Make a list on your page from A – F then under each letter list the corresponding Place, Scene, Character, Object, Creature and Color as they appear in the dream. Reading through the helps that I list below, done methodically through the help of Holy Spirit in identify the symbol for each of these points one by one.

A: Places

Make a list of the various places encountered in the dream. Often you may dream of places that are familiar to you. It could be that a time of healing is being brought to that period of your life or that the Lord is exposing something that happened during that time. Churches can speak of a place of worship. If it is an old style church, it could be speaking of the religious status quo system. A house speaks of your personal life, your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Places such as monuments or historical buildings may speak of things relating to the past – things gone by.

You might find yourself running through alleyways or dark streets. This often speaks of running blind and not having direction. If the feeling that comes with the place is negative and fearful, it could be that the Lord is revealing to you that the enemy is wreaking havoc in your life and sending you running all directions – none of which are of the Lord.

Of course if you find yourself in a meadow where the sun is shining and you feel peace, the Lord could be revealing to you that you have entered into a time of rest and peace with Him. This could speak of a time of freedom and escape from the pressure around you.

Each of these would have a specific meaning pertaining to you as an individual. Look to the Lord for revelation concerning what the places you dream about mean to you.

B: Scenes

Write down the scenes in the dream. Once again you might find yourself in a scene that is familiar to you. Restaurants can speak of ‘feeding’; bathrooms can speak of ‘exposure’ or a place of ‘washing’. Then again bedrooms may speak of intimacy and privacy. You would need to identify what the scene mean to you and if you sensed a positive or negative feeling towards that scene in your dream.

C: Identifying the Characters

Take each character in the dream and identify what part of you they represent if the dream is internal. Some hints:

If they were people you know, then write down your relationship with them or what they mean to you.

If they were people you did not know, note what your impressions were of them in your dream.

If they are relatives, note how close you are to them. If a spouse, then your relationship with your spouse will determine the symbol. It could be positive or negative. Learn to identify this one because it will recur.

Often a spouse can speak of your recreated spirit in Christ. If you had a really good relationship with your earthly father, he could speak of the Lord in your dreams. If you have a bad relationship with a certain person, it is possible that they represent your ‘flesh’ or ‘sinful nature’ in your dreams.

If you often find yourself dreaming of a man or woman that you do not know, but yet seem familiar to you, they could represent your masculine and feminine nature. The masculine often represents left-brained, intellectual thinking, while the feminine representing prophetic, right-brained emphasis.

If there is a person in your life that is strong and you look up to, they could speak of the Holy Spirit and His protection. Your relationship with the person in your dream, in real life is vital in identifying what the represent. Your sub-conscious mind will use those emotions and thoughts you have to convey the appropriate message to you clearly.

Often your sub-conscious will use people that represent something in your life. Perhaps the music leader in your church could represent your musical gifts. If you as a prophet are at constant logger-heads with your pastor, he could speak of the church, status quo system in your dreams. Often your children speak of your ministry or those things you have ‘birthed’ in the spirit.

I know that when I dream of my eldest daughter the Lord is trying to reveal something with regards to my faith. Deborah is very strong willed and has a strong faith and so it is natural that my sub-conscious chose her for this symbol. Now my youngest daughter is very soft and so in my dreams she represents my love.

So it is vital to take a look at how you feel about the person in your dream before identifying the symbol. Once you have identified those characters you will find they are used repeatedly in your dreams as the same symbol.

D: Objects

Note if the object means anything special to you?
Does the object convey a negative or positive impression to you.

Often if you keep dreaming of coffins together with people mourning it mean the Lord is revealing the secret of death to you which mean someone close or far distances will died and you need to let it do something about it.  In other word coffin dream is very common amongst those in the ministry offices that are called to die to the flesh so that the Spirit can dominate. Dreaming of dead bodies is not always an attack from the enemy but a message from the Lord to just let die in the flesh, that which is corrupt and rotten!

A wedding ring can speak of a covenant and a wedding dress of your union with the Lord or those things you are ‘married’ or ‘tied’ to.

It is also common to see vehicles in your dreams as your ministry – those things that ‘drive’ your ministry. Often you may dream that you are driving and you are encountering difficulty. The Lord could be saying that you need to give over the wheel to Him and to stop taking your ministry out of His hands.

Perhaps you will dream that a person who symbolizes the Lord is driving in which case it is a good interpretation, indicating that the Lord is in control and that you can sit back and relax for a while. Dreaming that your vehicle has broken down can speak of some kind of damage you have faced in your ministry.

There are even those dreams where you dream you get new keys and are given a new car! This speaks of promotion and the Lord could be confirming that He has given you a greater anointing to carry out the ministry he has given you.

Then there are those objects from the Word that are often displayed in our dreams. Gold objects speak of the Lord and His deity, while a clay pot may speak of us as His vessels ready for service. Wine often speaks of the anointing, as does water and oil. Arrows or weapons piercing you can speak of the work of the enemy who is known for his darts of destruction. Then again wielding a sword speaks of carrying the authority of the Lord and using it as a weapon against the enemy.

If you are not sure on the interpretation of an object take a look /strong

YARD through the Word. It is rich with revelation and symbols. The Lord has been speaking in dark sayings and symbols to His prophets since the beginning of the world and you are certain to find the answer to your revelation right in the scriptures!

E: Creatures

Animals and insects – can refer to demonic powers but it depends also on how you view them.
Plants and trees – can refer to growth, or barrenness if they are in bad condition.
Babies or children – things that have been birthed or are still immature.

Snakes, spiders and black creatures very often speak of the work of the enemy and his attacks. Dreaming about giving birth or being pregnant can speak of something you are about to birth in the spirit or have given birth to. If you dream of babies dying it could be a warning dream that the thing the Lord has given you is dying.

A lion can speak of the strength of the Lord. A lamb of innocence and salvation. If you dream of your pet, you would need to identify what that pet means to you. Often pets are substitutes for children in which case they would represent a positive aspect of yourself.

F: Colors and senses

Things that were said or that you heard.
Things you felt, tasted, smelled.

Often the color red can speak of the blood of the Lord. Blue is a heavenly color, while black does not have a good connotation, being likened to the nature of the enemy. Gold often speaks of the Lord and His majesty, while silver speaks of humanity and redemption in the scriptures. White can speak of purity and green of fertility. Once again you would need to identify what they mean to you as an individual and what they represent in the Word.

Get Revelation!

Once you have made your list and identified what each symbol represents. Put the dream aside and summarize now what you have received from the Holy Spirit. Write this final summary as a journal and so let it flow not from your intellectual thinking, but by using the internal anointing the Lord has given us for revelation.

Do not use the same formula on every dream you interpret. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you and give you additional visions and revelations to back up what you feel the dream means. Here is where you are going to give the subject (or yourself) the direction and answers you are looking for. It is not good enough to just give an interpretation without following it up with the Word of God to encourage, exhort and to promote faith, hope and love.

If a warning is being indicated then give the warning and with it scripture and direction on how to be victorious in that particular situation. If the dream is internal then guide the subject through a better understanding of what is going on inside themselves and how to move on from where they are. If the dream is Internally prophetic, then prepare the subject for what lies ahead and how to prepare for the work the Lord is about to do in their lives.

If the dream is external receive revelation from the Spirit and Word on what to do with the revelation. In other words if it needs to be spoken forth as a decree, kept for a later time, to be travailed over in intercession, or to be shared with a group that you might intercede in unity.


Spiritual Perspective

Truly it’s God that known dream interpretations between now and in many ages pass. Spiritual perspective of interpretation of dreams lean on trusting and relationship with Holy Spirit, it will be a great guidance in the difficulties of all the deep dreams and visions.

And he dreamed yet another dream, and told it his brethren, and said, Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me.

Gen. 37: 9

Just as you see a mother backing a child tied which mean a point and firmness of the motherhood and the child over mutual as perspective of it is the tied as the relationship of both.


Solution Perspective

Psalms and other passages of the scriptures are available with the clear guidance of the Holy Spirit to root out the means and the solutions of the mind in the spiritual realm.

The more you increase in obedient to the Holy Spirit, even in the time of inconveniences, difficulties and in the middle of right or wrong choices, then the more you honestly obey Him, the more you become more powerful vessel of solutions in is Mighty Hand. Obedient is the Master’s keys that open the door of dreams, visions, interpretations and fulfillment without men experience backup.

…how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God? Gen. 39:9

Holy Spirit will come in and take preeminence as to change the surface into reality by bringing solution in the unwanted problematic dream.

In Conclusion

James 5 verse 1 says that if any man lacks wisdom all he needs to do is ask of the Lord and it will be given to him. So ask and pray for wisdom. Daniel was known for the wisdom the Lord gave him with dreams and so with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit we have that wisdom within us for every revelation and dream.

Receive that wisdom by faith and see the Lord open your eyes to a whole new realm of interpretation. As you allow yourself to be His vessel, He will open the way for you to use that gift and to bless the Body of Christ with it.

In conclusion finally, concerning your dreams, it’s not all dreams that can be writing down, some are attaching with different pictures, difficulties illustration in other meaning, and soon, so was the dream interpreted written in this book, some dreams are different from each other while the meaning is the same, some dreams are the same while the meaning interpreted identify different.

“…for one star differeth from another star in glory.” 1 Cor. 15:41


Here is a summary that you can use as a guideline to interpret your dreams:

Internal/Prophetic, Healing or Unwanted Dream?

Internal, Internal Prophetic and External Dreams.

Sense the Spirit

Identifying Places, Scenes, Characters, Objects, Creatures and Colors.

a) Places

b) Scenes

c) Characters

d) Objects

e) Creatures

f) Colors

Spiritual Perspective

Solution Perspective

Your summary

Whether you are seeking Dreams Interpretation or having Prophetic Dreams, follow these simple guidelines with the added anointing of the Holy Spirit and you too will be a mighty tool of blessing to the body of Christ as solution vessels of honor.



I’ll give a full teaching on each step you need to take. However, over here I am just going to give you a quick summary. This should be enough to what your appetite and give you what you need to interpret your dreams right away!

Every day friends would come to me with their dreams. I could easily explain what they meant or if they had no meaning at all.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that learning to interpret dreams is easy enough even for a child to master. It does not take years of study or deep psychological training. In fact with a few simple principles, you will be well on your way to interpreting dreams for yourself and for others.

1. Everything is Symbolic

Every character, object and building in your dream is symbolic of a part of yourself and your life. This one principle alone changes your entire view of dream interpretation.

It is a common mistake for people to misinterpret the people and objects in their dreams as the real thing. This is a big mistake! If I dream of Uncle Joe throwing a cream pie in my face, I certainly do not have to fear visiting her for Thanksgiving!

It is symbolic and Uncle Joe is a picture of a part of me. If Uncle Joe is an aggressive woman that tends to dominate others, then she could represent my will in this dream. Identifying the characters in your dream is the very first step to gaining an understanding of what your dreams are saying.

In fact just by identifying your dream category and then identifying the symbols, you will already have an idea of what your dream is speaking about.

This goes for buildings, animals or any kind of object in your dream. If you dream that your house is being broken down, you do not need to rush out and buy more insurance. Your house is just a picture of your life.

This opens up a whole new world to you! Many common symbols crop up in our dreams and supply a comprehensive list of all the characters and scenarios and their interpretations.

2. Good is Great. Bad is…well…bad.

Understanding what the characters in your dream represent is just the first step. It is also very important to determine if that character is playing a positive or a negative role in your dreams.

This alone can turn your interpretation right around. If I dream that my house is being torn down, it can be positive or negative. If your house is being torn down so that something bigger can be built, it means that you are in a process of growing spiritually and mentally in your life right now.

However if your house is being bombed by terrorists or torn down by a storm, it means that you are facing some severe attack in your life right now and that you are falling apart.

Do you see what I mean? In both cases…once again the house is a symbol of your life. It does not speak of your actual house and you do not need to fear a sudden invasion of terrorists ok?

3. Everything is About You

It’s your dream. It’s your life. It’s about YOU!

Another big mistake that people make is that they think if they dream of someone else that the dream is for that person. It’s a bit ridiculous actually. If you dream that your co‐worker falls pregnant, I would certainly not rush to them and announce the good news!

Not only will you be wrong, but every time you head for the coffee machine the other co‐workers might suddenly find a reason to be somewhere else…

Hmm, I get the feeling that some folks reading this might have made this mistake a few times. Not to worry though! There is hope.

Keep in mind that because the characters in your dream are a picture of yourself, the dream is a message for you. These dreams are a depiction of what is going on inside of you right now and often also refer to events that happened in the past.

Either way, you are the star of this show or it’s all about YOU!

4. Identifying the Message

It is important to remember that an internal dream has a single message. If your dream has lots of characters and scene changes, then it is a garbage dream and does not have an interpretation.

By identifying the symbols in your dreams and determining if they are given in a positive or negative context, you are armed with everything you need to identify the message.

To show you how simple this is, I am going to take a few of the dreams posted on our Dreams and Visions forum and I am going to break it down for you.

5. Beyond the Basics

I have only covered the dream categories that apply to everyone. Believers experience way more than this because of the Holy Spirit within them. They can also experience Internal Prophetic Dreams and also External Prophetic Dreams.

These dreams are a direct message from the Lord where the characters and objects in their dreams are symbolic of something in the Word!

For example, very often your father in such a dream is a picture of God the Father. Your mother could be a picture of the Church and your spouse could represent your recreated spirit in Christ or your relationship with the Lord Jesus.

6. The Internal Dream

This is the first category of dream that brings a message and both believers and unbelievers can have them. These dreams are conditioned by your life experience, culture and gender. So dream symbols often mean something different to each one!

Internal dreams are short, have a single message and you are the star character in the Dream.

So when a friend came to me and shared a dream, just using the principles below, I could give a pretty good interpretation. It was literally, child’s play. So are you ready for it?

7. The Basics

Everyone dreams. Both believers and unbelievers dream. So what makes the difference between the dream of a believer and of an unbeliever? The difference lies in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. While everyone dreams, not everyone receives messages from the Lord as we can as believers.

So the first building block of understanding dream interpretation is to understand that dreams are a natural function of the human soul! There are dreams where we are expressing our desires or living out the conflicts we have faced during the day.

These are a natural function of the soul. All of our held back tensions and pent up emotions come out in dreams. Even an animal has dreams like this!

Just watch a puppy sleeping and you can only imagine what he must be dreaming. Twitching and making sucking sounds, you can imagine that he is dreaming of fighting with his brothers and sisters for a chance to make it to mom!

dreams interpretationCommon Stumbling Blocks On Accurate Interpretation of Dreams and Visions

Because both the Book of Joel and the Book of Acts affirm that one of the primary ways the Lord will be speaking to His people in the last days will be through dreams and visions, it is imperative that we be able to interpret them accurately. Presently, this is an area where the emerging prophetic ministry makes many of its mistakes, most of which can be easily corrected.

Common Stumbling Blocks

The first step in gaining greater accuracy in the interpretation of dreams and visions will require understanding the factors which seem to be the most frequent stumbling blocks. For this reason we will cover the main ones in some depth. A little time here can save us a great deal of grief in the future.

#1 Presumption

It is easy to start assuming that because we understand much of the biblical symbolism, we can, therefore, use simple formulas for interpreting divine revelation. However, our attempts to interpret the Scriptures should make it clear that even biblical symbolism can actually be contradictory. For example, in most biblical references, a serpent represents Satan. But Moses also used the serpent to represent the Messiah when God told him to raise it up on the staff to provide for the people’s healing (see Numbers 21:6-9). Goats often represent the demonic, but in Moses’ use of “the scapegoat” (see Leviticus 16), it was obviously another prophecy of the Messiah.

God obviously has done this for a reason, and we need to understand that reason and keep it in mind if we want to avoid many foolish mistakes. The reason the Lord purposely provides us with some conflicting symbolism is to keep us dependent on Him for the interpretation of any revelation. We must prayerfully seek the Lord for understanding, regardless of how obvious an interpretation may seem. True interpretations must come by a revelation of the Holy Spirit.

#2 Viewing Revelation Only From Our Present, Personal Perspective

In this present life, there are few times when we do not have something weighing heavily on our hearts. So it is easy to assume that any revelation we receive pertains to our own present concerns. We need to beware of this tendency of trying to fit an interpretation to our own situation, when very often the Lord is speaking about something entirely different. God views everything from the perspective of eternity: He sees things from the vantage point of His entire plan and purpose. To accurately interpret what He is saying to us, we must see from His perspective rather than from our own.

I have also noticed that those who have a burden for a particular ministry or purpose will interpret almost everything in light of that burden. For example, those who are devoted to our children’s ministry will interpret almost every revelation as having something to do with children’s ministry, when at times this is not the case at all. Those who are involved in our worship ministry, intercession, healing, or even the prophetic all seem to at times do the same. A pastor may, likewise, tend to see everything as relating to the local church. I am thankful that these people have such care for what they are called to do, but I am always wary of interpretations they give which tend to magnify the importance of their ministry. Sometimes they are accurate, but often they are not.

Likewise, I am always wary of an interpretation I have that would magnify my own importance or my ministry. This can be a doorway to the pride that will cause us to fall. My pursuit is for the humility that God can give His grace to, not self-importance. I am also very wary of prophetic words which come from others that are, in fact, flattery. The Scriptures do not have one good thing to say about flattery. In this I am not talking about encouragement, which is helpful, but we should always be wary of those seeking to puff us up.

#3 Seeing Through Fear Rather Than Faith

If we are going to see from the Lord’s perspective, we must understand that He is not sitting in heaven wringing His hands and worrying about anything. He has already seen the end of all things, and He is in total control of anything He wants to control. The gift of discernment is required for interpretation, but many fall into the trap of substituting suspicion for true discernment. This is rooted in fear, which will always distort our perception.

True discernment can only operate in godly love: “Perfect love casts out fear” (see I John 4:18). “God is love” (see I John 4:8), and if we are going to see with His eyes, we must see through the eyes of love. God certainly is not afraid of the enemy, and anything that is colored by fear is a distortion of true spiritual vision.

I have had a number of prophetic warnings that were very useful, and I think they have saved us from serious setbacks. However, I am very wary of any warning that I am given with a spirit of fear attached to it. The paranoia that some sow throughout the body is far more damaging than the supposed attacks or problems they claim to be protecting us from. The warnings I have been given which have proven to be legitimate have all projected the coming attack or problems as opportunities rather than something to dread.

The first calling of the prophetic ministry is to prepare the way for the King, not to look for the enemy. When we are primarily focused on looking for the enemy, a very serious distortion of our vision takes place. It is noteworthy that apparently not a single one of today’s so-called “watchman ministries” has ever foreseen the Lord coming in a new movement and begun to prepare the way for Him. This should be an obvious alarm about the character of those ministries. Looking more for the enemy than for the Lord will put us in jeopardy of becoming the “faultfinders” that we are all warned about in the book of Jude (see Jude 16). Again, by sowing fear and division, some self-appointed “watchmen” have done far more damage to the church than have the cults they are so concerned about.

The Lord commended the church of Thyatira for not knowing “the deep things of Satan” (see Revelation 2:24). We will be changed into the image of what we are beholding (see II Corinthians 3:18). If we are beholding the glory of the Lord, we will be changed into His image. If we are spending more time looking at the enemy, we will be changed into his image and will be used as an accuser of the brethren.

This is why many of the heresy hunters become so mean-spirited, easily departing from biblical teachings on bringing correction in the church, when they themselves claim to be protectors of the Scriptures. We must be vigilant and able to quickly recognize the enemy, but we must also be careful not to hastily call someone the enemy until we are sure of what we see. It is not wise to trust the vision of anyone who does not see the Lord and what He is doing much more prominently than they see the enemy.

#4 Majoring on Minors

Watch out for distractions when you are engaged in any clear mandate from the Lord. Well-meaning people will seem to inevitably get stirred up about the need for focusing on other, lesser purposes whenever they set about to follow the Lord in an important work. Of course, those who come with the revelations or interpretations that are intended to distract us do not see them as lesser, but anything which distracts us from obeying the clear will of the Lord is a lesser purpose.

Our main calling is obedience, and that is the greatest work we can ever do. Always keep in mind that the Lord did not respond to human need; He only did what He saw the Father doing, and we are called to do the same. The way the Lord put this to me was as follows: If we did not continually have a swirl of disgruntled idealists around us then we would have somehow departed from the course. If I did not make these people mad it was because they had started controlling me. It sounds harsh, but if we want to do the will of the Lord, we must not be subject to these influences. Spiritual idealism will always be one of the greatest enemies of doing God’s will.

#5 Prejudices

Prejudices can be cultural or religious. If we are prone to be prejudiced toward a race, sex, age group, denomination, or movement, it can seriously warp what we are seeing. Jesus came to save the whole world: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28). Prejudices against any such group are a dangerous spiritual flaw that the enemy will easily be able to exploit if we do not repent and ask the Lord to change our hearts. Prejudices for any such group, even our own race, will likewise be a stumbling block to the will of God in our lives.

#6 Pet Doctrines

Of course we must be committed to sound doctrine. However, the Lord does not give prophecies to verify doctrines—He gave the Bible for that. Those who use prophecy to establish doctrines are in danger of serious diversions. This misuse of prophetic gifts can be found at the root of most cults.

Exhorting believers either to maintain or return to the recognized precepts of the faith is one of the functions of the prophetic ministry. However, prophetic revelation is not the vehicle God uses to establish the precepts. We should not trust those who attempt to use prophecy to promote their “pet doctrines” or other agendas.

It has been the downfall of many anointed, prophetic men and women to try to become teachers. There are some who are gifted as both prophets and teachers, but they are usually, though not always, those who are in preparation for an apostolic commission. There are prophetic teachers, and teachers with prophetic gifts, and their fruit is obvious. However, when one who is just a prophet tries to be a teacher, or one who is just a teacher tries to be a prophet, the consequences have often been devastating. We need to all learn to stay within the realm of authority that God has given to us, which is where His grace for us will be, and not presumptuously seek to do things He did not give us to do.

#7 Rejection

As we have addressed at length, prophets are often rejected, however, they must never let rejection get a grip on their spirits, but rather set their hearts on God’s affection and acceptance. If we are overly affected by rejection, we will always be in jeopardy of compromising the ministry. Dwelling on past rejections will keep us self-centered instead of Christ-centered, which will obviously cause a distortion in our vision. Rejection, if not healed, will usually turn into the next serious problem which distorts interpretation: bitterness. This is often the beginning of a slide that can actually lead to being a false prophet.

#8 Bitterness

The priests in the Old Testament could not have scabs (see Leviticus 21:20). Scabs are unhealed wounds. One who has unhealed wounds will be overly sensitive and hard to touch. When spiritual wounds are not healed, they can become infected and turn into bitterness. The writer of Hebrews warns that such a root of bitterness will defile many (see Hebrews 12:15).

The Lord once told a prophetic friend of mine that the only difference between a spiritual sheepdog that protects the sheep and a wolf that devours them is that the wolf has unhealed wounds. Most false prophets were called as prophets of the Lord. Many of the grumblers and not have the wisdom or understanding required for this. I observe the tests that the Lord puts in people’s lives, and learn a lot about the people and the ways of the Lord from them. But to purposely test another person or church is to put a stumbling block in their path, about which we are given the most severe warning—the Lord Jesus Himself said it would be better not to be born than to do this (see Matthew 18:6-9).

Peter received this terrible rebuke about not only being a stumbling block to the Son of God, but letting his human compassion motivate his words to the Lord. This came just moments after receiving one of the greatest commendations in Scripture—the Lord had commended him for receiving the revelation straight from the Father that He was the Christ. Within moments Peter had heard straight from heaven and then straight from hell. The immature and unstable will look at what happened to Peter and want to shy away from trying to hear anything supernatural. This is by God’s design as well because anyone who is so immature or that unstable as to be that concerned about making a mistake will almost certainly distort what they get. So do not show unsanctified mercy to such immature or unstable people and encourage them to do something they do not have the faith to do.

#11 The “Party Spirit”

This is a close cousin to the problem covered above. When we derive our recognition from a single organization, there will usually be pressure to prophesy the “party line.” This makes it very difficult not to compromise prophetic integrity. All true authority for ministry comes from the Lord, not the church, and certainly not just one segment of the church. Ordination papers are the equivalent of letters of recommendation, which were used by the first-century church (see II Corinthians 3:1), and are helpful for verifying ministries. It is also proper that we should be submitted to a local church and sometimes a movement of churches, but we must always understand that true authority comes from God. Do not let the party spirit gain a foothold in your spirit.

If we are to represent the Lord properly to those we serve, we must guard against, and sometimes even stand against, this party spirit. If unchecked, it will pervert prophetic integrity and damage the church or movement that we are called to serve. The high priest carried the stones of all the tribes on his heart (in the breastplate), and if we are to walk in this high calling, we must ultimately carry the whole church on our hearts, not just one congregation, denomination, or movement.

#12 Failing to Submit to the Body

Now the opposite side of the party spirit is the unwillingness to submit to the body of Christ. Whether this failure is caused by rebellion, rejection, or just negligence, it will cost us dearly in the degree of authority that we can be trusted with.

It is interesting that those who have extraordinary gifts of interpretation often have a difficult time interpreting their own dreams and visions. This is true in Scripture, as we see with such great men of God as Joseph and Daniel, and with every gifted prophetic person I know. They are great at interpreting other people’s revelations and dreams but make a huge mess trying to interpret their own. The Lord limits His ministries this way because He wants everyone to need the rest of the body. No one can stand alone in prophetic ministry or any ministry.

We can also be much more objective in interpreting other people’s revelation than we can when interpreting our own. The prophetic people I know who consistently hear from the Lord on the highest levels rarely hear from the Lord about important matters in their own lives, but they are often dependent on others to give them a prophetic word when they need it. Every ministry that I know, including some of the most outstanding prophetic people of our time, have a major blind spot in their lives which makes them dependent on others to see for them in certain matters. If we do not learn to work together and trust each other’s special gifts, we will be regularly hit by the enemy in those blind spots.

#13 Lust

Lust is one of the primary destroyers of prophetic vision. In Isaiah 29:10, prophets are called the “eyes.” Prophets are called to function as the eyes of the body of Christ. The Lord explained, “The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light” (see Luke 11:34 KJV). This speaks not only of unity and singleness of vision, but also of the fact that if we are going to use our eyes for the Lord, we must use them for Him alone. Only in this way will we be “full of light.”

Job declared, “I have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I gaze at a virgin?”(Job 31:1) Job made a covenant with his eyes not to look upon that which would cause him to stumble. If we desire prophetic vision, we would do well to make this same covenant: Our eyes belong to the Lord, and we will not use them for evil. Lust is rooted in selfishness, the exact opposite of the nature of the Lord and the nature of true prophetic ministry.

If you want to walk in prophetic ministry, you must flee from lust. It is no accident that one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament, Elijah, had his greatest battle with Jezebel, who represents one of the ultimate strongholds of seduction. Lust is one sin that we are never told to overcome, but to flee from. Maybe this is why Elijah, after killing eight hundred false prophets, fled at the threats of this one woman. Do not mess around with the things which make you lust, but run as far from them as you can.

#14 Using Natural Eyes Instead of the “Eyes of Our Hearts”

Prophetic revelation comes from the Spirit. We must, therefore, be careful not to let ourselves be overly influenced by what we may know in the natural. If we have natural knowledge concerning something which we have been asked to seek the Lord about prophetically, we should always have the integrity to let it be known. This is crucial in order to preserve prophetic integrity.

We must also be careful not to let things that appear one way in the natural affect our spiritual perception, especially as it relates to people. For example, the people who outwardly seem to be doing well are often hurting the most on the inside. People put up façades, and those with the strongest outward appearances are often the weakest on the inside.

Being prophetic requires much more than natural perceptiveness. Occasionally the Lord may anoint a perception in the natural and use it for revelation, but more often than not, natural appearances will lead to a wrong conclusion! This happened to the prophet Samuel. Even though it was said of him that the Lord let none of his words fail (see I Samuel 3:19), he received a strong rebuke from the Lord over this very issue of trusting in natural appearances: “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart” (see I Samuel 16:7). God does not see as we see, and if we are going to be used as His eyes for the body, we must learn this lesson well.

#15 Misunderstanding Spiritual Symbolism

It cannot be overemphasized that prophecy is a spiritual gift and is not a skill that can be learned by mastering certain principles or formulas. Yet, because prophetic dreams and visions do involve symbolism, understanding symbolism is important to the gift of interpretation. There are biblical symbols that usually mean the same thing in prophetic revelation, but there are none that always mean the same thing.

Gold usually speaks of the divine nature because it does not tarnish. Copper speaks of the human nature because it has a likeness to gold but easily corrodes. Silver usually speaks of redemption. The color blue speaks of the realm of the Spirit because it is the color of the sky or what is referred to as “the heavens.” Red often speaks of sacrifice because it is the color of blood. Purple is the royal color, or color of authority, because it is a combination of blue and red, and spiritual authority is based upon both divine revelation and sacrifice. We see the meaning of these symbol clearly established in the tabernacle of Moses, which is worthy of another book, and indeed many books have been written about it.

A dry river bed in a dream or vision will usually relate to a spiritual movement or denomination that is no longer anointed; a dry river bed is a place where the waters used to flow but no longer do. As mentioned before, flies often speak of lies, because Satan is called “Beelzebub” (see Matthew 12:24), which means “lord of the flies,” and he is “the father of lies” (see John 8:44). Flies also breed on garbage or waste that has not been properly disposed, which is the source of many of the lies the enemy uses against the church.

This is but a very superficial explanation of how some symbols can be interpreted. I am presently working on another book that will address this in much more depth. This is not something that only prophets should know, but is important for all Christians to understand.


As stated, there can be a fine line between revelation and divination. Presumption will cause us to cross that line. Satan’s counterfeit of the trance is one of the more popular occult practices. When we need supernatural experiences, the Lord will give them to us. But instead of seeking experiences, we must seek to be worshipers, growing in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ, firmly established upon sound doctrine. There is more joy and ecstasy in true worship than in most of the spiritual experiences, except for those that somehow bring us into His presence or let us behold a measure of His glory.

The Lord did great miracles in front of the multitudes, but it seems that He saved His best miracles, such as walking on water, for the eyes of just a few. It has been my experience that the Lord is the same way with prophecy. I have seen some of the clearest and most specific revelations given during a meeting, only to have no one respond to them. After we have been made to look foolish and the meeting is over, the people for whom the word was intended will often come forward, usually saying they were not sure that it was for them! For a long time I thought the Lord did this just to humble us, but it does seem that He likes to perform the most special miracles on an intimate, personal basis with the person He is touching.

The Lord is not performing miracles or giving us prophetic revelation so that He can impress people or even so we can be impressed. He could stop the sun or move the mountains if that were His purpose. Miracles and revelations are given to accomplish something for His people. They are but the means to an end, not the goal itself. If revelation and power become ends in themselves, they will be perverted. They are the gifts of the Holy Spirit; let us treat Him as holy.

The Apostle John laid his head on the Lord’s breast, where he could hear His heartbeat (see John 13:23). That place is still available. It is better to know the ways of the Lord than to just see His acts. As wonderful as it is to know the Lord’s mind or see what He is doing, it is better still to be so intimate with Him that we know His heartbeat so that our hearts might beat in unison with His. When we have been established in this place, He will be able to trust us with much greater revelation and power.


Dreams are fun! It is exciting to have a dream that you know is from God and is truly God speaking to you. Of course not all dreams we have are from God. Some dreams could be vain imaginations which result from overwork, preoccupation or overeating. “For a dream comes through much activity” (Ecclesiastes 5:3). It appears that the devil can also trouble people with bad dreams, which we often call
nightmares. Demonic spirits, if given entrance into our lives, can
intercept our night sleep with evil dreams. And yet, it is absolutely
true that God speaks through dreams:
Job 33:14–18
For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it.
In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while
slumbering on their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their
instruction. In order to turn man from his deed, and conceal pride from
man, He keeps back his soul from the Pit, and his life from perishing by the
God speaks to us in dreams to instruct us, correct us, reveal
things to us, preserve and protect us and so on. God also speaks to
the ‘unsaved’ in dreams to draw them to Himself and point them to
the truth.
There are many different kinds of dreams serving different
purposes. You can have a dream within a dream. You can have a
vision in a dream. You can see, hear and feel in a dream.

Scriptural Examples
Here is a listing of some of the people who had dreams and visions
in the Bible.

Records of people who had dreams in the Bible:
Abimelech (Genesis 20:3–8)
Jacob (Genesis 28:12–15/ 31:10–12)
Laban (Genesis 31:24)
Joseph (Genesis 37:5–10)
Pharaoh’s Butler and Baker (Genesis 40:5–19)
Pharaoh’s Dream (Genesis 41:1–7,15–32)
A opposition Soldier (Judges 7:13–15)
Solomon (1 Kings 3:5–15; 9:1,2)
Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 2:1–7,14–16,25–45; 4:4–23)
Daniel (Daniel 7:1)
The Magi (Matthew 2:12,13)
Pilate’s Wife (Matthew 27:19)

Records of people who had trances and visions in the Bible

Abram (Genesis 15:12)

Jacob (Gen. 46:2)
Balaam (Numbers 24:2–16)

Zechariah (2 Chr. 26: 5)
Job (Job 4:12–16)
Ezekiel (Ezekiel 37:1–14; 40:1,2)
Daniel (Daniel 8:1,2)

Iddo the seer (Zech. 9:29)
Ananias (Acts 9:10–12)
Peter (Acts 10:10–16; 11:4–8)
Paul (Acts 16:9,10; 18:9; 22:17,18; 23:11; 2 Corinthians 12:1–5)

Prophetic Symbolism
In dreams and visions, as we discussed in the previous chapter, God
uses symbols, parables, riddles, comparisons and so on. Of course,
sometime things are literal and at other times God uses words,
sentences, pictures or actions in a symbolic way. They mean
something other than their literal sense. Therefore, we need to be
careful in interpreting them. A wrong interpretation of an accurate
prophetic word, could lead to wrong application, resulting in disaster!
A symbol is some object (real or imagined) or action which
depicts a meaning or conveys a message. A symbol may not always
have a self-contained meaning. In some cases, the symbol has an
assigned meaning. Example: An iron pillar representing Jeremiah
(Jeremiah 1:18) has a self-contained meaning of strength, and
longevity/durability. Good figs representing Jewish captives (Jeremiah
24:3–5) is not a self-contained meaning but an assigned meaning.
Symbols with self-contained meanings can be easily understood. For
other symbols that do not have a self-contained meaning, we need
to receive from God the meaning He is assigning to that symbol
while communicating a message to us.

Some important guidelines in interpreting prophetic symbolism:
1. Always interpret using Biblical symbolism—what do those symbols
mean in Scripture. Please do not use handbooks from New Age,
other occult organizations, psychologists, gurus, mystics and so on.
2. There will be times of course, when the symbols seen are not
found in Scripture. In this case, we need to receive the specific
meaning the Spirit of God is conveying along with the symbols in
the image (picture)/vision/dream that you are seeing.
3. In a picture/dream/vision, some objects could be literal and some
objects in the same picture could be symbolic. Identify what is literal and what is symbolic. Differentiate these. Do not assume that because some of the prophetic image contains symbols, that everything else is also symbolic.
4. Identify your audience—who is God speaking to: to you, to
another person, to a gathering of people and so on.
5. Identify the meaning or resemblance between the symbol
and the audience that God is speaking about.
6. If you are unable to receive immediately the meaning or
resemblance between the symbol and the intended audience, try
to discern the following:
(a) Is the symbol found in Scripture and what does it mean
or represent in Scripture?
(b) What major characteristic(s) do the symbol and audience
have in common? Find at least one major point of
resemblance/commonality. Avoid unnecessarily drawing
many parallels between the symbol and audience.
(c) Be careful not to assign the wrong characteristics of the
symbol to the audience. Example, a lion is both stealthy
(prowls) and strong. The ‘stealthy’ characteristic is assigned
to the devil in 1 Peter 5:8,9 and the ‘strength’ characteristic
is assigned to the Lord Jesus (Revelation 5:5). A dove is
both gentle and simple (easily tricked). The gentle nature
is assigned to believers in Matthew 10:16 and their simple
nature (easily misled, a silly dove without understanding) is
used against Ephraim (Hosea 7:11).
7. Tap into the gift of the word of wisdom to interpret prophetic
symbolism. The ability to correctly interpret dreams and visions
and clarify its application is a gift of wisdom that also comes from
the Holy Spirit.

Some Symbols in the Bible:
• Divine symbols
• Symbolic materials
• Symbolic gestures
• Symbolic actions
• Symbolic numbers
• Symbolic names/characters/events
• Symbolic colors

The following is a very short list just to show how to relate things back to their meaning in Scripture. The more of the Word you know, the easier it becomes to quickly connect back to the Bible and accurately interpret prophetic symbolism.

Divine symbols

Symbol Meaning
Sword Breach of fellowship between man and God (Genesis 3:24) Judgment coming in
Burning bush God’s presence (Exodus 3:2)
Pillar of fire and cloud God’s guiding presence (Exodus 13:21,22)
Water, River Holy Spirit (John 7:37–39)
Dove Holy Spirit (John 1:32)
Mantle, Cloak Anointing (Luke 24:49)
Lion, Lamb The Lord Jesus (John 1:29, Revelation 5:5)
Oil Holy Spirit (Zechariah 4:1–6)

Symbolic materials

Symbol Meaning
Boiling pot Judgment (Jeremiah 1:13)
Good figs People (Jewish captives in Babylon) (Jeremiah 24:3–5)
Dry bones given new flesh Restoration of Israel (Ezekiel 37)
Four beasts Four kingdoms: Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome (Daniel 7)
Tree Person (Psalm 1:3)
Basket of summer fruit Judgment is coming (Amos 8:1– 12)
Gold lampstand Israel as God’s witness

(Zechariah 4:2)

Two olive trees Zerubbabel and Joshua (Zechariah 4:3,11–14)
Woman in a basket Sinful Israel (Zechariah 5:5–11)
Golden lampstands Churches (Revelation 1:12–20)
Star Ministers of the churches (Revelation 1:12–20) Winner of souls (Daniel 12:3)
Bad figs People (Remnant Jews who stayed in Judah) (Jeremiah 24:3,8)
Blood Life (Leviticus 17:11)
Bread and wine Body and blood of Jesus (Luke 22:19,20)
Dove Gentleness (Matthew 10:16)

Symbolic Materials

Symbol Meaning
Dove Simplicity (easily deceived) (Hosea 7:11)
Dragon Satan (Revelation 12:3–17, 13:2)
Serpent Satan (Revelation 12:9)
Horn Strength (Psalm 112:9)
Incense Prayer (Revelation 8:3,4)
Keys Authority (Matthew 16:18)
Lamb Man’s wanderings from God

(Isaiah 53:6)

Lion Satan (1 Peter 5:8)
Rainbow God’s promise, faithfulness (Genesis 9:13–16; Revelation 4:3)
Door Entry point, opportunity (Acts 14:27)
Bread Provision (Matthew 6:11)
Birds Demonic powers, satan (Matthew 13:4,19)
Wood, hay, stubble Things that are temporal (1 Corinthians 3:12)

Symbolic gestures

Symbol Meaning
Laying hand on another Imparting a blessing


Imparting a blessing (Genesis48:13,14,17)
Beating one’s chest Expressing sorrow/repentance (Luke 18:13)
Sitting in dust and ashes or sackcloth and ashes Expressing repentance (Job 42:6, Luke 10:13)
Tearing one’s clothes Expressing grief (Job 1:20)
Tearing one’s clothes Expressing anger (Mark 14:63)
Handshake Fellowship, Friendship

Symbolic actions

Symbol Meaning
An angel placing live coal on Isaiah’s lips Cleansing (Isaiah 6:5,6)
Jeremiah buried a linen belt in a rock crevice and later, when it had rotted, dug it up False gods worshiped by Judah were useless like the rotten belt (Jeremiah 13:10)

Symbolic actions

Symbol Meaning
A potter making a clay pot God’s dealings with his people (Jeremiah 18:1–6)
Breaking a clay jar Judah would be destroyed (Jeremiah 19:10,11)
Jeremiah wore a yoke King Zedekiah would surrender and

come under the authority of Babylon (Jeremiah 27:1,2,12)

Jeremiah buried stones in clay in the brick pavement at the palace in Egypt Babylon would conquer Egypt (Jeremiah 43:8–13)
Ezekiel ate a scroll with word of mourning and woe Ezekiel was to bring this kind of message to Israel (Ezekiel 2:8–3:3)
Ezekiel drew an outline of

Jerusalem on a clay tablet and built siege works and a ramp against it

Jerusalem would be attacked by Babylon (Ezekiel 4:1–3)
Ezekiel laid 390 days on his left side and 40 days on his right side, weighed out his food, and cooked it using cow manure for fuel The people of Israel would eat ceremonially defiled food in nations that would capture them (Ezekiel 4:4–13)
Ezekiel shaved his head and beard and burned one third of the hair, cut one third of it and threw it to the wind, and tucked some in his garment One third of the people of Jerusalem would die by plague or famine, one third by the sword and one third be scattered. (Ezekiel 5:1–4,12)
There may be times when God will ask you (or someone else) to enact the prophetic word rather than just speaking it. This is Symbolic gesture or Symbolic action that God is leading you to do. The Symbolic gesture or Symbolic action conveys the prophetic message to the audience.

Symbolic actions

Symbol Meaning
Hosea married an adulterous woman who left him and then he brought her back and loved her again God will restore Israel even though she has sinned against God (Hosea 1:2,3; 3:2,5)
Agabus tied himself with Paul’s girdle The Jews in Jerusalem would bind up Paul (Acts 21:10–12)
John ate a scroll John was to receive the message the Lord was about to give him (Revelation 10:9–11)
Symbolic numbers
Symbol Meaning
Seven Perfection (Genesis 2:2,3 Revelation 1:12; 4:5: 5:1; 8:1; 15:1; 16:1)
Forty Testing (Moses’ 40 years in Midian, Israel 40 years in the wilderness, Jesus’ 40 days of temptation)
In most cases take the number in its literal sense, unless God specifically intends to use it in a symbolic way.

Symbolic colors
God may use colors in a symbolic way. Once again, take the literal
sense, unless the ‘symbolic’ is specifically assigned by God.
Purple represents royalty (Judges 8:26, Esther 1:6; 8:15) or wealth
(Proverbs 31:22)
White represents purity and righteousness (Isaiah 1:18, Revelation
1:14; 3:4,5)
Some of the above information has been adapted from the following
Basic Bible Interpretation—A Practical Guide to Discovering Bible

Here is an example of a dream taken from my journal and how I went
through the interpretation process of the dream:
Saturday September 05, 2009
Had a strange dream last night. There were three parts to this dream. In the first part, I saw myself handling some thin small snakes. They were easy to handle. One of them slithered off and crawled away very fast. I caught the other one and smashed its head and threw it out of the window, onto the road where I thought some people further crushed it under their feet. In the next part of the dream, I saw a very fierce venomous cobra in my way. It was very angry and ready to attack. I was wondering for a moment why God was allowing this to come against me. Then I saw myself rolling a potted plant over the snake, and as the snake was trying to react to this surprise move, I jumped over and crossed over the snake and continued on my journey. In the third part of the dream, I saw myself in what seemed like the first floor of a wooden house and I wanted to go down the wooden stairs but there was a huge snake like a python or an anaconda—something of a size that could either swallow me or strangle me. I was wondering how to get past this. I then saw about 3–4 live chicken all arranged, with their legs tied, so that they could not move. So I took one of these birds and threw them to the snake. It caught the bird and began to feed on it. And as it was doing so, I jumped over it and went on my way. I woke up this morning trying to understand what all this meant. The meaning did not come to me right away, so I kept it aside in my memory, hoping that the meaning of this would come to me at a later point.
We had our Pastors and Ministry Leaders’ gathering today at home, and when my turn came, I was sharing what I had learnt from Judges 20, earlier this week. Israel asking counsel from God and then going to battle against one of their own tribes, the Benjamites. Two times they faced defeat and at the third attempt, they had a ‘strategy’ and saw the victory God had spoken to them. As I was sharing this, a light came on inside of me, connecting my dream to the message from Judges 20. What God was indicating to me through the dream is that to overcome (get past) what the devil is doing, we need to outsmart the devil. There are some devils that are easy to deal with. However there are other demonic forces that obstruct our path and all we need to do is outsmart the devil. Be wiser than the enemy. Use divine strategy to get past the demonic powers that come in our way.
But now I began to ask two questions: Do we see this principle in Scripture? Does the Bible indicate anywhere about overcoming the devil by wisdom or divine strategy or anything of outsmarting the devil? And second, how do we do this in practical life? As I kept these two questions in mind, intending to research them later, I realized that the Cross was a place where Christ triumphed over demonic powers (Colossians 2:14,15). The Cross was a place where God demonstrated both His Wisdom and Power (1 Corinthians 1:23,24). The wisdom of God was part of what overthrew the powers of darkness on the Cross. This wisdom is given to the Church and is to be expressed through the Church (1 Corinthians 2:6–8, Ephesians 3:8–11).

apocalypse of the seerSteps by Steps Internal and External Dream Interpretation

REMEMBER: Interpretation belongs to the Lord. You must depend on Holy Spirits to help. Dream interpretation is a working of the Spirit of God. It is supernatural work not natural.

Internal vs. External Dreams

Internal Dreams – an internal dream is primarily about the dreamer.

 Most your dreams will be about YOU!

 Internal dreams are dreams of self-disclosure.

 It is a common pitfall for a Dreamer to apply a message in their dream to others and miss the personal message God was sending to them.

 When interpreting your own dream it is wise to first ask the Lord how this dream applies to you before attempting to apply it to others.

External Dreams – an external dream is a dream about an outside event or person.

 This type of dream speaks about more than your own personal life. They may involve the dreamer, but will also have a wider scope.

 External dreams may relate to your sphere of influence. The larger the sphere authority the more you may have external dreams.

Step by Step

Reduce the dream to its simplest form.

In lengthy dreams, it is best to break them down scene by scene.

Remember Context determines interpretation.

Determine whether a serious of repetitious dreams are involved.

Often consecutive dreams in the same night will be speaking of the same subject.

Repetitious dreams are sometimes given to us to help us make us desperate for understanding from God. Desperation draws us into intimacy!

Repetitious Dreams can be given by God to bring added clarity to a matter. Remember, the more clearly God speaks on a matter, the more accountable you are to obey what He has spoken.

A repeated or recurring dream may mean the issue is established by God and He will bring it shortly to pass.

Analyze your dream by asking a serious of basic questions.

Where are you in the dream?

Are you observing?

Are you participating?

Are you the focus?

Who is this dream about?

What are the object, thoughts, & emotions in the dream?

What people are in your dream? What character trait or calling does the person represent to you? What does the person’s name mean? What is their relation to you?

What are the colors in the dream?

Do certain numbers appear?

What is your initial thoughts about what the dream pertains too?

Questions, Questions, Questions???

Journal your dreams.

When you journal your dreams you are putting forth your best effort to steward what God has given you. Stewarding revelation from God is the best way to bring increase into your life.

Journaling shows God that you cherish what He gives you.

Often times the simple discipline of writing down your dreams will bring understanding to you concerning them.

Journal Tips

Date your dream at the top of your page and note where you were at when you received it.

Record your dream, including as much detail as you remember.

Write out possible interpretations underneath that.

Write out questions about the dream. “Why was the car green?” “Why was my mother in that dream?” etc.

Title your dream LAST:

  1. Boil your dream down to its simplest form. 2. Always let your title reflect the simplest meaning of the dream. 3. Often times you will have the interpretation of your dream just by determining a fitting title.

(More to come on How you can Personally Interprets Your Dreams and Visions for People General Needs)


A – Apply patient, wisdom and faith in all what you have dreamed about now and future.

B – Be careful how you interpret your dreams wrongly.

C – Caution and be serious on what you have seen in your dreams before saying it out.

D – Destroy demonic dreams immediately after you wake up with aggressive prayer of faith and curse your enemies in prayer.

E – Exercise the good dreams you have dreamed.

F – Fortify yourself when your dreamed life is in good or bad conditions.

G – Growing your good dream to manifest in prayer and fasting.

H – Handover your good dreams unto God for effective action.

I – Improve your imagination positively to have good dream always

J – Judge your dream lives through Bible dreams.

K – Kill satanic seed and failure over your dreams.

L – Look for way out when you always forget dreams you believe is important.

M – Minding your prayer over your good, when late to fulfill

N – Nullify spiritualism work or scarifies over your good or bad dreams, but pray about it.

O – Oppression’s can create good or bad dreams.

P – Power of satan had blank the mind of people who say I don’t dream or forget dream, check your meditation.

Q – Qualification does not determine the level of your dream world.

R – Rule over flesh dreams by using your positive words and thought always.

S – Stand on the truth of the word of God to overcome dreams Goliath and Herod.

T – Try to write your good dream down.

U – Understanding the purpose of your good or bad dreams, and adjust your mind by renew it always for your divine assistant.

W – Water your dream through obedience and commandment of God.

X – X-RAY of lives in your common good or bad dreams.

Y – You must not tell your dreams to the wolf or hater or someone that dislike your progress or good things.

Z – Zealous not to forget your daily prayer over of good or bad dreams, if forget or remember, because the world is a battle field of the flesh.

Your dream is your spiritual star in the spirit world, if your dream interpretation in this book is not equal with the meaning. You need adequate attention, all the positive meaning in this book will be fulfill within seven days if the instruction is properly follow without sin. This book had been written more than five years under the leadership of Holy Spirit.

And we dreamed a dream in one night, I and he; we dreamed each man according to the interpretation of his dream.

And there was there with us a young man, an Hebrew, servant to the captain of the guard; and we told him, and he interpreted to us our dreams; to each man according to his dream he did interpret.

And it came to pass, as he interpreted to us, so it was; me he restored unto mine office, and him he hanged.

Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they brought him hastily out of the dungeon: and he shaved himself, and changed his raiment, and came in unto Pharaoh.

And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, I have dreamed a dream, and there is none that can interpret it: and I have heard say of thee, that thou canst understand a dream to interpret it.

And Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, It is not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace.   Genesis 41:11-16. This book in your hand is an answer of peace for you and for these generation.


There are false apostles and false prophets now that are practicing magic. A lot of so-called Christians are now victim of them   Matthew 24:11-25. Many of these people were sent to the world in order to win souls to hell and convert the heart of deceivers with false miracle of sea gods and white magic 1Tim. 5:3, the damnation doctrine of heresies of destruction that will damn the soul, lust and slander of the truth have destroyed multitudes. In order to get money to spend upon their own lust, they fabricate counterfeit doctrine, false theories and pretend miracles to deceive, God predicted their punishment long ago and their damnation is sure 2 Pet.2:1-3. In this last day there’s a lot of believers who are trapped and captured by heresies of the false, the name of  the magicians who withstood Moses and exercised satanic power until stopped by God are found here 2 Tim. 3:1-9.

Here the idea is that of pretending by incantations to raise the dead, coerce spirits to revealed the unknown, foretell events, foretell stars issues, heal, inflict diseases, counteract evil amulets of charms, interpret dreams, calculate sex of children before birth and foretell by the planet daily life ,this sound like 21st century. Many of these categories of people should confess and show the deception of their deeds of pretending supernatural skill or change or reconcile to true God for their end will worst horribly that their deceived beginning.  Read Acts 19 clearly to see evidence, the book that taught these so-called sciences and how they do these things were burned there Lk. 12: 29.



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