Deliverance from satan


Satanic control over man is in degrees. This ranges from mere intimidation to full possession of human being. The devil could influence a person or take full possession of him depending on how much place he gives him. The devil can attack your body, soul or even your spirit if you let him. The Scripture frankly warned us not to give place to the devil (Eph. 4:27).

  1. Regression: implies a return to an earlier state or condition. Reversion into a more primitive form or state. Sliding backward in spiritual power or force, return to an earlier state
  2. Repression: means to put down by force or under. To present from finding a way of escape or outlet. To retrain. Repression often results into abnormal behavior. Anything that prevents an expression of joy and happiness or one’s inner feelings is devilish. Some husbands, bosses, home, religions could be repressive. The act of repressing; control by holding down
  3. Retrogression: mean a deterioration of which I borrow another word retrogression of life, a directed backward, retreading; especially inferior state, or decline to previous state, inverse, reverse of progress movement opposites to normal worse. A return to less complex condition, less advance state to becoming more a life. This spirit remove one from caliber state by injected or programmed their victim with dreams and imaginations of retrogression, deterioration at work with governor of circumstances in the supernatural world against the victim time on earth.
  4. Suppression: meaning forcefully preventing inhibit or put a stop to an activity or existence. To prevent from being known or seen. It is an enslavement of the mind, putting down by power or authority. Both repression and suppression inflicts injuries on the body, soul and spirit of a man. It is often an artificial pressure from the outside to gag a person’s mind. The act of withholding or withdrawing someone book of destiny or withholding written code of conduct from God’s Will publication or curriculum on earth.
  5. Affliction: which mean permanent state ancestral spirit affirmed through blood line age against it prey in any of his/her achievement to pervert better life in level of mind from being free in the cage of abasement. It also mean A state of great suffering and distress due to adversity dominion. Both in spiritual, financial, glory, marital, and other area of progress with the growth of success with afflict chained necked it victim at stagnancy realm to death if not acknowledge, madness of the spirit to the race of men (Eccl. 7:7). Affliction is a state of great suffering, distress in getting no help at all actual time of need. Curse spirit of affliction possessed a man soul bow it soul to the against the height in the realm of progress in continuing occasionally suffering till death. This spirit cause one to be spiritually blind, deaf and dump from getting way out or escape.
  6. Depression: this means to press, push or pull down. At this level, the mind is being conquered against its wish. The person has been pressed down to the point where his/her spirit is broken or crushed! Here one seems unable to rise socially, economically or spiritually.

A depressed person would look sad, pieces, and inadequate. They often feel dejected, inadequate and hopeless. Loss of activity occurs. Surprisingly, many believers do put up a depressive look. Looking sad, or wearing a long face is not in way a sign of spirituality but a sigh of the devil at work, Of insufficient quantity to meet a need. Believers are supposed to be the happiest people on earth because they are ordained to live and work in the supernatural realm of God.

7. Oppression: It an act of subjugating by spirit of insurrection. oppression connotes overpower to keep down, weigh down, or cause to feel troubles, unsafe or uncomfortable, with anxiety. Oppression could be in form of inflicting pains. A pressure to harass, to crush or ravish. An oppressed is burdened with a load he/she cannot bear in his/her body or mind.

Oppression could come through fear, disaster, sickness or diseases, discomfort, disability, disappointment, opposition or some experiences in the dreams. Oppression often develops into a condition called “mental depression”. Oppression could be in the realm of the body, soul and spirit.

8. Obsession: it is a compulsive preoccupation and disastrous state of mind. Here, the mind is occupied with a fixed idea. The mind is policed or besieged with an idea, song, doctrines or emotion to an unreasonable length. It is an inescapable, unavoidable and persistent preoccupation of the mind by a deceiving spirit.

A person could be obsessed with a song or a doctrine. Religious fanatics are in most cases obsessed by the spirit of that religion. An obsessed person cannot help himself. He cannot by himself come out of the error or doctrine. He needs someone else to help him.

Obsessions often begin with doctrinarians or brainwashing. The devil often succeeds in doing this through the use of literature and lying tongues. Arguing with an obsessed person does not yield anything positive. What the person needs is intercessory/ warfare prayers.

9. Possession: to possess means to own, have, ruled, control, occupy or dominate. To be demon-possessed mean that a person is controlled by evil spirits. The devil has taken, over his/her spirit, soul (mind) and the body, using it as his own. A few of such individual are found on the streets or psychiatric hospitals as insane. Such insanity could be temporary or complete. Many of them are also fund in the churches, ministries, bible schools, and the like serving as ‘agents of darkness’. They are found numerous in the pagan societies, serving the devil as pioneers. They are often possessed by a power or a ruling demon.

With the exception of individuals that are dedicated to the devil from the womb or while still a child and persons that are initiated into Satanism, occult’s or spiritualism, satanic control over man could follow in stages from regeneration to possession. Possession is the highest level of satan control, while either of regression, repression, suppression or depression could be the starting point.

There is a degree of possessions that is commonly found in the pagan society. It is caused by the spirit of idolatry. Through idolatrous pollution, a person could be selected as a wife of the gods. As such, an anti-family spirit from the altar of the god follows after the person. Such anti-family spirit attacks marriages with a bid to destroy family units. Its victims are afflicted with prostitution, sexual perversion, barrenness, marital conflicts, divorce, miscarriage, still birth, death of infants, late marriage or no marriage.

The spirit marries people spiritually to satan from familiar geniality. It parades itself as the spirit wife/husband of its victim. It would prevent an engagement and often attack ones marriage partner until the relationship is broken. If they succeed to marry, it would afflict then with barrenness, conflicts, still-birth, miscarriage and the likes!

The Lord taught me that this anti-family spirit does not stay in its victim. While host of allied forces e.g. anger, barrenness, death e.t.c, are put in the person, it comes and goes to oppress its victim especially in the night time. Its legal ground had always been soul-tie and covenants. Often, it is a covenant made by the parent with idol on behave of the person when young or while yet born.

Victims of anti-family spirits would often dream of caressing, intercourse, seeing sexual organs, breast feeding, or getting wedding e. t. c. In extreme cases, because of its jealousy for bride/husband, the marriage partner is also attacked and is seriously battered by this spirits. His body, business and spiritual life are attacked! This idolatrous devil would often beat, claw and pursue after its victim especially in the dream night period.

This anti-family spirit should discern and dealt with through Holy Spirit Power and superiority. Counseling, pleading, settlement, running away from family and friends or separation with the victim is not the solution but deliverance prayers of direction from Holy Spirit is the way.

With regression, repression and suppression, a person needs to look into the perfect Law of Liberty, which is the Word of God and be free. At this level, self-deliverance would be. Let the person pray with the Scriptures, claiming the promises and Will of God for himself or herself and would be totally delivered in Jesus Name.

The people in the fourth and fifth categories (depressed and oppressed) however need the assistance of a believer with them. They must know the Truth to be free. They must listen to the word and believe the word of God as it relates to their situation, and they will be made whole.

know These As A Believer

Holding on the word of God, a believer can pray, binding the spirit of infirmity over his body or mind. He could rebuke the works of the devil in his body/mind with faith, and he would be made whole. A believer can resist the devil and he (devil) will from him.

An obsessed or possessed individual’s deliverance totally depends on someone else’s faith, and prayers of deliverance. He is a prisoner of hope. Remember, what we’re dealing with here is not the person, but the spirit that is in control of the person. We look not at the face, but inside. An all-out war with the controlling force(s) is inevitable.

In any case, Jesus came to set the captives free (Isaiah 61:1-3) there is no one that cannot be delivered.  All captives can go free. “even the lawful captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and he prey of the terrible shall be delivered…” (Isaiah 49:25).

There is something you must know if you’re caught up with the devil to any degree:

There is hope, hope for you;

When you think all hope is gone

My Jesus gives peace in the midst

Of the storm He’ll fix it for you Trust in Him.

-melody emmanson

Don’t be fearful. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be despondent. Jesus came that you might have life, and have it abundance. Look for an anointed minister of the Gospel around you to pray with you. You will be made whole. Only believe, for “all things are possible to them that believe” (Mk. 9:23).




The most common form of demonic attack on man is oppression. Demons often use the body of people to perpetrate their wicked acts. Many afflictions that people suffer are mostly due to demonic oppression. Bad dreams, eating, fighting, intercourse in the dream, dumbness, deafness, arthritis, tumor, asthma, blindness, aids, etc., are physical works of demons in portions of the body. Deliverance is the key. Cast out the spirit in change and the person would be healed.

Incurable diseases, conditions that cannot be diagnosed or treated are both signs and symptoms of a demon of infirmity at work. Cases of hypertension, asthma, paralysis, diabetes, heart disease, dullness and epilepsy have been healed by casting out a spirit of infirmity. Hiv/aids victims, cancer and anaemic patients have been healed by this means.

In ministering to the oppressed, let the person know through the Scripture that the plan and will of God is to heal and deliver. Let the oppressed know that healing is meant for him. Make him act on the Truth and he shall be made whole.

Deliverance is real; healing is quite available to those who believe. One fact you have got to believe is that demons are very obedient to the Name of Jesus. Although healing may be gradual processing sometimes, deliverance may be delayed, requiring a protracted battle, yet healing is certain and deliverance can be sure.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.” (Zach. 4:6).

Sometimes, evil spirits will take control of a person’s mind, as earlier explained. This is called obsession. Many Christians are obsessed and they don’t even know it. They carry and teach heresies, even damnable heresies about. They are so obsessed with such doctrines that no one can correct them! They seem to know the Bible more than the Holy Spirit who inspired it writing! When a pastor is obsessed with lie of the devil, soon his whole congregation gets obsessed with even more than he!

Never argue with or criticize an obsessed person for his mind is not free. The mind is seriously influenced or possessed by the devil. In preaching or ministering to the obsessed, bind that devil of error first, before you engage him in any discussion.

You will get many obsessed person set free if you will take authority over the spirit in control of their mind by faith and then sow the Word.

Many memebers of our churches are bound, influenced, intimidated, obsessed and are possessed by demons. They need deliverance. A lot of cases of social, marital, economic and academic problems that people have are directed as a result of demons at work in their lives. Such problems or complaints would defy any counseling or prayers until you deal with the demon behind the scene.

I have discovered that many people in the idolatrous society were initiated into cults, spiritism, emere, ogbanje or sorcery, witchcraft, or immediately after they were born. Unfortunately, when demons begin to manifest at the early years of the child’s life, they take them to mediums that often make incision on the face in a bid to kill the spiritual vision of the child. So from that moment, the child would not see or hear those demons again! But they are very much inside the person. They operate through the person, against himself, others and the church. The person is blinded to the activities of these demons in his life.

These demons operate through his ‘carrier.’ By the time he is waking up, all activities that took place in the night is wiped off his memory! Occasionally, he would remember that he did some unusual things in his dreams such as eating, drinking, having sex etc.

He would have some unusual, bad and filthy experiences. He is unable to control himself in many areas of his life. Some sins seem to have dominion over him. So often he is oppressed. Yet he appears deeply religious. The earlier made demonic covenants thus serve as a legal ground for satan to oppress him.

Unfortunately, because of this ‘complicated’ problems, which their pastors do not seem to know about, these folks, are very active in church programs. And before long, they are promoted and ranked high in the church. The resultant effect of this is that they now fine it difficult to share these problems with brethren in their church. They soon learn to cope!

What he devil often does is to match-make such individual with would-be ministers of God. The minister is in turn oppressed! The devil would through her influence, intimidate and disturb the man, his home, his ministry and his destiny! If they have a child at all, the child would be oppressed being disabilities!  The man of God is battered and oppressed possibly with under serious demonic manipulation, intimidation and control. He often question God: “why me?” often, the family experiences unusual oppression that seem to defy prayers!

The Lord is ever willing to deliver anyone who will humble himself before Him. Please do not misunderstand me, I do not mean to say that a person or minister who has a disabled child is demon-possessed. I have seen proven men and women of God who have disabled children and some have lost a child. The devil does attack ministers and their homes more than anyone else.

Inevitably, these initial covenants with the kingdom of darkness, whether one is conscious of it or not, or perhaps it was even done on one’s behalf, such covenant must be renounced and broken. As such, the devil’s legal ground of oppression in one’s life would be destroyed in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.


The past, present and future of satan and his demons are well spelt out in the Scripture. The book of Ezekiel tells us the devil’s past. Satan was created by God. He was an embodiment of beauty. He ruled in Eden the garden of God. Satan was lifted up in his mind by reason of his beauty and brightness. (Ezk. 28:12-19).

Satan was not content with his beauty, brightness, intelligence and as an archangel, the highest order of God’s creation, he conspired against God!

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

Satan did carry out a revolt in Heaven with the angels that he succeeded in deceiving. Michael and his angels fought with satan and his angels and “he (satan) was cast into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him”

Lucifer fell. He became satan, the devil. He lost his angelic office and became a destroyer. He is anti-God in everything he does or says since!

Now when satan was to carry out his rebellion against God, the Bible told us that “his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast then to the earth” (Rev. 12:4).

Satan succeeded in seducing a great multitude of angels in heaven. These fallen angels are under the devil’s kingdom and dominion today. They constitute his rulers and emissaries. They are called demons, unclean spirits, devils, adversaries, or false accusers.

Demons are disembodied spirits and do not seem to be able to operate in the material world except they take embodiment in man, animals, bird and even fishes under the sea. They cannot be seen with physical eyes. As fallen spirits, they seek a body so they can have expressions in this world, and manifest their evil desires. These alien entities, went to destroy the work of God especially man. Warfare begins with them when one gets born again and goes around destroying their works.



Primarily, demons are evil beings. I like calling them evil genius. They are very intelligent and evil desperate. (Acts. 16:16). They have knowledge; they’ve been here for at least more than 6, 000 years now! They have feelings (Mk. 5:7). They have desires, will and they can perform miracles (Matt. 8:28, 12:43-45, Rev. 16: 13-16).

When demons enter a person they can cause sickness and diseases (Matt. 4:23-24), lunacy, barrenness, dumbness, blindness, torments, error, etc.

They could cause a person to have wealth, high intelligence, understanding to make scientific or technology discoveries, supernatural strength oppressions and soon. (Mk. 25:41).

Demons could make someone sing very brilliantly, preach, teach, betray, prophesy accurately, tell fortune good and evil and they could imitate departed spirits.

The devil has his kingdom set up in the immediate heavens above us. His kingdom is well organized and business-like.  The Bible says:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Some of the devil’s emissaries bear names like- appollyon, Beelzebub, abaddon, beast, jezebel, leviathan, Babylon, ashteroth, Cybele, Irene, Diana, venus, magog, holy mary, orions, maddona, mammon, asmodee, raa, jupitar, ariton, paimon, baal, mammy water, moleck, Bacchus, Buddha, Allah, holy Michael etc.

These spirits and others assume different names under different cultures and peoples, and they have specific operations that they control. The devil and his agents control the world through food, sex, violence, religions, music, occultism, politics, finances and militarizes agencies. In his kingdom, spiritual gifts, money, power, knowledge, bisexualities with beast animals etc. is given with sole aim of attacking God and the church.

The Bible says that the devil rules in the darkness. He is the prince of darkness of this world. His might is built in hiding. He keeps his deeds in darkness, in secrets orders, rituals etc. the devil loose his strength when the Light comes in.

The devil’s boasts about his strength is revealed in Isaiah:… for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves: (Isa. 28: 14-21).

The Lord Jesus Christ truly called the devil “a liar” and a father of lies. (John 8: 44) he has held the whole world under his lying tongue.

Demons vary in wickedness and power (Matt. 12:45, Mk. 9: 29). In live on earth the demons governing as principalities and powers over nations and cities or territories of mankind’s. They are here, and would remain, till the set time, when they would be bound and cast into hell and judgment shoe of the last day.


All through the Bible, God gave and called satan all sort of names. These names are of great significance to us because they speak of satan’s nature, characters, identity, works and his rulership power.



  1. Prince of this world Jn.12:31, Eph. 2: 1-3
  2. Prince of darkness Eph. 6:12
  3. Prince of the power of air Eph. 2: 2
  4. god of this world  II Cor. 4: 4
  5. The anointed cherub Ez. 28: 14
  6. Lucifer   Is.14: 12
  7. Devil      Rev.12: 9
  8. Angel of light     II Cor. 11: 3
  9. Satan         Job 1: 6
  10. Serpent     II Cor. 11: 3
  11. Enemy     Mtt.13: 39
  12. Temper     Matt.4: 3
  13. Accuser of the brethren      Rev.12: 10
  14. The wicked one       Matt.13: 19, 38; 1 Jn. 5: 18
  15. The thief      Jn.10: 10
  16. Adversary    1Pet.5: 8-9
  17. Murderer     Jn.8: 44
  18. The father of lies      Jn.8: 44
  19. Sower of discord     Matt.13: 39
  20. A cunning spirit     II Cor. 2: 11, 11: 14
  21. A coward      James 4: 7
  22. A roaring lion     I Pet. 5: 8
  23. An oppressor     Acts 10: 38

These names are no appellations or abuses. Rather, they give us some salient information about satan. Some unwise Christians go about abusing the devil! I have heard brethren say: “the foolish devil”

“The foul stinking satan” “the powerless satan”! On this I need not to say anything, but I’ll simply refer such to Jude 9-11. However, satan is not a powerless entity. Satan is only powerless before a believer who has his amour on. As long as we believe that satan is powerless, the church will suffer under his tyrannical rule.

All unbelievers are under the direct control of satan. They belong to the kingdom of darkness (Eph. 2: 2-11; II Cor. 6: 14-18), they are in league with the devil. An average unbeliever can be used by the devil at any time. They could assume any of the above listed identities of satan. In II Cor. 6: 14, the unbelievers are called darkness and believers called light. Unbelievers, whether they admit it or not, are governed, ruled and motivated by evil forces (Eph. 2: 1-3).



The devil seeks to oppress, obsess or oppress anybody, believer or no believe. The unbelievers are actually under the direct domination of the kingdom of darkness whether they admit it or not.

The devil would possess a believer, tongue-talking, Holy Ghost-filled believer if he/she allows him. This is why the Bible says:

“Neither give place to the devil.” (Eph. 4:27); and again, “…Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (Jas. 4: 7). Also, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walking about, seeking whom he may devour; whom resist steadfast in the faith.”

(1 Pet. 5: 8-9).

Children of God are duty protected. God has a hedge built round about His people. The devil cannot pierce through this hedge except we let him. Except we break the hedge through sin. In Eccl.10: 8 we see that “…whosoever breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him”.  Job broke God’s hedge that was built round his life with fear! And the devil struck.

Judas Iscariot, chosen and called a disciple and an Apostle by Jesus was oppressed, obsessed and finally possessed by the devil to betray Jesus.

Let’s see John chapter thirteen. In verse two, Judas was oppressed by the devil. “satan tempted him”. In verse ten; Judas was obsessed, for Jesus said; “…and ye are clean, but not all”. The impure though had taken control of Judas’ mind. In verse 27, we read, “and after the sop, satan entered into him;” he was possessed!

People who claim to be children of God but live a carnal life, or a life of sin, opens the door to death. Why on earth would a Christian meddle with sin? Remember, king Saul was an anointed man of God, a king over the nation of Israel. He played with sin, he got oppressed, obsessed and possessed! He died miserable. Ananias and saphira were brethren in the Lord. They played with sin once and that was their end.

The devil is more apt to kill now than ever because he knows that his time is short. “Whosoever breaketh an hedge a serpent shall bite him”. Nothing gives demon a legal ground to steal, kill and destroy as sin.



After deliverance, a believer should seek to get closer to God. It is important that one’s gets acquainted with God through the Word of God. Feed and live on the Word day and night. (ii Cor. 3:18; Pro. 4: 20-22).

Be mindful of whom you associate with. Keep company with children of God. As well, begin to fellowship in an apostolic or Pentecostal church that is near to you. (ii Cor. 6: 14-17; Heb. 10: 25). Watch what you read, look or listen to. Get busy for the Lord in His vineyard.

Seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and always speak in the Holy Ghost. Put on the whole armour of God (Eph. 6:12-18), have your armour on. Don’t wait for the devil to run after you, rather you begin to run after him. Begin to destroy his works in the lives of others. Join up with the body of Christ in intercessory to the world and evangelism the world.

I suddenly discovered that most of the people that came to our office these days for deliverance prayers are Christians! I mean Holy Ghost filled, tongue-talking Christians. They complain of oppression especially in their dreams sex in the dreams, eating, fighting, uncleanness, murder and some terrible experiences. Few of them were actually confirmed to have demons oppressing them. But what most of them have is Mr. Flesh. Unfortunately, you can only cast out devils, you can’t cast out flesh. The Bible says:

Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. (Gal. 5:19-21).

Surprisingly, while believers live in the flesh, they do not want the works of the flesh to manifest in their lives. The truth of the matter is, a believer that lives in the flesh will manifest the work of the flesh, not only while awake, but also in his dreams.

 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. (Gal. 6: 7-8).

2015 - 1 (50)

The Covenant Zeal That Overcomes The Flesh And Seven Ways To Destroy Them All Fleshes:-

  1. The power in the Blood of Jesus Christ. There’s power mighty in the Blood of Jesus Christ, the heavenly being uses this Blood and overcome so this is perfect evidence assurance of victory over the wicked one of all race. Bind the devils through this Blood and it will be so. (Rev. 12:10-11)
  2. The power in the Name of Jesus Christ. Use the Name of Jesus Christ is will work for you through your faith, not until you have big faith in this Name but little faith His order us to use. (Phi. 2:9-11)
  3. The word of God which is the sword of the Christian. The word of God is the evidence of the believer on earth, it’s our mirror on earth, it’s our guide on earth, it’s our witness on earth, so without it no victory because Jesus Christ also use it to overcome His enemy. (1 Jn. 5:4-5)
  4. The Cross of which you must daily carry. Don’t rest to carry your Cross. True spiritual Cross it’s a weapon of believers in the last day to overcome the evil one. Carry your Cross daily is by the Spirit way of fruitfulness and endurance to the firm obedient to the Holy Spirit of God. Heb. 12: 7; James 5: 11, and never be like the present day believers with present day doctrines. (Col. 2:14)
  5. Prayer without season. Prayer without rest. Every war and battle in within the spirit with the believers must war against the flesh, without fervent prayer of righteousness the war against the flesh it’s in vain. Hot prayer and righteous prayer needed to tackle and resist the flesh to die here of all self. (Eph. 6:18)
  6. The power to deny the self and flesh. Denying self will make believers more fervent in the Spirit work and dominating over flesh and it controls over circumstances and arena. this also silent the mr. flesh at all levels. (1Cor. 15:31, 36).
  7. To always follow Master (1 Pet. 2: 21). Jesus Christ is the Master of the universe and Christians are destined to follow Him in other way to overcome mr. flesh. (Eph. 6:9; Col. 4:1).


Let’s live in the Spirit and we shall not fulfill the works of the flesh.