Seer Discovery

seer discovery

Seer Discovery is a vision of Apostle/Prophet Akanbi Jesu Adekanbi as the visionary and frontiers seer of Jesus Christ, I listing to Jesus in the past Revelation as He told me of the next suffering on earth as the world beginning to work in wisdom of the right and wrong in the end time. Seer Discovery is a purpose vision of the Seer Akanbi as Jesus Apostle paid to operate in the knowledge of the seeing the Spirit as clear called vessel unto honor and glory. Seer Discovery is to illuminating the secret kept in the day of light in the both the Word of God and the Spiritual Revelation gift of the nations of this present age. Truth is the key to Revelation (Apocalypses) of this relationship with God the Creator. Seer Discovery is more Revelation in term of personality of the individual person and things God wonderfully made and He is fearfully created on the surface of the earth. Seer Discovery is to be guided by the Holy Spirit in enhances to see clearly of salvation as foundation of step up to the preparation to the journey or destination of unknown to the race of the age. The demarcation between the light and the darkness is simply the Truth; man must know the Truth and freedom follow with existence.

The tertiary institution life style is a modern life style, where you learn modern life, it can also be called a modern life of institution, I mean polytechnic, university and college of education, at this level you will be given an unguided liberty, your parents will be away from you, your guidance will be far from you, it will remain only you and whom you are; may be these people have been an hindrance to you to act out yourself and this has made a pretender in life but when you get to institutions you will come out of your shell.

Seer Discovery it’s an institutional level, a level in which your power of choice will be excused because you’re to meet with strong passengers and they will begin to teach and lecture you on how to go about your life, then you will be free to select or choose the way you want to live and start building on the foundation you have laid in your puberty stage.



I can discover an opposed power on earth, that is the power of choice, this power is that most powerful and gracious power confided on man by God, such power that God Almighty who confide it on man will not oppose it, neither the enemy of the brethren, “devil” nor any principality and power or any forces or spiritual wickedness can oppose this power of choice but the only one who is given the grace and ability to oppose the power of choice is oneself, I mean you yourself.

Sincerely, the major enemy man is having on earth is himself and until you can overcome self, you cannot discover whom God want to be or your destiny, self is to be carnally minded, having a nature of sin, the pride of life, wrong mentality and some other ungodly manners of life, watch yourself if any of these attitude is in you, you are still under the bandage of self, I mean by still seeing yourself not seeing the purpose of God for your life.

Until you overcome this self before you can make a right choice in life; any circumstances around you or people around you who stand as enemy or the devil himself may only have an opinion of you but the power to make their opinion not to determine you is very much in your hand.

Like the man whom an oracle said is going to die as pauper, he said to himself never will I die as pauper and he did not allow the oracle decision to determine him, therefore this man did not only become the richest man in his time but he also become king and rule for the rest of his life, the choice you make will determine you and nothing else.

God said I His word that it has been given unto man to differentiate good from evil so the choice is yours. Deut. 30:19

God Almighty has already clarify the issue that the Heaven and earth is the witness between Him and you that He has given you the grace to choose out of all these options, life and death, blessing and curse, therefore you are to choice what your destiny will be. If you die as pauper or as sinner and end up in eternal death and condemnation, that is what you have choose by yourself, when Jabez’s parents made and evil opinion of him through the family background, Jabez rejected it and he decided to make another choice of destiny so the grace is still there for you to make a new decision because when there is life there is hope.

The power of choice is simply the grace of God given to mankind to make decision and ability to act according to the decision taken, so to me, this life is by choice not by chance, choice can be made by anybody but chance comes when one is fortunate and fortune is by chance, it does not come to everybody.

Now at this junction who is to blame? God, problems, family background, education background or yourself, you as a lawyer, after knowing the truth judge the matter, the power of choice have been given to you and the grace to change that uninteresting destiny is also available for you as Jabez did an also ability to perform is added it then what is stopping you? You have no excuse.

You have to arise and start something immedialty, take a step toward any achievable thing, add all ingredients like diligence, faithfulness to yourself and God, commitment, determination and tolerant, do not despise your little beginning, remember that drops of water makes mighty ocean and hundred kilometer race begins at a step, nobody can at once jump to the top of the ladder, you have to climb it one after the other, the secret is to start something immediately because a stitch in time saves nine.

Everyone on this earth have the power to choose the way he or she want to live his or her and no one can stop you; except you choose to submit to anything in life, nothing on the surface of the earth or in Heaven cab forcefully exercise any domination over you, even the government you have vow to submit to, still make some laws that guide you power of choice which is the law of fundamental human right, right to personal liberty, right to make an opinion, freedom of expression and soon, this is the power of choice given to man by God Almighty, that no one can oppose on earth.

One thing I discover about people is that, people are yet to overcome mentality, so they decided to make wrong choice, many believed that without lying or deceiving people they cannot make it in life while many believed until they kill people and use them for money ritual before they can make it in life while many other believed in engaging in 419 (419 is the number for fraudsters) or armed robbery before they can make it and so many wrong mentality but way to the top were simple, and steady without evil or harmful, its only need to make right choice toward the discovery of the potential in you, the little ability you have is enough to make you a significant someone in life.

Many choose to be murderer, some choose to be prostitute, many choose to be cocaine dealer, while some choose to be in secret cult, many other choose to be witches and wizard and they submit their power of choose to the devil to take over, sincerely they know the implication of handing over to satan, bible says “ devil came to still, kill and to destroy, is as simply as that, yet God will never oppose their choice because He say, I Am very soon and My reward with Me to pay unto anyone according to his deed.

This life is all about law of harvest that is everything you sow you will reap, if you choose to sow good, you will reap it and it bad you will also reap it, if you sow wickedness you will reap it, and if you sow kindness you will also reap it and if you sow diligence you will reap it and if laziness you will reap the fruit of laziness, everyone will surely reap the work of his or her labour; you better choose to make a right choice to right part in life that you may enjoy the best part of life.

In this same world that people decided to choose the right part, some choose to become president, some choose be governor, some choose to be doctor or lawyer or engineer or businessman, while some choose to go to school, some choose to be an apprentice and some choose to be blessing to people around them; to tell the fact, you are the product of your choice.

If a man is successfully painted the picture of what he want to become in his mind, there is n0 force or demon on earth that is capable of restraining him from attaining his dream, I want you to know that where you are today is a matter of the choice you make yesterday, although, at times you may not have choose your tough time but you can always choose how you will react to it by applying position and possibility thinking, and reason your way out of your predicament.

The very circumstance you are facing or that problem in your life have the option to make you better or make you bitter, it can also give you tough time or make life easier for you, it’s all depend on you, the way you have chosen to react or attend to the problem or the challenges.

Another reason, I mean why people could not make the right choice in life is because they have not won the better over fear of failure and the secret of it’s victory is in courage, possibility thinking and making a right choice toward a successful life, by discovering the potential in you.

Many want to go through the short cut and they have not realized the most people who has gone through short cut are often cut short in life, failure is never the end of the road because down fall of a man is never the end of his life, failure only give someone an opportunity to try more better again.

It take only the wise to turn there stumbling block to stepping stone, you only need to make a position choice in approaching something seems difficult because it’s only a person approach will attract position change.

Many failed, not because they are not intelligent, or lack knowledge or ability or opportunity or talent but they failed simply because they have choice to make a wrong choice in life, this remind me of particular boy in my street some years back at Lagos called Moshood.

Moshood was a neighbor, well we live in the same street at Oworonshoki Lagos, Moshood was a good looking bot not too tall but robust and he was so much talented, he is a talented boxer and he could play football very well to an extent that if Moshood did not appear on the field, people will not enjoy the game and the opponent will always win the game, many teams were begging Moshood to join them and they are ready to pay him any amount because they know his worth.

Whenever they want to play any competition they often make sure of CMS Grammar School field at Bariga Akoka Lagos and at times different coaches from different team will be around and there was no day that any team would win the game against the team that Moshood was playing for then, therefore Moshood are known all over Bariga, Akoka, Shomolu, Lagos and more places that he himself could not imagine and many coaches were convincing him to join their team, the Bible says, the gift of a man make a way for him and bring him among great men.

Then, it was around 1985 when Moshood was in form one that’s the system of education then, in Mushin college Oworonshoki and all of a sudden Moshood join some gang or armed robber who was training him boxing, although he was already talented in fighting none of his mate can beat him no matter how healthy the person is.

After same time Moshood became champion and begin to train people, at that same time Moshood seized from going to school despite all his parent’s effort and encouragement Moshood refused and begin to look for quick money, he wanted to make it in a twinkling of an eye, he was eager to use what his mate were using, for this reason Moshood was influencing by his friends and became robber.

Moshood join them in burgling people house, banks and at the end he was caught and sentenced to ten years imprisonment with hard labour, from Kirikiri to Alagbon to Panti and now all I can say about Moshood was I witnessed last about him in November 2002 at Lagos, when I was fortunate to see him for the last time.

Moshood was just released after many years in prison, this day, I could remember, it was early in the morning when his co-gang was bringing him home from where they went to burgle another house and met some guards stronger than they are who shot him on one of his eye when his own gun could not penetrate into the guard’s body according to information; the eye later got blind, so he could see with only one eye and with his one eye Moshood still go ahead to burgle a bank successful in which after many investigation some CID came and took him away.

To my surprise that day, when they wants to take Moshood away he said goodbye to his parents and gave his parents final wards added that if they did not kill him his parents must not come and bail him out of the prison or else when he returns they will be the first people to be killed and he was taken away, that was the end of Moshood.

This is the story of Moshood he was talented, intelligent and brilliant but his mistakes was he made the wrong choice in life, he decided to choose to be a robber when many opportunities was open for him, the choice you make will determine you.

If you choose to be a president you will surely be, no matter the challenges and obstacles, the dream will surely materialize one day and if you choose to be servant that will always be servant that will always be your pursuit and it is what you conceive that you will give birth to at the fullness of time, you can never give birth to what you don’t conceive and if pre-adventure it happened by opportunity it will never last, even at times it may lead to your ruin later in life.

When you make your choice, God will not oppose it, let alone devil, demon or any principality or power or any forces of darkness but only yourself can change your choice therefore, remember that your choice determined your destination in life.

You as a person, you might have make wrong choice of partner in marriage, business or carrier, but I want to tell you that there are thousands way you can change a negative choice with negative because minus plus minus will give you minus.

It’s your negative to that negative situation that bring out negative result, the power of choice is strong enough to change your negative to position, the secret is the way you have chosen to approach it, change your negative mind and attitude towards your negative, it will surely yield positive and things will surely work in your favour and not your ruin any longer.



The power of success in the discovery, I mean discovery the potentials in you and make good use of it, don’t mind if such idea have been existing before now, you can still bring out new idea of the same thing or do it in a unique way or style as long as that ideas is what you have discovered as ability, you will surely excel beyond others that have been on such business before.

What is a problem? Problem are opportunity, situation decide to solve challenges of needs out of the way out, problem deem to people thing that are beyond ability, what seem difficult for you to do, for example there are some problems that is beyond money and beyond the knowledge of a doctor only divine intervention can solve it and if a man of God could be able to bring down the presence of God and the problem is solved such a man of God will surely have breakthrough in life. Lawyer cannot build his house by himself neither president can wash his car or his cloth by himself, no governor can sweep his offices or clean his room or cook for themselves so they need the service of the people who are available to solve this problem for them because it becomes a problem for them when they cannot do it, all I know is that the level of your breakthrough will be determined by the amount of problems you can be able to solve.

I discovered something about people, some people use to shy away their destiny, after discovering what God had destined them to do to succeed in life, they will begin to think more highly than there present ability or than whom there are, say this type of business will belittle me or degrade me, am too much for selling pure water.

You don’t need to be shy about the kind of business you are doing as long as it not stealing or robbery or 419 that can terminate your reputation and destroy your image and name, the people who are mocking you today, when you make it, they are still coming to celebrate with you and love to join you in same business, you may not understand why they are mocking you, it is because you are poor and useless or jobless, when you become rich they will change their motive about you.

I discovered that, it is not the kind of job or business you are doing that determined your success or riches or wealth in life, I have seen a bank manager who is a tenant and someone selling five-five Naira popcorn who did not only have a car but also a landlady living I her house, you don’t need to despise your business or work, it can make you to be what you wanted to be in life if you value it by putting your best in to it. Eccl. 9: 10

Some people are poor just because they shy of doing the business they may be able to start with the little amount they have, if you don’t start, you may not start at all, remember an adage that say, “cut your coat according to your size” which mean do not do beyond yourself, you can start with whatsoever you have on you, no matter how small. This life is all about discovery, I mean discovering your purpose in life, that very passion in you that God has destined to use to elevate you in life, this need to be discovered before you can succeed in life and also some principle you need to discover before you can succeed in life and also some principle guiding success and progress, if you discover this principles and apply it right, you are already on your way to the top and your movement will be accelerated.

The law of success is in discovery, if you can discover something unique in yourself or any unique idea of anything, or any way of doing things better and in a decent way beyond the normal or doing something in extra ordinary way, more attractive than before, you’ve gotten the success key of life.

Somebody also one day came up with the idea of bicycle to reduce the long trekking and make movement easier and faster, and another people came up with idea of motor cycles, another car, another aeroplane they did not remain the same in life.

Knowing the problem of people and putting all efforts to solve it is the secret of success, you must have ideas to solve problems of people around you, if you did, you will not only a benefit to people but you will also be yourself.

Many people with wrong mentality believed that rich and wealthy people are specially born, this is now the truth about success, both the poor and the rich are having the same twenty four hours a day, they live in the same world, they were both born through woman and they will both die, so what makes the difference, the secret of a successful man is in discovery the purpose of God for their lives and walk in line with that purpose with hard working, diligence and determination.

Until you believe in success before you can set a goal or be focus and work harder to attain the success, success is for goal setter, if you aim at nothing you will hit at nothing, you are can surely make it if you determined it, have ambition to be rich in life, there are many opportunities around you but lack of great ambition derail you from it all.

Successful people are the people who be themselves, not copy or poke nose into another man’s life or venture, the people who have overcome human mentality, not pasting limitation on themselves, nor surrender to their problems or difficulties or failures, not doubting their success, but the people that has determined to make the right choice in life, giving all they have to achieve their aim, the people who has discover themselves in life, their passion, what God has destined to use in elevating them in life.

You can join the successful people today if you wish, the little you have is enough to make you rich if you keep patience, you can start small and grow big, slow and steady win the race, you can study the patience of the farmers, after cultivating the land, do the bed, start planting and watering it, then always clearing the weed around the vegetable for another one year if its annual vegetation.

Let us also see the patience of our mother, may be you are one, from the day a child is born to the age the child could fend for himself or herself and before the mother begin to eat the labour of her child if at all the child grow up to be responsible; so you don’t need to rush into life in you don’t want life to rush you out, patience dog eat the fastest bone.


Overcome your mentality is combination of two different words in which could stand on its own and still be meaningful; now what do we really understand by “overcome”

Pronouncing the word “overcome” sound powerful in our hearing simply because it could also be referred to as victory and the word victory is giving to a winner, warrior or champion, I mean someone that defeated the others in battle, race or any form of challenges, such could be called overcomers.

Any one we use this word or phrase “overcomer” to qualify, such person might have engage in any form of challenging activities which as cost him or her all he or she has, be it strength, time some other stressful thing which could not be mention both spiritually, physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

To be an overcomer is not for lazy type who has no determined or ready to overcome, lazy lack the ability to stand by their decision or determination; this weakness make them a more man and servant or slave in life but this word overcomer is for the people who have decided and determined to face any challenges at any time. Anywhere, anyhow then believe in victory come what may, they stand by their decision and determination.

What do you believe or desire you don’t achieve what you only believe and achieve, what you believe can, tough time may not last but tough people will always do, you can determine how long or short your tough time will last through your tough or weak approach toward it, you have more than sufficient weapon to overcome every battle facing or challenges you, apply them and see how weak your enemies are, just believe you are an overcomer.

Speak about mentality; this word “mentality” can be likening to the degree or level of human reason of common thinking of man.

Mentality in human being is inability to see beyond where you are, which could be determined by the present situation or circumstances or challenges; they are quitters who will never win.

These set of people have concluded themselves or write off themselves, they believe they have gotten to the end of the road and believe that nothing good can never come out of their Nazareth, they are people of dad faith, they have excluded themselves from the seed of Abraham, the father of faith, they have forgotten that until they die, they will always have a land to possess.

A man said, “human needs are unlimited”, all you need is to believe in victory, that come-what may you will surely make it in life and don’t believe any challenges in life to be your destined but believe it to be what you must pass through along the way to your destination and always have it at the back of your mind that there is no limit to man’s breakthrough and prosperity in life until death comes.

Human mentality is inability to think positively or think aright, people always determined their success in life or their destiny through family background or educational background or knowing people, I mean rich or wealthy people who could help or connect them before they could make it in life, this is lie because we have to believe the word of God that says “promotion is not from south nor west or east or north but is from the Lord God.

We should always believe that all good and perfect gift’s from above not from anywhere or anybody, if God has not favoured you, no one can favour you in life. Believe this; no man will like to take you to where he is its only God that can take you beyond him. Jer. 17:5

I also learnt that many believed that some set of people are destined to be greater than others and count themselves out simply because none of their relatives have made it before and they said how would they now, so they only factor that determined the future.

You that believes in educational background as factor that determined success in life, so you have concluded yourself because nobody could send you to school and you found yourself being an apprentice change your mentality today, although education is good and it could be at times called the best legacy but not the only determine factor to greatness in life.

In the world today, we have many businessmen ruling the economy of each state and country without any educational background but simply because they have made it in life through their creativity, though they may later in life acquire education, but it was later in life not the main source of success.

I want you that the man who invented Bulb “globe” and electricity which you and I were enjoyed today was a drop out, he could not cope in school and he was sent out of school but through his creativity and possibility thinking, he was able to make things happen in life even though he failed several time, yet he attained his aim, he become a significant person in life.

Creativity is a natural thing, that every living creature have an access to and that is one of the major thing that could determine your greatness in life, develop new ideas and materialized then you will find your way to the top.

Until you overcome your human mentality before you can discover the law of success, the law of success is in discovery, I mean discovering the potentials and the only way you can discover the potentials in you is when you overcome you mentality which is the hindrances towards the steps to be taking to the discovery and stop doubting your success in life or do not determined your success by any limitation.

Human mentality is very dangerous and powerful that is has kept many people in captive of poverty and rendered them useless in life, that’s why some people says, “the richest place in life is the grave yard” because many people that God has determined to be great, has through mentality, “I have no academicals background, no one could help me, my family are poor and so on has died with many potential that could help the world or turn the world around for better, therefore people concluded that grave yards is the richest place on earth.

Overcoming mentality is the ability to think aright and see with insight beyond where you are or into your success, never believe in impossibility or defeat or failure but always believing that failure is the opportunity to try more better again and keep on believing you can make it in life; many failed because they did not believing they can make it in life; many failed because they did not realize how close they were to success when they finally gave up.

There is a saying that, “to become a man is never easy or it’s not a day job” it take the ability to overcome his mentality and any man who lack the ability to overcome his mentality irrespective of his age, is yet not a man but a boy because overcoming mentality also entail the ability to make decision by oneself and determined to take some Godly risk which will help the decision to be successful because it is a risk not to take a risk.

Many people could not take decision because they see it as risk and they are not ready to take risk but one thing people doesn’t understand is that, an approach to any situation will determined its success or failure, there is no circumstances or problems which overtake you will leave you the way it meet you, it’s either it make you or mar you, your approach to it will determine, so your mentality will determine your success or failure in life.

Success in life is the product of the mentality you carry, the way you think, the way you reason, the way you see things and your approach to things happening around you, the positive you can fish out of negative situation and circumstances around you, your deep perspective about life have a lot to with your success and failure in life.

You can overcome your mentality when you think big, look big, act big, believe in big things through       Christ that strengthen you, no matter how big or mightier it is, you can surely make mountain a level ground, having a mountain moving faith and prepare, then be ready to work towards the achievement of your goal not folding hands but striving to attain the goal.

Do not permit or encourage idleness in your life, it is the enemy of success and it’s of the devil, you must be meaningful engaged in any activity aline with your goal everyday that you may be able to say that you have put in a honest day job, industry is the mother of success.

Many people believe in success and greatness, even the believed that they are destined to be great in life, they believed that come what may destiny can never in life be changed, but they refused to work hard towards the achievement, they are waiting for the day their destiny will be fulfilled, waiting for opportunity to came and meet them, they fold their hands and later died in fulfilled.

A story told by pastor Adeboye of RCCG about two friends who went to an herbalist to consult an oracle to know their destiny in life.

The herbalist after consulting the oracle for these two friends said to the first called Laide that, the oracle said he has been destiny to be king, that soon or later Laide is going to become a royal king and he turned to the other person called by name Dele and said to him that it is very unfortunate that the oracle said Dele is going to die wretched I mean poor without remedy and both of them left the herbalist place to their various home.

When Laide got home, he started celebration, drinking and eating, folding his hand all around the town waiting for the time destiny will come to pass and he will become a royal highness “king” he has forgotten that if one king did not die another will not enthrone.

When Dele; the other person get home, he sat down, think to himself and said how could I die poor when am having two hands, two legs, not blind and a complete man, then he said to himself, “never will I die poor am going to make it in life”.

You as a person do not allow what people says about you determine your future even your background or any limitation must not be permitted to determine you, but see them as opportunity or encouragement to add more effort to your daily endeavours.

Dele arose and encouraged himself, check the little amount on him and go straight to the market to but cutlass, hoes and some of the farm implements and headed to the think forest far from the village and started farming, planting daily, working very hard, while Laide who was aiming to become a king was enjoying himself in the town drinking and eating, doing nothing but waiting for the king to die for him to become a king.

After some years, famine started in the village and the people were really suffering and dying of hunger, there was no food, no rain and people were starving seriously, but there was as hunter in the village that normally go into interior forest to hurt.

One day, the hunter got to this very big farm and sees how every plant were greenish and flourished and started whispering to call the attention of the owner, the Dele came out and asked him, can I help you? The hunter replied and said yes, Dele said what can I do for you and the hunter explained the situation of the village to Dele.

Dele said to the hunter go and tell my people in the village to come with money or anything they can use in exchange for food, any materials things, that was how Dele saved the villages from dying in this famine period and also he became a wealthy man in the village.

Not quite long the king died and council of elders held a meeting and concluded to make Dele the next king, that same Dele that the oracle said is going to die poor become the richest and the king over Liade who was only believing that he is destined to be king and folded his hands waiting for the day his destiny will be fulfilled.

I want to believe that you have learnt a good lesson in thus story, their mentality determine their destiny not an oracle. You as a person, you don’t need to fold your hands waiting but begin to prepare yourself towards the attainment of your set goal, the world would create way for only a man of purpose and goal in life, someone that have something to offer not a fool.

Prepare yourself that you may have something to offer when your time comes, be meaningfully engaged yourself, utilize the little you have to acquire the greater goal in failure, you only need to start with something now, make the available desperation, don’t ever despise the day of little beginning, little drops of water can become a mighty ocean, a word is enough for the wise.

Overcoming mentality, could also be determined by what you see, says and believed in, the battle you have not engaged in but believe in victory that you’ve already won it, and nothing shall be impossible; until you begin to see with the eyes of victory and speak positive words and believe all things to be possible then you have overcome your mentality. Now you can discover yourself.

Let’s quickly see the Biblical example of the people who through mentality limitation seeing themselves being defeated before fighting or engaging in a battle and the people who have overcome their mentality, seeing with the eyes of victory in the Bible

And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

Send thou men, that they may search out the land of Canaan, which I give unto the children of Israel. Ye shall send a man of every tribe of his fathers, each a prince among them.

And Moses sent them from the wilderness of Paran: according to the commandment of Jehovah, all of them heads of the children of Israel.

Numbers 13:1-3

They came back to Moses and Aaron and the whole Israel community they gave Moses this account “we went into the land to which you sent us and it does flows with milk and honey here is the fruit, but the people who lives there are powerful and the city are walled and large, we even saw descendants of Anak there” and the people said “we can not attack those people, they are stronger than we are” and the begin to spread among the brethren bad report about the land they had spied.

They continue and said, “the land we spies devour those living in it, all the people we saw there are of great size (giants) we saw the Nephilim there, we seems like grasshopper in our own eyes and we looked the same to them. Numbers 13: 26-28 & 31-33.

But someone among them who could see with the eyes of an eagle, one who has overcome mentality limitation, “Caleb” despite all their exaggeration silenced the people before Moses and said we should go up and take possession of the land for we can certainly do it” Number 13:30

In these passage the Bible we can see the difference between the other leaders of Israel and Caleb, the leaders of Israel are under bondage of slavery mentality, they could not see beyond their limitation nor seeing into the working power hand of God that delivered them from Pharaoh’s hand, lead them across the red sea, provide manner and meat in the wilderness, not even believed in the possibility power of any longer.

In fact if they are permitted, they would have preferred to settle down permanently in the wilderness and forget about the promises of God for their lives therefore because of their mentality and their unbelieves they totally miss their destiny, not reach their destination but die unfulfilled, not getting to the promise land. The Lord replied “I have forgiven them, as you asked, nevertheless, as surely as I live and as surely the glory of the Lord fills the whole earth, not one of them will ever see the land I promised on oath to their forefathers, no one who has treated me with contempt will ever see it, but because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follow me whole heartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to and his descendant will inherit it. Number 14: 2-24

God said to Mosses tell them “Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the LORD, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you:” Number 14: 28

The word of God said as a man thinketh in his heart so he. Pro. 23: 7

Now you can see how terrible the danger in human mentality is, is a dangerous as death, it will paste limitation on one who has not overcome it and makes someone to die unfulfilled as you has seen the example in the life of Israelite.

You can see how generational the mentality limitation is, it affected not only the leaders who brought this bad report but also affected or extended to their descendants and they all died unfulfilled.

You can also see how a man who has overcome mentality limitation affected his descendants; in this case, all you need to do is to change human reasoning with positive and possibility thinking and always believe in the power of God possibility because with God nothing shall be impossible Luke 1:37

If you refuse to stop that limitation in your family, it will surely continue and be generational until someone come up to stop it, if you believed God can use you to stop it, there is always way out of every problems and the secret is in the power of discovery, just discover the problems, the solution will be surely define, a problem that is discovered is already solved except you are not ready to solve it.

Sincerely, there is an ability in you which you have not discovered and why you have not discover the ability in you is because you are not ready to break mentality limitation, just be determined to make a move towards something positive, try something achievable, there is no harm in trial.

People do say that “God things does not want people to do it but you should be determined to do it happen” to build a house is not as easy as to destroy it, only cherish the idea that will be one day fulfill, good things can happen but who will make it happen?

Mentality is a limitation paste on people by nature through problem or circumstances and blindfolds them not to be able to see beyond the problem but nurtured the problem recognition and full attention to encourage the problem; I pray that the Lord God Almighty will deliver you totally from mentality limitation in Jesus Name.

If you discover yourself and not overcome your mentality you may not be able to do anything successfully, the fear of failure will threatened you and those things you have discovered about yourself will be useless if you cannot make good use of them, your mentality is one of the strongest weapon of the devil that he uses in rendering many potentials useless in life, so you must overcome your human mentality which is impossibility mentality.

Until you overcome your mentality before you can determine to make the right choice to the right part of life, the power of choice may be achieve by you, it will be effective only when you have overcome your mentality, so if you have not overcome your mentality there is tendency of making wrong choice because the choice you make will be determine by your mentality, how you reason, your perspective about life will be the level of your choice.

Your human mentality have to do with some imagination that exalt itself above the knowledge of God in our thought that Bible said we should cast them down and bring them into captivity to the obedient of Christ. 2 Cor. 10: 4-5

The ability to cast down all this contrary of demonic imagination and bringing them into captivity is the ability to overcome your mentality, there will always be evil or contrary imagination to any good idea that cross your mind, so you should be the one to know how to deal with them, i.e. learn to resist the negative thought immediately and confess the positive, may Jesus help you. Amen!


One day a man of God was teaching in a youth seminar and after sometimes, he discover that people under the ministration have been carried away by his teaching and he asked them this question, “how many of you will love to be like me?,” and before the man of God finished asking the question, everybody lifted up their hand and the man of God answered and said, it is impossible for you to be like me, I can only be myself and you can only be yourself.

The man of God further and said anyone who desire to be like me such person will only be my carbon copy and there no carbon copy that can be real; then before anyone can be real, you must be yourself and everybody keep calm.

Anyone who desire to be a copy will never in life discover whom he or she is, such a person will remain an old timer, nothing new or significant will be known about him or her.

Copy will always produce and promote the image of anther and he will remain irrelevant, a copy will never appear original but fake and will never be recognized anywhere because, he is not a producer but a promoter of another man’s image nothing new or special about him.

To be a copy is to be blind man, one without sight, without vision, without dream and one without purpose on earth, copy will never be able to come up with any idea of his own by remain a dependent, if the producer did not produce, copy will not survive, copy is an empty barrel that have nothing to offer; copy is also blind who always need people’s assistance and support to help him to walk, eat, put on his dress and show him the way; sincerely speaking, the only way you can be significant in life is when you be yourself.

To be yourself is to discover the purpose of your living, the uniqueness in you, your significant and your usefulness in your generation, there should be at least one thing that makes you whom you are, you can’t just be everybody or nobody, one thing must be special or different about you, this makes you whom you are mean yourself, take to discover this and let that significant be known to people, so that you may be honored and be yourself not always desire to be a follow! Follow!! Or copy.

The people who remain copy in life are those who lack the ability to discover the purpose of God for their lives or could not discover the talent or gift in their lives, such people will always follow or copy simply because they lack the ability to study themselves to know whom they are, what they like doing that so much interest them, that they believed they can do better.

The problem of some people is, they have no life selective, they are no selective at all, and they are like dumping that tolerates anything, if you ask them, what do you want? This will be their response, “I have no choice or better have no choice just gives me anything anyhow,” such life style is meaningless and there will be nothing meaningful about them, they’re just like chaff what wing blow anyhow, God have specific purpose for every man on earth.

To be yourself is to be significant and leave a selective life not everything you must involve yourself, don’t be a jack of all trade master of none be significant, select what you do, select what you say, select what you use and what you produce, this make you unique and remain yourself.

My friends share his experience with me while he was still in his former church; he said before he was posted to that church he has been hearing about the performance of the particular man of God in that church, that he was a preacher and teacher of the word, that when he teach and preaches, almost everybody in the church will like to rededicate his or her life to God again.

When my friend was posted to the same church while this man was transferred, my friend thought or believe that there will be gap or lapses and he did not want the congregations to feel the absence of the pastor who was transferred and so, he started fasting and praying to God day and night, that God should fill his mouth with the word of power beyond the other pastor.

After twenty one days fasting and prayer, the Lord spoke to him that the only way through which he could excel beyond the other man of God and fulfilled in his ministry, is when remain himself and not copy, because the glory of the sun is different from the glory of the moon, so your ministerial calling is different from his.

My friend said, he quickly understood the message and as someone that knew the grace of that God gave him, I mean his ministerial calling as revivalist and having the grace of the word of prophesy and prayer which is the gift he discover in himself.

After the fasting and prayer as the Holy Spirit led him, he declared seven days revival, after many prayers the Spirit of God descended upon the people and they all received their miracles through the power of Holy Ghost and different testimonies followed and so the news was spread all around the town then more souls were added to the church that the church could not contain people any longer, gift of a man make way for him.

We have different gifts according to the grace giving to us, if a man’s gift is prophesy, let him use it in proportion to his faith. Romans 12:6

There are different kinds of gift but the same spirit, there are different kinds of service but the same Lord, there are different kinds of working but the same God works all of them in all men 1 Cor. 12: 4-6

Now to each one the manifestation of the spirit is giving for the common good, to one there is giving through the spirit message of wisdom, to another faith by the same spirit, to another gift of healing by the same one spirit, to another miracle power, to another prophecy, to another discerning spirit, to another speaking in different kinds of tongue and still, to another the interpretation of tongues, all these are the work of one and the same spirit and God give them to each one just as He determined. 1 Cor. 12:7-11

The above illustration is the scriptural backup that the gift in individual life is very much different from one another, that is why you must be yourself, all you need to do is to discover your own gift and apply it, practice it, and put it at work daily, before you know it, you are already on your way to the top, there is no how you can function effectively in another man’s field, it is an impossible that will never be possible, I’m speaking from my experience, just try and discover the best gift in you, apply James 1:5

The only way through which you can excel in life and make difference among people is when you be yourself, when you operate only on your own given gift and not poke nose to other people’s gift; you only need to discover that hidden treasure in you.

Don’t you know that there is something unique in you? That people are waiting for, that idea inside of you, just sit down and think very well, then examine yourself, what are those things that interest you most, that you so much found pleasure in doing, things you can easily create new idea out of them are your area of specialization, your passion that will make you unique and remain yourself if you manage it wisely.

Try after discovering your gift and potential in you develop it and give it your full attention, with your possibility thinking working in a way that is beyond your comprehension.

Each person is given different grace and different ability, what actually work for the first twins may not work for the second twins and likewise otherwise, therefore, you must be able to identify and clarify your own gift, grace and ability, there is no how you can make it in another man’s business, take this example.

Sometimes ago, a friend of mine open a church as a founder and because am just a new man in the place I started to follow him as co-supporter and things were not working for me as God order me in the new town but for him it’s a different issue in ministry because this is wrong man in a wrong boat, I am a prophet called to be, he is a pastor called to be, after many suffering, I take time to seek the face of the Lord and Lord speak to me in the light and tell me I am working in the wrong boat that’s leading to a wrong destination, though I knew this but because of bad situation at the present then and to get the need of my family meet, I quickly knew this and set my ministry in order and my friend believe me as he sees changes that come around me then.

I’m having the simple advice for only the wise people not the lost dogs that will never listen to the whistle of the hunter until they are ensnare before they learn in hard way, say an adage and my advice goes thus, the title is “sit up

We could see that this life is full of different challenges; therefore you have to sit up. Reason ahead, how long or short the journey and also recall your past experience and adjust your life style, solve what your future would be, make your plans plain towards a beneficial future, find out if your daily endeavors can fetch you your desired future and always remember to carry God along, it will surely yield good dividend.

The Bible warned and quote “examine yourself daily if you are still in faith” 2 Cor. 13:5


To be influence by peers is part of growing up life but if you be yourself, you will never surrender yourself, totally to them, you must have your own policy and not allow anyone to make decision for you, you will only follow the good and clever of the peers because it might lead you to regret in future in you follow the careless part of it, you may be stigmatized as many people today who were victimized but later discover themselves though with sorrowful heart.

Bible warned in the book of Proverbs and I quote “my son, if sinner entice you do not consent” Pro. 1:10

This world is a free world, therefore, your friends have the right to influence you but you have the choice to say no to bad part even to resist them immediate, your lover also have the right to threaten you but the ball is in your court to avoid immoralities it can affect your future programmes. So you have to keep your good decision and make sure that at the end you will be able to prove your nobility and innocence not only to yourself, or people around you but also to God and remain yourself; when you understand your ways of life then you are a man.






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