Seer Scrbes

The Prophetic Calling And

The Prophetic Ministry Of The Seer Scribes!

…behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: Matthew 23:34

Seer Scribes is a calling and office for the chosen seer draughtsman, seer stenographer of the scripture about the apostolic and prophetic generation with divine skilled to proclaim the truth of our Lord   Jesus Christ here in the 21st century. The simplicity of the seer Scribes is to engraving the prophetic calling for the next generation and redefining the focus of the church back to the true purpose shaping of the glorious Lord. Seer Scribes is built to be author writer for the prophetic and next prophetic generation ahead and to speak through writing scribes revelations out of the mind beat and mindset of the Father through the power apocalypse destiny pen. Majority of the prophets in the Bible are greater and unique writers that are built by Holy Spirit with difference characters and attitude in their uniqueness, through their own time and generations make changes that breaks barriers and blockages of the enemies, through Scribes they ben and straight to see the future in their present hour, they got solution through writing and listens to Holy Spirit. Some of this writers are revelational, apocalyptic and supernaturally scribes, their inspired generations to generations through written secrets, heart and mind of people, spirit other creations and even mind of God of situation at their time fact. I would love to give clear revelation about this unique page by using number one author of the scripture after God Almighty:

For Example prophet Moses as first writer of the scripture, his writes up are authentic, unique, powerful, day dreaming word and many more key to descriptions his written. Prophet Moses studies and educated in Egypt and graduate to be fix in for the Masters use. Moses was a supernatural writer through divine called and genuine revelations of some of his scripts are not only for the books of the patriarch but also other inside the Holy Bible that are useable for differences of lifestyles in other to shaping our journeys here on earth .  Prophet Moses was a writer for the writers even until now in our time. He was a greater usefulness in the hand of God Almighty to be stand out as the seer for the Israelites.

Prophet Samuel was magnificent writer after the settlement in Israel in those days, he go deeper into the sources of honeycomb to get the prophetic college scroll for all  ages, he is the catalyst leader of the school of the seer or the college of the seer founder even until now. Prophet Samuel wrote steadily in revelation and historical and Prophet Moses did too!  He took the staff of the God of Israel directly not as touch to torchlights of Elisha fulfilled the call of Elijah with double portion, or as Prophet Joshua fulfilled the sequence ministry of Prophet Moses. Prophet Samuel established  the first college as a seer of his time, so it is scriptural for the called prophet that are trained by God directly to establish prophetic school or college as directed, yet it is not all the prophets in the bible that has this divine steps of calling.