Eagle and Star


eaglestar apostolic


The generation of God’s messengers is the EAGLE from age to age; the faithfulness of God’s prophet lies in the covenant of the revelation as how God reveal Himself to His prophet the servant.

EAGLE is the creature of mysteries in the prophetic gander of Israelite. God as a purpose for every generation and Him always sent His prophet as His messengers to HIS people in any generation.

Eagle is a creature and unique symbol of grace in the prophetic line and purpose. The prophet are sharpen in this dimension of this creature

A VISION I saw on 30/08/12


I saw an eagle having a scroll in it mouth and I hear a voice in my vision saying the revelation of the battle to come on earth it is also near and solution is the prophetic ministries. And the Lord further says until the garter of international solution into the prophetic flow. The eagle with scroll is a soldier with weapon and in it leg was a key and the LORD said to me, the key of which you see is the mysteries of the gospel of the last day, unity is needed in the spirit in this age, my church, my people, my nation are sleeping in this age. My saving soldiers are ready and I have prepared them for victory and solution as eagle which you have seeing, the setting of the key is the understanding saith the LORD, the key with the eagle are stand sure mysteries, using it, is the understanding saith the LORD, the eagle are my own prophet of whom I trained by myself and crown among my people, I have started the move I the  spirit, sword and shield of the Apostleship and the axe of the elect of my people, Apostleship age in the stump to prompt the impression of the elect. The eagle with scroll will triumph in this age saith the LORD, I LOVE my people I AM putting new things in them to wake up by my fire, I AM the LORD of this present age, my life, my work, my deed I the LORD will raise you at this age to work and mention my WILL in your work at this present age.