Psalm 145; Job 5; Job 9; Job 11; Romans 11


The Unsearchable God <…

who is The Unsearchable God <…?

God is wholly, inscrutable, mysterious, mystify bewilder and others, He is not like us but beyond humans finites, limited, human comprehension, He is unquantifiable, too big to imagine, He is the power that swallow the immune of the universe, ability and secrets working notion of all creation since the beginning of ages.

In spite of all we know, God remain a great mystery we can’t hope to discern: “of His greatness no one can fathom,” Psalm 145: 8

We need to trust God the same way we trusted our parents, doctors, mechanic and our loved once. We don’t know what they know. We trust their expertise. And we can trust our set of directions.

“Let not the wise boast of their wisdom or the strong boast of their strength or the rich boast of their riches, but let the one who boast about this: that they have the understanding to know Me; that I am the Lord, who exercise kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, or in these I delight”

Our understanding of God is a working-progress. We don’t have all the answer but we can have peace, because we are known by our Creator. Let us seek Him daily, yet you’ll find Him different.

There is more to God-who He is and what He is doing-than we can ever hope to grasp. God is His own category. God know all about us deeply… we can never know all if He didn’t allow it that’s our God.

Now that we’ve sequence examine about God’s attributes, we need to recognize that what we know about God still isn’t sufficiency. There is much more to God-for us to know about God is only because God has shown it to us.

There are things we need to know about God. We’re covered some of those things in the past year of magnificent transformation messages but flowing this year of unsearchable greatness of God toward 2023 and perhaps we now know Him better than past. We need to know that our Lord is a God of justice, mercy, love, grace, power, compassion, wisdom and righteousness etc. But we know differently only in part. Perhaps even when we see God there will still be an unknowable aspect to Him. Some students of the bible try to put God “in a container”; in their imagination view in other words, they think they have Him figured out. They don’t.

We should try to know what we can about our Creator.  The more we read His Word, the better clear and understanding we’ll have. Can we be certain about our knowledge of God? In some things, yes, if we accept the Biblical recording, reject scripture and all we’re left with is speculation.

To know God means to experience Him. Things one cannot uncode, disclose, undo or unlock the ability and power of unsearchable mighty Creator. This little experience about Him can only come through clear and clean revelation from the Word to balance the visibility and invisible. We do so in prayer in praise and in worshipping.

As we pray and worship we offer ourselves to God. We speak to Him, and He speak to us through the wishes He wills, e.g. word, revelation, imagination, thought, and so on. God may wish to hide Himself from those who have no desire to encounter Him, while revealing Himself to those with open hearts. Sin suppresses any desire to know God; it clouds spiritual sensitivity. God cannot be understood by logical reasoning but only by total submission.

The unsearchable riches of Christ are the glory of God, the lift of God and the love of God. The unsearchable God of the universe is here!

Celebrating The Unsearchable Greatness Of Our Maker: psalm 145: 3

He is utterly beyond and immeasurable by past find out. Many claimed to have spoken the final word on some event or experience. But there never will be a part of final institution on Gods unsearchable. For in saying that God’s greatness is unsearchable king David is telling us that it is infinite.

Positioning your status in terms of opening mind to high praise and deeper in spirit to worship Him ocean one into the fullness encounter to see Him move in His glorious perfect beauty.

This single position authors the whole access of acceleration of all being to submit to Creator mole. Your mantle to open door of ceremonies in Heaven and on earth is the key to praise and worship Him in truth His desire from the creation. John 4

Amazing Greatness: Roman 11: 33 – 36

Apostle Paul has just concludes a long and complicated discussion of God’s unique relationship with Israel as a nation and with her people as individuals. He has compared and contracted God’s actions toward Israel with His actions towards the gentiles. He wrapped it up on the previous verse by declaring, in essence, that both group have lived in disobedience and God will show mercy to people from both group in response to their faith in Christ.

Apostle Paul illustrated poetry and guide much like a song expressing his profound reaction both to God’s grace and His mercy to sinful human beings.

Apostle Paul being by revealing at the depth of these three God’s characteristic. He is stunningly rich or wealthy. Early in Romans apostle Paul has written about the riches of God’s great kindness and genuine patience and His riches mercy – of the world. In individual case, God’s riches as revealed as graciously shared and never stop.

Next apostle Paul twin lines starting with how unsearchable or unfathomable are God’s judgments, apostle wonders. In the opposite side of the words, human starting so simply lack the ability to understand why God decides what He established. God’s way are mentioned to be inscrutable, like a code in unlock without breaking.

One reason God steal firmly to do as He wishes it come to shows unstoppable mercy or not human being alone but to all race of His creation so to have the capacity of understanding of the choices. His thoughts, His ways, His decisions are things to be compare fathom to us. We are left to simplicity and yielding to His alone in worship.

Apostle Paul’s poetic as like praise of God and His amazing greatness He quotes Old Testament the book of prophet Isaiah in and Prophet Job. The prior passage explained how God’s intent for Israel to come with level of mystery. As limited, created people, we will never be able to full occupy the mind of God. The proper reply is when we realize how He’s beyond our understanding He is, His majesty and adoration. 2023 it’s a year of exploited praise of the Lord of Host.

Among earthly kings, especially in British history, we hear of James I and James II and Charles I and Charles 2 and Charles 3 etc. not in the heavenly kingdom. There is no Yahweh I and Yahweh II, for God is first and last and there is no other. None preceded Him and none shall succeed Him.

Unsearchable Combat

The battle of 2023 is real and physically visible to the body of Christ, though Jesus Christ is alive! We are moving more into the deeper glory light He promised us since the foundation time, and our spiritual eyes seeing the sense is getting more and more healed as we see the glory light of our King.

Fear is the weapon of the enemy and disability on focus. Our God knew before us that the battle will be complicated to triumph, He stands by and He will always with His work and us.

Taking the victory into success is taking battle in to winning destination. Taking the conflicts into compliment is to take disgrace into dreams acceleration in the 21st century.

The unsearchable combat is a fight that shows weapon and skills to sure total victory against the enemies of progress.

The supernatural battalions are coming as Jesus amour tankers taking the runs against the enemy’s comps of the light.

Focus and determination is the perfect way of winning in the 2023 journey that’s set ahead of us. We will follow the Master’s lead and guide to sure the resistant of the foes emissaries this time.

He had given us that ability to win as is in His word and a man take itself a victim because of lacking to know Him as promise keeper.

The world is the battle grand for all races and human on earth and it would take anyone who belongs to Christ to confidentially win the front challenges and conflict of the world.

In our century the battle is more real and active more than those who are before us. Men should not deeply worry because of all the canal situation as one fix his mind in the word of God, satan wanted us to forget the word of God and His promises but we need not to focus on canal and situation presently even situation on the grand and get as long as one do this it wouldn’t get to the Cross road of unsearchable journey. The unsearchable journey is the only journey given to the saints on earth and it can never be taken from them.

 Jesus Christ had given us sure victory and it left with us to manage it under His leadership. We must submit to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to take over situation in our lives if we wanted sure victory and if we didn’t wanted to be victim in the race journey.

The Unsearchable Supernatural

The order of all things are dominated and made visible form in the spirit world of mankind. God is the origins of all creation; He created the entire universe including the spirit world. Spirit world was not created by anybody but by God the Creator. He created hell and beneath for the wicked creation. He created the mighty act of all the visibilities being in the spirit places.

There is barricade in all the boundary of the spirit realm and level timely to longing in any operation assignments. Time is part of all being in the entire universe, God the Mighty Creator giving ability to each being and their origin to live in their concept realm for the period timing programming. So, He created the spirit universe to rule or overrule the canal world of all being.

God is so deeper in reason and programmers in code order to the fathom all usefulness in the entire universe. That’s why all being is attributed to Him alone in all things even so many of the creatures are not in good term with Creator but yet unknowingly working for Him as fulfillment instrument of the purpose as He wisely programmed them before excises.

The unseen realm is so great and powerful real, even more than canal explanations, there are lot deeper visibilities to reality to exist into the world, men with supernatural faith eating the meal of angels in operation even in dimension of the governing the circumstances.

The endless realms of all being is the supernatural, I was brought to focus, to dominate the unseen realm of the supernatural. No time is lost and seasons are endless, no limits of creativities are stagnating in the spirit world. No death supersedes here without there as there to unction the order here. No perishable here without there, no perpetual power here without there.

Supernatural success is timing here and there in the spirit world. When time of this change doesn’t occur there the ability to bring it here is patient. Patient is the ability balance of time in the entire universe.

Patient creates values way to end destructions in the saint life. Patient navigates the road on the sea as we can see it clearly in the ministry of Jesus Christ on earth. Our Master had ability to navigate the creation in order to be fully used; He shows us the usefulness of his creation and implementation of them for us one by one.

Enter The Unsearchable Realm

Trails and persecutions are genuine magnificent tools for believers magnifies and elevations into entry realm of unsearchable.

A good soldier cannot achieve purpose of goodness without being first train as a cadet. God Almighty the beloved Father knew men are close to the enemy than Him at first and He wanted us to know His enemies even at first and their act of doing before help come to us from Him to develop His relationship with us at last.

Knowing His enemy truly give us ability to see clearly the differences between Him and foe of all creation, He knew we are so canal weak and we will lose many time if we don’t knows the enemy and his work.

Trails and persecutions are perfect tools to change us to His true images and creation He wanted to be seeing in us. All these are fire and fierceness as we are true gold with a lot of dross covers in us. Trails and persecutions are not sweet able for mankind, no one wanted it at first, but it would made us the pure golden vessel unto honor and brave one in the field and wilderness in the pilgrim journey setting ahead of us on earth.

The glorious realm of unsearchable is the realm one can only be His fulfilling on earth. The entrance is full of trails and terror persecutions one can only won when he is broken and die to the flee of not fear or losing things on earth, to these fulfillment on earth is to past the tests of trails and persecutions I order to stand out among the rest

The spirit world is not up and down but spirit realm as real as physical world. Spirit world is known as a place for only the spiritual being, no one can be there without the order of the commander of the spirit, the Creator.

God Almighty gives chances to the enemy for him to be instrument of the true channel into canal of the dirty water to gosh out of the clear water. God is so deeply and deeper in arranging His things to be useful. One things the believers should know and sure for is to fully trust Him alone and sure himself to rest at peace in the visible Creator that is more than real in all the realm of all being the universal Heavenliest.

Success Of The Prototype

The true success of regeneration is to face trails and persecutions face to face and tell them “you are not a march for me for you cannot prosper my time” this should be a main goal of a man that’s not rely on his ability to winning pilgrim himself on earth.

Jesus Christ loved to paint visibility to His disciples when He was on earth, this makes them more of the supernatural than the Pharisees those predicted teacher of law and the Jews of those days, because they are seeing the wrong open realm of impossible.

God created us to busy with Him and for His work, so, we can be more close to the endless kingdom from the earth. He’s visible to the operation here if patiently watches to see Him from the Word in order to manifest.

Mankind had been jealous, envious and malicious since the beginning of his creation at the presence of others. So He knew this and empowers His prototype with what he needed to sustain journey He willing. His enemy had the habit of this wrong motive to eliminate His prototype from the precious agenda He programmed for the race. Thank to God through Jesus Christ, for God is not a creature but a Creator with unsearchable ability love and care for all being in the entire universe.

The unique success of the prototype is to bring sacrifice to the Creator and this had been what the Creator mandated from him. He the Creator wants His prototype to act and perform as He programmed him to be, He love His Work in whole universe, He love His work and He can never ruin is perfect deed.

 He is programming the perfection of success with Excellency and unique distinction in order to proof who He is to the enemy. He work and perfect His wonders in genuine love as a great example to His prototype activities. He will never abandon His prototype nor leave him in the hand of destruction; He knew all the greater ways to Redemption for all the being in order to come back to Him, His infinite is beyond complexion of the universe here and there.

Excellent In Success

His work is endless researchable to all human race to check every time in praise and in pure worship. He creates things that reproduce to recreate existences of productions on the universes. He’s a being in physical body that grace envelops to unveil to the sinners code heart. He speaks from His creation and work out of all illumination to perfect the balance of what He chose to form in and from His Hand.

Perfect In Success

Closing to the Creator it’s a precisely delightful to anyone graced to know those in any generation.

Our Creator He is a supreme being, more than description, more than comparison, more than analysis, more than exemplary in the entire universe. He holds and owns the universe to perfect His presence to all race of prototype. He will be forever show each race the beauty of their individual because He’s worthy of their praise. He’s magnitude in praise and worship, He’s the thinking of the mighty elders in Heavenliest , the elders discourses His presence to each as they single to talk to themselves when privileges.

His presence revealed more of His hidden tools in us as He appears in the compares of the saints. His hidden is not disappearance, it’s more of perfection.

He created us to inspire others to come close to Him that they may yield to Him and also becoming vessel unto perfect honor Him willing.

He is excellent in success, melting in saving souls, power in beauty, glory in perfection, attributes in history, purity in presence, and memory in the visible grace of all generation. Ability to the real joy unspeakable and transition in unsearchable. He beings and end it without changing it in color and sizes of the race in all the entire generation and nations. He exist to be more recognize in the race of generational status, He will never failed but patient to proof His word as He timing what He wills in any  acts of the sons of men desired.

He is desire to be loved, He is the desire to be meditate over and over in any situation. Anyone leaving out of His thought is dead and he would soon be forgotten out of the generational race of mankind. He will show up if He gave appointment of returning to mandate and arrangement, He is coming in accurate hour, He will show up in applicable moment destined expected.

The Most Successful Implemental

The only successful One on earth and in the entire entire universe is the Creator whom without the help of any creation or creature makes more than huge success in the whole universe.

 The visibility of the Creator makes more visibility to us as His word pointed to magnificent powerful presence revealing to us when we allows His words to prevail.

Beauty is the first appearances in the canal worlds and this had shown us more about the most perfect beauty mankind had never experiences as we clearly approaches His beauty through His word and His creation.

More Than Perfect In Beauty

The transformation mind after receiving Christ Jesus as personal Lord and Savior brings divine transition in our lives. When salvation comes into human lives he becomes new creature and transited into God’s origin image.

God the Almighty is the most unique perfect in colorful beauty one can never describes except from His word, which has the origin of life that can save a man on earth.

Whosoever that’s born again is unstoppable in the universe; he is the most powerful creature on earth. If it acknowledge this and ignite the ability and the audacity of what is taking places as many steps into new life is more unique than old lives.

Salvation is the inheritance birth right from the Creator to perfect the beauty of race of all mankind on earth. Salvation is the inheritance perfect implementations to mankind who genuinely gives his or her live to Christ Jesus as personal Savior.

This is beauty, this is glory, and this is everlasting joy and sure beauty mankind due to possess forever and to be grateful to the Mighty Creator.

Never Allow Deception

Always and never leaves the presence of the Creator because of the deceit manner of the foes demonic in order to bring wrong change. Always stay and focus on the lining land perfection of His beauty as Creator assisting assures the timing line working schedule of the assignments. The inspection of your task is counting and it would be execute to direct next things ahead for you; so stay focus to assign the next task.

Move on, more in, more out and more into reality of has perfect beauty to change the circumstances as He expect you to do. Failure is not an excuse for being neither failure nor equipment to not accomplish appointment of implementation or acceleration of God’s dreams establishment given to you on earth.

The Hidden Success

Discover your hidden success through restless prayer and fasting. Discover them through searching the scriptures often, discover your hidden success through listening to more teaching of the word of God, discover it through reading more of spiritual books, discover it through hymn of the spiritual guardians, I said discover it more than focusing on present challenges shifting our eyes from seeing the Lord Jesus by seeing the earthly glory of canal things this is illusion, open your spiritual eyes to seeing more of His glory and the way our Creator seeing things around and far away beyond circumstances into the future.

Move In The Beauty

Never play games with your life, never joke with your future, never jeopardy with your destiny, never discourses your dreams with vain man of flattering tongue.

Keep your dreams, never kill your dreams, protect your dreams, never pollute your dreams, allow your dreams to speak for you and never speak against your dream. Be patient, be focus on patient, be eager to always wait, for patient to takes preeminence over your present challenges. Never hurry to speak in the presence of dreams killer, never mentioned your golden part of your dreams in the presence of contenders or dreams killers, never be in hurry to do things around your life generally but always be in patient and waiting on the Creator to order your steps to steps fulfilling timing in your assignments.

The Song Of Beauty

2023 it’s a year of full egregious beauty, year of appearances of God’s testimonies and ignites to more exploits. It is a year of all the hidden will of God would be reveal into the lives for the living souls before Him on earth as creature of beauty.

We have never seen or be in the presence of fullness of our Creator as this in the unsearchable realm to enjoy who He is as marking the beginning of what we are had dreamed about our great Creator in His Kingdom in our heart in order to implementing all the dreams He converted to us as His image on earth.

Merit Of Beauty

The Excellency of beauty is the full joy in perfection of our great Creator. He had shown us His word, His word is the Will of our Great Creator, and He will always speak through His genuine love to us and ever to the sinner backsliders that had tested His true love. Backsliding is bitterness, backsliding is waist of glory and the emptiness of His merited on earth. Any backslider is a waiter of glory and un-contingent source to the eternal solution. Salvation is the solution to all true situations in all the ages of mankind. It’s a year of amazing greatness of unsearchable miracle on earth. Shalom!


2023 is our year of Unsearchable Greatness on earth, watch and see!

Ps 145:3 “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable”.