The Almighty God the King of the universe had spoken again to the unlimited church, the only family He loved and cherishing to work with in this generation on earth with apostolic and prophetic mandate in our time to set the pace of fulfilment to be unbeatable in year 2021 because His will be done for one cannot stop this to occur.

Joel 3

2021 is the year of unbeatable fulfilment for the MorningStar Apostolic and Prophetic Church earth, He will not slack to fulfil His purpose in all this things require of His fulfilment. Many time this church had gone through rough battling the evil forces of the regions of the range evil kingdom of cultist idolatry emissaries’ men that refuses the truth. We are get stronger than ever by His word and Holy Spirit to win the rise of the epic warfare in the region territory. His winning price had taking us to where we are is still the sources of our power in the spiritual warfare as purify church on earth for Him alone. His price is above rubes and earthly sources of the world and He had paid it all.

2021 it a year of unbeatable  fulfilment to us at MorningStar Church because He had vow to beat out His wicked enemies among human and people masquerading under the mask of His Name and under His Church He will not slack to win them and fight with His glory again for us and for His people that are still in the world of sin, He will revive and His revival is His arrival in the church called MorningStar on earth, this will proof His  genuine power over the earth not only over the  church  but over the earth and the wonder He had kept since the beginning of the earth will be make available to us as His will for this year and for this wicked time of worldly people, He is real  in love with His people and He will never leave them to suffer in the hand of wicked kingdom of the hell,  and this is one of His kindness on earth.

We are unbeatable folks, reliable disciple, undisputable apostolic, supernatural balance follower of Christ on earth, we are a fulfilling promised generation of the world, we are timing fulfillment of the Holy Scripture, and we are generation of the apostolic and prophetic presbyter ship of the 21st century. We knew the Truth, we are sanctified through the Truth, and we are free by the Truth in unbeatable realm of the obedience of our Creator on earth.

So far so good, it’s a year to overcome all battling of the herald of evil kingdom confronting the church on earth by our Lord Jesus Christ by Himself and more other things to make His Name alone be glorified in our time now and in the world to come. It’s a year of greater higher determination to focus on Jesus Christ alone and to see the practical manifestation of the fulfillment of healing and miracle in the diverse and His prototype on earth. It’s a year to leave all the anxieties of the earth and concentrate on the purpose, vision, mission, strategies dreams given by Him to us min order to fulfilled them all and move on to the higher calling in Christ Jesus, mandate scroll in our hand must by follow to guide to to the route of the treasures land in the quest and experienced received by Him alone as His citizen of the above Home. Focus will get us to the treasured land and we are surly ready to be unbeatable disciples of the Master on earth in 2021. We are very sure if we wanted to succeed in 2021 we have to focus on our Master and listing to Him always to His guardian and to His instructions, we are highly prepared and trained  by Him to be unbeatable with the touch of victory and trumpet in our hands as  He lead the front now and forever. �

MorningStar Apostolic and Prophetic Church is a church of unbeatable presbyters from 2021 and wisdom speaks deeper of things in mysteries of the treasure in the Kingdom of the living with map Heaven allocated for His people. Power of unbeatable at its best to the hero and souls winners for this generation had been given to us and we will manifest it as mandated by our Lord Jesus Christ.

The unbeatable year of beatable of all defeated demons of idols, false religions and false believe life of suppression in our region will glow to see clearly the benefits He had provided for us in our time season in all the riches in healing, multibillions ideas contract and many more featuring of great poetical incubated in us to be made as materials vessel to our generation I this present age. The unbeatable never stop winning, I am unbeatable in the land of the living.

Categories Of Unbeatable Ways

Unbeatable Realm: this is the realm of heroes and valiant men and women who had past and shaping the world into reality that present age were enjoying and developing today. Unbeatable is the realm of the winners, unbeatable is the realm of unstoppable folks, a realm of supernatural, and a realm of supreme in Christ Jesus alone. The realm that rules the spiritual and physical world, the realm that rules moneys and finances of any generation, the realm that rules the manifestation of unbeatable worlds of champions, the realm that controls the unseen and seen, the realm of which true believers reign and practices Heavenly activities on earth, the realm we are called and chosen to dominate, the realm our dominated living is based on the materialize and possibilities in all circumstance, the in glory manifesting real our salvation is ever solid sure till eternal firm in Christ Jesus, the realm positioning already in glory as Gods ordained on earth. Unbeatable realm where no one is allow to beat you in any lent and encounter of any  circumstances,  even satan is subjected to abase not to dis-stop a believer that are qualified to  engage here. Men had lack the merit of unbeatable realm because of paralysis of faith, a faith without living activities it’s a gun without bullet, a prayer without faith is like an axe head without wood, a faith of selfishness and sight conviction enslavers the nowadays believers and nowadays teaching, not old time teaching. God had ordained us to dominated, rules, take charged, shepherd the earth since the beginning in the realm of unbeatable as Creator of Heavens and the earth, living a lives of supernatural on earth is the .purpose here reader. Creator was not satisfied as Africans living there lives as divine charges was set for us before the foundations of the earth. This millennium was a set pace for Africa to find get the treasure of lost glory of which the Mighty Creator each rase before the foundation of the universe, we are ready to get and take it by force and fulfilling the Scripture written for us, mindset is set to equally obey the Creator as its written to guide and direct to the located land in the realm of unbeatable of which expectation is highly welcome.

Unbeatable Anointing: in the days of patriarch and kings in Israel anointing is recognized as major symbolic for every noble people chosen by God as a seal upon each other as the assignments carries. Prophets, kings, Levites and priests and other minstrels offices and chosen by God and symbolic with anointing oil upon them as a seal. God the Creator of the universe had ordained unbeatable fulfilment for us this year in order to be fulfilled with the mandate of His glorious will on our lives. He anointed us to be unbeatable in the battle of life and circumstances of the 2021, He had done His part and left to us to bring the fulfilment be the anointing of the year. Kings and queen are ordained by the anointing with extra ordinary forces and strength to be powerful operating in the supernatural realm of leadership. Anointing is a spiritual symbol for every journey to fulfilling assignment on earth. What makes a man superior on earth is was the unbeatable anointing, there no one on earth that has no encounter with battle of life that get to the throne leadership. We have prepared our mindset and fix our heart to serve our King and Master throughout lives excess and eternal. Age those not determine success and greatness in life but by winning way from the anointing of Holy Spirit , Holy Spirit help us a lot even given us Jesus Christ because He’s the God. Holy Spirit is the anointing, but giver of the anointing, Holy Spirit is the Creator of all being in Heavens of on earth. When a man is assigned for a work which means he’s anointed and destined for the work, I mean all works on earth, whenever challenges or difficulties occur he be the solution to the assigned work, we are chosen to win souls, converted souls for our Master and King to be a vessel unto honour in the 21st century. Anointing works and it’s a genuine tools for Holy Spirit uses in us as His vessel unto glory again and again.

Unbeatable Power of The Apostle: our Creator can never forget us in this century without sending us revival and change of wings which the true believers are waiting for since, because of fake Christians in our time. Gods revival is God arrival, when He comes to visits us He will not be a wicked as His enemy does, He’s the Creator of the universe and regions of deeper galaxies is heaven of the earth and heavens of the spirits. So, He is the owner of it thereof, architecture thereof, and Commander Creator chief of armies, Master programmer of beings, deeper physics owner, condition planer, and sector beginner innovator, first spoken Word in Heavens and on earth, the beginning and the ending things in Heavens and on earth. Apostle’s signs and wonders are firming foundation of the church on earth. Apostles truly operating in the real power of Holy Spirit of which we read and confirm through the Father Holy Spirit. Apostle’s work are the fundamental of beginning manifestation of true church today. We need their works and superlative manifestation. The mighty calling and audacity of the working power given by Holy Spirit to the legend men and women of the 21st century are talk less and working sacrifices of their fasting and in core hearted prayer that takes to convert sinners to love Jesus Christ without questioning the source. All these are unbeatable power of the apostles of the Lamb of God started with them through to men and women who had past their century up till now.

We are next to change the wings.  A legend man of God called Apostle Oluwayemisi Oyerinde in our century had break the fallow ground again and we are his children offspring of whom he was told him to build fore Him in our age, he is built to raise many as many mighty men and women of the apostolic and prophetic church in this 21st century, he lives to obey Holy Spirit and he is a famous of the path ways in apostolic and prophetic pavilion for Africa. Apostle Oyerinde is anointed in the office of an apostle and prophet, he is a pure heart of Jesus Christ and father to the many apostles and prophets in our age, many ministers and worker in the 21st century had discovered their calling and gifts through the pure teaching and this apostle and come in contact to the Lord Jesus again. He is fully loved by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Unbeatable Sold Foundation: every great and mighty things has foundation and beginning, God is the foundation of every great and good things in this world. Jesus Christ came to reconnected us back to the true resources of the creation and He had finished it without human effort. Victory is purposed during the preparation of any achievement, no one can be great without Jesus Christ approves in this world and in the world to come because He’s the Creator thereof. The foundation of the earth is of the Lord for He created and foundered it upon the water, so it be from then till now. Unbeatable sold foundation is built through obedience to the Word of God and practical in it.

Becoming unbeatable: the true saint are truly called unbeatable and they are set to be unbeatable in any encounter or challenges. God has called us unto holiness not unto uncleanness, He had called us unto righteousness not unto iniquity, and He will recompense all unrighteousness and judge all hidden sins of wicked disobedient. Follow the root of the old part, I mean the old way of the apostle and prophets of the Holy Bible, don’t follow the lesson of the new or nowadays believers that refused to be change or follow righteous way, becoming unbeatable on earth as the apostle  and as the prophets of the past. Follow the treasure map of the right way to get the quest and as you follow glory and power will be discovered. If you wanted to become unbeatable follow the old part of the Biblical way and practice it in holiness and sanctification way. Devil had duplicated many things in Christianity, but he can’t duplicate sanctification in the Kingdom of God.  You are created unbeatable on earth, you are created in the spirit as supernatural creature to rule and to dominate to both realm as Gods prototype in every realm our Creator created there and here. So you are unbeatable creature living here and there. Check your lives if you are not becoming unbeatable in your circumstances.

I am unbeatable on Earth: this sound confidence not to be defeated or bettered in a contest, which shows the color of your extremely merited, outstanding as indefensible on earth.

Unbeatable definitions is not capable of being defeated, incapable of being beaten; impossible to defeat, incapable of being overcome or subdue in any circumstances.

I am unbeatable in the supernatural, I am Impossible to assail or derived my inheritances on earth

Which mean a lot to me and to those who will be encounter with these means

I am unbeatable

I am unstoppable

I am unsurpassed

I am supreme

I am outstanding

 I am unconquerable

I am invincible

I am indomitable

I am matchless

 I am untouchable

I am unshakable

I am unattackable

I am strong

I am secure

I am ironclad

I am impregnable (Incapable of being overcome, challenged or refuted)

I am bulletproof (Not penetrable by bullets physical or spiritual)

I am peerless

I am excellent

I am invulnerable

You are wonderfully created and fearfully created not to be beaten, nor to be defeated and not to be overcome on earth in time of your life because One Man had warn for you that’s Christ Jesus. These are your journeys and your quest for 2021. Shalom!